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Heroes: Chapter Sixteen - "Unexpected"

Missed it? Watch ep here.

Ep starts with Ted, (Radioactive Guy) getting IMs from “Wireless”. Wireless is Hana Geitelman and she shows up in the room with him and he’s skeptical that she can access the internet without a computer. She answers him in his IM while she stands there. She wants to get the guys that did this to them and after showing Ted schematics of a pneumatic needle that caused the hash marks on the both of them, Ted agrees. For those that don’t know, the character of Hana Geitelman originated from the online graphic novel for Heroes on the main website.

Claire is upset that Mom doesn’t remember her or Mr. Muggles. She calls for her dad, but he’s not there. She pulls her brother from downstairs and Mom is wondering what’s she doing, calling her by name.

Because guess where Dad is? He’s in New York to see Isaac. Isaac tells HRG that Peter is invisible which brings to light that Claude, Peter’s new mentor, was part of HRG’s experimental group at some point in time. HRG thought he was dead, but apparently not. HRG gives Isaac this big honking gun to use on Peter if Peter comes to Isaac’s loft first.

Matt is feeling guilty for taking the diamonds. He hides it in the sock drawer but wifey comes in to put clothes away and finds a ring that slipped out of the bag. Matt claims he bought it wholesale. She tells him she got a call from Professor Suresh about Matt and his DNA.

Suresh and Sylar (under the guise of his last victim, Zane Taylor) go in search of another “Hero” – Dayle Smither – in Bozeman, Montana. We find out how Papa Suresh found all these heroes. Apparently, Smither and the others donated blood and signed a consent form for a sample to be used in the Human Genome Project over a decade ago. Skeptical, she doesn’t want to talk about it, but Sylar convinces her with his new melting power – possibly the most useless power to have unless you love your nachos. She confesses her power – the ability to hear things – everything. She can even hear moods and turns to look at Sylar suspiciously. Mohinder wants to take some samples, ask some questions, but she’s busy. They’ll come back tomorrow.

Mohinder and Sylar go to a local motel. Mohinder tells Sylar (who plays so innocently) about his dad’s murder and how perhaps one day the research will one day bring understanding and possibility a cure for those who don’t want their powers. Rut-roh, Sylar already has a cure for that!

Ted goes to the cemetary to grieve for his wife and apologize for what he’s about to do. The flowers he brings her die from his radioactiveness as he lays them on her grave as the grass around him goes brown. Neat!

Agent Gustavson from The Gaming Commission lets Hiro out of the closet (literally, not figuratively) and wants to know where Hope is. Hiro isn’t spilling the beans until Gustavson takes him with him. With no other choice, he agrees.

Ando tries to help Hope with the bag he stole for her. The bag rips and in it we see a ton of casino chips. Hope pulls a gun on him and makes him scoop up the chips. As he does, Gustavson and Hiro show up. Hope and Gustavson have a shoot out – looks like Gustavson is a dirty agent and wants his share of the goods. Ando and Hiro hide in the luggage banks of a bus, but Hope finds them. She fires a shot at Hiro who stops it and reverses time (?), sending the bullet back into the gun and knocking Hope down. The cops show up and take her away. Ando thinks Hiro has his powers back, but Hiro isn’t even sure, he had his eyes closed too.

On the Devereaux roof, Claude and Peter are fighting/training. Well, more like Claude is beating the crap out of Peter with a stick. Claude wants him to pull one of his powers out and use it. He tries to smack him with a stick, but Peter stops it with his mind and breaks the stick in half. A power he absorbed from Sylar back in Texas...

Back at the loft, Simone and Isaac argue over her relationship with Peter. She tries to give Isaac’s loft key back but he won’t accept it. He lies to Simone about Peter and she knows it. He’s got that same look he has when he’s using and lying to her about it.

Claire is worried about her mom. Her words fall on deaf ears. Her mom collapses and Claire runs to her, crying. She calls dad after she calls 911 to tell her of mom’s collapse. Dad is on his way home.

Peter and Claude are chatting up on the rooftop at night. We see them through a heat scope. Claude gets tasered, essentially by HRG and The Haitian. The nodes are shot at Peter who stops it with his mind. He tosses Claude over the side and jumps after him. HRG and The Haitian run up to the edge of the roof but too late. Peter catches Claude and flies off. HRG watches appreciatively but soon gets a call from Claire about Mrs. HRG.

Claude is p.o’d that Peter brought HRG to his doorstep. It’s why he went invisible in the first place. Claude suspects Isaac. Peter doesn’t think Isaac is part of it. Claude isn’t having any of it. He shows Peter the hash marks that Matt, Ted, and Wireless have.

Lisa comes back home with the ring and tells Matt that she went to resize the ring and the jeweler said it was worth $40K and accuses her of stealing it. She wants him to turn the jewels over but Matt gets a call and takes off.

Claire is at the hospital with her mom. The doc comes in to talk to her, wondering if Mom has been physically abused by HRG. Claire tells her the truth about how The Haitian took her mom’s memory. The doc looks at her like she’s crazed.

HRG confronts her dad about his erasing mom’s memory. The hospital staff stare at him like he is an abusive father/husband.

Matt has a clandestine meeting with Ted and Hana. It seems they were all injected with a radioactive isotope that caused their power “anomalies”. Ted wants to stop them, “We could be heroes!” he says. Matt’s ears perk up. What a suckah! And down the good cop goes into the depths of hell as he slowly turns bad.

Mohinder and Sylar go back to Smither’s shop the next day (after Sylar has already killed her and taken her power). Sylar is getting headaches from his newfound power of super-hearing. He hears a rap song as loud as if the group is in concert. Mohinder goes in and sees Smither’s dead body, top of her head sliced off. He’s about to call the police but Sylar convinces him not to. Mohinder wants to warn everyone on the list and decides to call the police from the road. We see the source of Sylar’s rap-induced pain – music from the earphones of Smither’s portable player!

Hiro says goodbye to Ando. He feels he must do this alone, without Ando. He doesn’t want to put Ando in danger anymore. He’s about to board the bus and we see the bus driver is none other is Stan Lee! Even if I didn’t recognize him I’d know he was someone because what bus driver drives with a suit on?

The Bennet family return home. Claire and Dad are still arguing but they are greeted by Ted and Matt, who want answers.

Isaac is in his trance, painting. He returns to normal and sees that he drew Peter standing by a railing. The railing in his loft! He turns around and finds Peter staring him down. They tussle and Peter pulls down Isaac’s shirt and finds the same marks that Claude had. Isaac tries to explain that he was trying to stop Peter from being a danger to himself while Peter argues that he was learning to control his powers and he scared away his only hope. He yells at Isaac and his voice throws Isaac clear across the room (I think this was a power from Sylar, was it not?) They argue about Simone. Isaac gets up and pulls the gun on Peter. Peter goes invisible and starts tossing paint cans at him. He turns at every sound and finally he hears a click and fires two shots in that direction. Except he fires them right into... Simone! Peter reappears just as Simone falls into his arms. Simone dies in Peter’s arms, Isaac’s loft key in her hand.


How does HRG get home so fast everytime Claire calls? What superpower does he have? Or does he have a teleportation device?

Umm, what kind of jeweler would accuse a customer of stealing a ring? Lisa doesn’t look poor or like a thief. That was odd.

LOVED how Peter reappears as Simone falls into his arms. So we know Peter has some control over his powers now. Perhaps he can recall Hiro’s time power and turn back time? Or is Simone really dead?

What did you think?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on February 20, 2007 3:26 PM
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HRG does get home pretty quick, doesn't he?

I found it a bit odd that last weeks teaser was about Nikki tracking down Flyboy, yet she wasn't even in the episode.

Anyway, was that Hiro turning back time instead of meerly stopping it?

I get the sense that Peter is starting to morph into a Spawn/Batman/Punisher type of persona...."yeah, I'm a good guy, but expect some collateral damage when I 'do good'", unlike a Superman, per se.

-- Posted by: Bryan at February 20, 2007 4:33 PM

Actually, I thought the Radioactive Isotope was so that HRG's group could track the heroes. If they are saying that the Isotope caused the "mutations", then we have a continuity problem, as Parkman was showing signs of his ability before HRG and the Hatian kidnapped him and poked his neck.

It did lead to a great exchange, though... "I've been injected with a radioactive isotope..." "Ted, you're radioactive by nature!"

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at February 20, 2007 4:34 PM

@Chuck - You're right about that - I was apparently watching my own personal version of the episode. :D The isotope is a tracking device.

@Bryan - I guess Niki and Nathan will be next week's ep? Although next week's ep is supposed to be HRG's backstory.

I think one of the first things Hiro did was turn back time. He did this when he was still a cubicle jockey and turned the clock back one second so it looks like his power over time and space have several tangents.

-- Posted by: Connie at February 20, 2007 4:54 PM

I wonder if Hero stopped the bullet or if Ando did it with a previously unknown ability?

My theory on the voice from Peter knocking over Isaac came from Eden. Sylar didn't get her gift because she blew her own brains out. But Peter encountered Eden with Suresh. We didn't really notice because at the time I don't think we were aware she had an ability. And maybe it was combined with his telekinesis from Sylar's first victim.

Having Hiro's gift won't save Simone. Remember that Hiro came to the conclusion that he couldn't really change the past. He was unable to save Charlie.

-- Posted by: Brian Bock at February 21, 2007 9:16 AM

For some reason, this episode annoyed me. It’s like almost everyone was opposite from what we’ve learned about them. Both Claire and Matt were leading the pack with annoying behavior. I do like the fact that we’re seeing a darker side of Peter. Since we know his powers come from thinking about others and their powers, can we attribute his dark side to Sylar?

As for HRG, I just assumed that he had some type of private jet at his disposal. With the kinda budget his company has, who’s to say that there isn’t a teleportation device?

Thought Simones’ death was a teaser/cop out. Once Isaac became clean, she started to loose her usefulness.

@ Brian – you mention that Peter’s “voice” came from Eden. How? Please correct me if I’m wrong, but, doesn’t Peter have to associate the “power” with the person? Even though he met her through Suresh, he didn’t know she had a “power” did he?
Looking forward to next week’s episode. We’re two weeks and counting until the big explosion in NYC and we’re no closer to figuring out who Linderman is …

-- Posted by: Poohbear324 at February 21, 2007 9:51 AM

Additional Thoughts:

LOVED the final exchange between Sylar and The Ear before he off'ed her.

"How come I didn't hear your footsteps?"
"There wern't any."
(reacting to his heartbeat) "What's that in your heart?"

'Ole Zach plays one heck of a creepy villian. I love it!

Makes me wonder... There were no footsteps? How can Sylar move w/out footsteps? I hope we get to see him do that trick soon.
"How does HRG get home so fast everytime Claire calls?" - as with the others who have mentioned this, I like the private jet theory.

The ones I wonder about are Parkman, Hana, and Ted the radioactive Geiko Caveman. They met, decided to bring some 'luv to the Bennet family, and then *poof* there they are in Odessa. How did they travel? Ted is a wanted man, so I doubt that commercial flight was easy to pull off.

It wouldn't happen to be 900 miles from L.A. to Odessa, would it? I hope no adult diapers were involved...
Finally, regarding Peter and the Voice Of Zuul that he pulled out against Issac. The only theory that makes any sense to me is that it came from Eden.

It's certainly not a perfect theory... he didn't know she had powers, so how could he know he's got that power? Also, Eden never knocked anybody on their butt with her voice. However, it's all I've got.

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at February 21, 2007 1:21 PM

Ok this is where my mind gets a little fuzzy. Perhaps I'm imagining my own little private episodes of Heroes in my head.

Did Sylar not float in one episode? Early on when we didn't know who he was? I could swear there was an ep where Sylar "floated" into a room (or is that some movie I saw with a whole other cast?)

Peter and The Voice/Eden theory is most probable, but again I could have sworn there was a scene with Sylar using a similar voice device (not of persuasion) and didn't Peter's voice throw Isaac back because of the 'sonar' waves? I don't think Eden could do that.

I was thinking the same thing - that Ted/RG looked like the Geico Caveman! Wheh!

-- Posted by: Connie at February 21, 2007 1:27 PM

Regarding the Sonar Blast Power that Peter exhibited:
I think it is more likley, that as Peter gets used to using the powers he has absorbed, it will be less necessary for him to "think of the person" whose powers they were originally. I'm willing to bet that there is a regular character out there that we are unaware has powers, and that Peter has come into contact with, and unknowingly absorbed the power. As to whom this "closeted" hero might be? My guess is his Mother. So far, we've seen many instances of the powers being hereditary, so maybe his Mom has a power she's hidden for years and never told anyone about? Just a theory : )

Also, as far as Eden goes, not only do I not recall Peter ever being in contact with Eden (doesn't mean she didn't, I just don't personally recall), but Eden's power had nothing to do with a sonic blast. If he DID have contact with Eden, then why was he not able to convince/persuade Claude to stay in NY, or Isaac to lower his gun? From what we learned with Peter's training, if a situation demands it, he can pull a power out of nowhere. He was not conciously aware that he had absorbed a telekinetic power, but was able to use it, none the less.

That's all for now!

-- Posted by: sarah c at February 22, 2007 10:41 AM

In regards to the voice powers knocking Isaac over, I don't think it was a sonic blast but the teke powers that Peter absorbed from Sylar that knocked Isaac into the wall. the voice effect could very well have been from Eden. As to why Peter can't persuade people like Eden, I think it has to do with him not knowing he absorbed her powers and in a moment of passion/anger he accessed Eden's "voice" to emphasize his knocking Isaac against the wall. I like run on sentences.

-- Posted by: Josh at March 6, 2007 3:38 PM

I'm new here and a little behind on my viewing. I work odd hours so I tape the show, and i'm just now getting caught up. I don't know if anyone will read this, but here's my theory on the power Peter used to knock Isaac back. It could be Ando. What if it was Ando who caused the bullet to fly back to make the gun misfire. He yelled that he didn't want to die right before that happended. I don't remember if Peter had any contact with Ando. It may be a power that Hiro has that he doesn't know about. Or it may just be a power of Peters'. Their powers could get stronger the more they use them, or they could develop new powers. We haven't been told what causes their powers to manifest. For example in X-Men puberty is the trigger that causes the mutation to manifest. Obviously it isn't puberty in Heroes.

-- Posted by: TR at May 8, 2007 9:29 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 9:22 PM

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