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Heroes: Chapter Eighteen - "Parasite"

I think NBC needs to send me a case of Sally Hansen Nail Treatment because last night’s ep was a nailbiter!

Ep opens up with Peter and Isaac looking over a dead Simone. Peter seems pretty calm (too calm) about Simone’s death while Isaac is in a bit of a tizzy. Peter takes Simone over and lays her on the bed when Isaac blames it all on Peter and shoots him again. Peter goes invisible and takes off.

Thompson is questioning HRG, who doesn’t remember a thing about Claire’s disappearance. HRG wants to find her and screw the Company but Thompson puts the kibosh on that. He sends HRG home and we see Thompson go into another room where Parkman is sitting. Parkman tells Thompson that HRG is telling the truth and when are they going to let him go? Not anytime soon is my guess.

Claire and The Haitian are on at a gas station. Claire wants to go back home (already?!) but the Haitian won’t let her. They are to leave the country. They get to the airport and as Claire passes through security, the Haitian looks for his ID and ticket, but they are nowhere to be found. We see Claire has not only learned how to heal, but also how to pick pockets as she tosses the Haitian’s passport and ticket (estimated value $1500. Claire chucking it - Priceless.) into the nearest trash.

Nathan is visited by the FBI questioning him about the Linderman group, but we find out that the two agents were called in by Nathan to bring down Linderman. They want him to wear a wire and get the goods on Linderman. They leave and Nathan turns around to find Peter leaning against her desk. He tells Nathan about the shooting but of course Nathan is going to make it all better. Nathan suggests that they call Suresh, but when a knock on the door distracts him, Peter goes invisible (that’s a handy feature to have) and disappears.

HRG gets back to the hotel where the family is staying due to a “flood” at the house. HRG tells the missus that he needs to take a trip. The missus immediately turns on the iDock and tells HRG that she knows, much to HRG’s surprise. That he told her yesterday that if he went looking for Claire to give him this note. A note written in HRG’s hand. He really doesn’t remember, and Mrs. Bennet doesn’t know. So HRG is relieved that his wife is now his confidante, but a knock on the door distracts him.

Enter, Candace, a new hero to the mix. She's Thompson's assistant who can create illusions/shape-shift.

Sylar is trying to get Mohinder to take a break. Mohinder wants to work on the list and makes some his “daddy’s special blend” chai. Sylar takes a drink and cue the suckah! music as Sylar has just been doped

Nathan sees Hiro in Vegas and they have a moment. Hiro sees Nathan’s true nature in that he’s not a cold unfeeling man, but in fact a man who cares too much. Nathan helps Hiro get pasts security.

NYPD shows up at Isaac’s after getting tipped off by an anonymous phone call. They’re looking for Simone. But just as the detective is about to search the loft, Simone walks in. Detective leaves and HRG enters and then we see Candace, Thompson’s assistant, a shape-shifting illusionist who is a BEYOTCH! She shifts back to herself and changes the environment around her.

Micah and Jessica are playing a video game, but Micah’s gotta go to school. Enter D. L. who wants to know what’s up. He has a pic of Nathan. She claims Linderman wants her to be a dealer – and just a dealer. She sweet talks him and he believes her – or so you think. When he turns away from her we see that he’s not all that convinced. Now Jessica is pissed off at Niki because guess who left that picture for D.L.?

Sylar is strapped to a chair, and IV of some drug dripping into him. Mohinder’s known who Sylar is (for how long?) after seeing an article about the death of Zane Taylor (Melting Pot guy). Mohinder extracts some spinal fluid from Sylar and boy, Mo is ticked off! Hey Mo – use some more duct tape – hint, hint.

Hiro goes up to Linderman’s archives to turn over the painting to “that guy from Felicity (Ian Gomez)!” We see some of Isaac’s paintings we have never seen before. Hiro claims he needs a receipt and off goes the curator to get it. Hiro searches the Linderman Art Database for the Kensei sword. He’s about to steal the sword when the curator comes back and tells Hiro that he just alerted security. Hiro sees the archives go into lockdown mode and in the background we see a security guard enter. Guard knocks out curator and when Hiro looks up it’s Ando! Ando figured Hiro would set off an alarm eventually, so he’s been following him the whole time. Is that love or what?! Hirando is back again! Ando tells Hiro to teleport the hell outta there, but Hiro takes the two of them and teleports them. They end up in the future – post Peter/Sylar/Radioactive Guy explosion.

FBI agents have wired up Nathan and are waiting for the big dance with Linderman, but before they can do anything they are formulaically executed by Jessica. Lying in wait for Nathan, Jessica rips the wire from him and warns him about Linderman – that’s when we realize Niki’s baaaaack! Nathan’s not sure who to trust. Niki tells Nathan to knock her out so Jessica knows she’s not in control anymore. Without hesitation Nathan send a left hook to her face.

Mohinder’s isolated some specific genes. Sylar is begging for salvation (don’t believe him!) Mo wants to exact revenge on Sylar and pulls a gun on him and fires, but a shocked Mohinder sees the bullet stop midair. Looks like Sylar stopped the IV with his mind and unstraps himself from the seat. Oh no, Mo!

Isaac shoots up so he can paint (I guess The Company’s cleaners came in and cleaned up Simone). He paints a pretty graphic visual of a head sliced open Peter.

HRG comes back to the hotel in record time and turns on the faucet to talk to Mrs. Bennet and confesses that he doesn’t know where Claire is and the Company has to pay. Mrs. HRG gets a phone call and what she says seems odd. Enter Thompson and two other men. Mrs. HRG turns back to Candace the Beyotch (where is Mrs. HRG anyway?) and HRG has been found out. Rut-roh, Shaggy!

Claire shows up at Peter’s apartment where Peter’s mom answers the door. “Peter’s not here... You might as well come in, Claire.” She steps aside to let Claire in and speaks harshly in French. We see the Haitian standing behind her. “Who are you?” Claire asks. “Your loving G-ma, give me a hug!” Well, actually, she says, “Stubborn. Just like your father.”

Nathan goes to the kitchen to meet Linderman and we finally see it’s Malcolm MacDowell! Nathan wants to shoot Linderman dead, but after Linderman talks he has second thoughts. Linderman offers him a seat in the White House within a few years. He also knows that Nathan can fly and Peter’s “issues.” Nathan eventually lowers the gun he’s had on him.

Peter goes to Mo’s apartment to find him and get help. He feels drops of something on his head. He touches his head and sees blood. He looks up at the ceiling to see Mohinder stuck to the ceiling of his apartment! “Sylar,” Mohinder mutters. Sylar slams Peter against the wall. He starts to slice open his head, much to Peter’s dismay and blood-curdling screams! Ep closes with that wayward lock of Peter’s hair falling to the ground followed by a couple drops of blood!

No new eps until April 23rd!


Okay, what is Linderman’s agenda? What was the logo on his apron? My TV is too small.

I already hate the hero they call Candace, but I gotta say her illusory abilities are pretty cool. She is just such an annoying beyotch! I wonder if HRG knew it was her when he confessed to Mrs. Bennet or no? So tell me if I’m wrong, but the first time we see Mrs. Bennet it is the real Mrs. Bennet and she does know the truth. The next time we see her, it’s Candace.

I just adore the Nathan and Hiro scenes. Always great fun there.

So, cliffhanger – Peter is sliced open by Sylar, but since he can heal doesn’t that mean he’ll come back to life? Can he go invisible and run away to lick his wounds and wait for them to heal? Will Sylar leave him for dead and take off? Will he take Mohinder with him? I am assuming Sylar has to keep Mohinder alive because he needs him to extract more names.

What powers does Ma Petrelli have, if any? There’s something up there. How did the Haitian get to New York so fast with no ID? I guess he didn’t need his passport for a domestic flight but maybe had his driver’s license or something?

Can’t Hiro just teleport back to pre-explosion?

Do I really have to wait until April 23rd for a new episode!?

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on March 6, 2007 3:26 PM
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April 23rd ... NOOOOOOOO!

-- Posted by: mac at March 6, 2007 3:52 PM


I thought that Isaac's painting was of his own head being sliced open, not Peter's. Anybody else get a good look?

It was definately Mrs. HRG the first time she and HRG confided. Beyotch (I love that nickname!) came in later in that scene to call HRG away to NY.

Sylar shouldn't need Mo (I love that nickname, too!) alive once the new list is created. He scalped Wiki-Waitress, so he can instantly remember anything he reads. Therefore, I have no idea why 'Mo is still among the living.

Mo's line, "Hope is good. *We* need caffiene" just about killed me. Words to live by.

Since "powers" seem to be genetic, it's a safe bet that G'ma Petrelli has some kind of power herself. And it looks like maybe she's the "higher power/authority" that the Haitian was refering to last 'ep.

I don't wanna wait until late April for more Heroes goodness. [pout]

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at March 6, 2007 4:58 PM

Did you notice that the cell phone ring was different for Candice? It wasn't the dog ringtone that Mrs. HRG answered to.

-- Posted by: Bryan at March 6, 2007 5:21 PM

Three things: 1) Isaac painted himself lying on the floor with his head sliced open, not Peter's. This goes back to the second episode when Hiro found Isaac on the floor dead with his head sliced open.

2) Sylar didn't stop the IV with his mind, because the IV was preventing him from using his powers. He said that while Mohinder was so into his work, he (Sylar) stopped the IV. He probably did so "physically," like with his mouth or something. That's what they imply, there.

3) When are they going to let us know what Sylar is doing with the brains. Just because you take someone's brain out doesn't mean that you automatically absorb their powers, so what in the heck is he doing with the brains.

Peter will not get sliced open. I can't wait to see him shock Sylar by beating his a**.

I expect Peter to either use telekinesis to throw Sylar across the room, or for Peter to use Hiro's power (that he got from being around Hiro on the train and in Isaac's office) and teleport out of Sylar's grip. I then expect Peter to turn invisible, fly up and get Mohinder and fly away.

That would be a cool sequence. Here's the thing though. Since Peter can heal, why would he ever have that "scar" that Hiro told him about on the train?

-- Posted by: Anonymous at March 6, 2007 5:34 PM

Does anyone keep up with the online graphic novel at the Heroes website? I noticed that they covered a portion of time between the end of Company Man and the beginning of Parasite. HRG goes to a Starbux type store and logs on and send a message to Hana/Wireless...

-- Posted by: Connie at March 7, 2007 1:36 AM

Great review! While I’m upset that another new episode isn’t till next month, being a die hard fan of LOST, I’m use to it. (Even though you would have thought TBTB would have learned from LOST) Besides, it gives me enough time to go back to review past episodes, picking up things I missed along the way.

Some thoughts:

1. Who the heck IS Linderman (wickedly played by the wonderful Malcolm McDowell) and how does he know so much about what’s going on? I believe he may have some genetic abilities too. He’s so SURE that Nathan will have access to the White House in 2 yrs. How? Normally, we can say planning and lots of money, which still may be true; however, this IS HEROES. Nothing is taken for granted. Could he possibly be precog or maybe from the future? Didja see the liar where he kept his “collection?” How cool was it that they were all categorized? Any possibility that they somehow tie into someone with a genetic ability?

2. Interesting dilemma for Nathan. How could he REALLY think that Linderman wouldn’t find out about the FBI?

3. A thing about what happens in NYC. We’ve been lead to believe that it’s an atomic/nuclear bomb, right? I dunno. I just expected MORE destruction of the city from that blast.

4. Still don’t understand how Bennett thought the agency was going to let him off so easy. Bennett has worked with Thompson (Eric Roberts’s character), so he should be aware of how dirty he can get. He should have seen this coming. Loved seeing Bennett be affectionate with his wife.

5. Will the REAL Grandma Petrelli stand up please? Is she the cool collective woman pulling the strings behind the scene OR is she that immaculately dressed women picked up for shoplifting in the beginning of the series? How long has she been cleaning up/protecting folks?

6. I believe that Grandma and Grandpa Petrelli was part of this organization with Mr. Nakamura and company and something “happened.” Also, I’m still not convinced that Grandma Petrelli was the “higher authority” The Haitian referred to weeks ago.

Looking forward to your thoughts. Oh boy, my HEROES withdrawals will start soon …

-- Posted by: Landa at March 7, 2007 5:48 AM

@Landa - Good point about G-Ma and G-Pa Petrelli. This is very possible. Maybe G-Pa was protecting a hero himself (his kids, maybe) and was killed in the process. Oh boy, now the old cogs are a turnin'...

It is very possible/probable that everything in Linderman's archives is inter-related to someone with abilities.

-- Posted by: Connie at March 7, 2007 12:20 PM

One last thought about HRG's methods of transportation.

Isaac and Peter fight. Isaac shoots Simone. Peter flees. Isaac calls HRG about his dead girlfriend. In the meantime, a neighbor who heard the commotion calls the police.

Now, it's probably safe to assume the police didn't take hours to arrive on the scene. They tend to not take shooting lightly (at least, where *I* come from).

HRG was in / around Texas when he got the call / assignment about Isaac and Simone. (please correct me if I'm wrong on this one!)

Somehow, HRG and Beyotch managed to travel half-way across the country (Texas to NY)... in minutes?

Seems like maybe the "private jet" theory isn't quite sufficient to explain how HRG gets from place to place so quickly.

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at March 7, 2007 1:32 PM

Wasn't it Nathan that called the cops on Isaac?

-- Posted by: Dr. Bologna at March 7, 2007 7:16 PM

@Dr.Bologna - Yes, it was Nathan.

-- Posted by: Connie at March 7, 2007 7:34 PM

How much time has passed from the moment Hiro and Ando say goodbye to their meeting at Linderman's Cassino ? Was it enough for Ando's arm to heal ?

-- Posted by: Aldor at March 8, 2007 11:19 PM

best line, '' give that damned list so i can sink my teeth in''

a powerfull episode it's amazing how the producers manage to put so many intense moments in almost every episode.

as for peter i guess someone will help him so he can focus or something cause he seems pretty out of it with such a surprise attack, claude is still with him hope, if not then it'll be an instinctive reaction........

can't stand the weakeness peter is facing right now, he needs to learn faster, i mean he is supposed to have all of sylar's powers already isn't he?

anyway looking forward to the next review.....laters

-- Posted by: Webb at March 17, 2007 2:38 PM

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-- Posted by: MaxSpeederIAM at August 22, 2007 2:39 AM

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