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Heroes: Chapter Fourteen - "Distractions"


How I love this show! I know some of you knew who Claire’s dad would be at the end, but I haven’t been paying attention to promos so that was totally an “Ohmydamn!” moment for me!

Okay – if you haven’t watched the ep, you can do so here.

To watch it with commentary from Zachary Quinto and Milo Ventimiglia (and others), go here.

Ep starts off with Claude and Peter talking about how Claude can help Peter with his powers. Right now Peter uses his powers instinctively, as a reflex action more than anything else. Claude is going to try to teach Peter to isolate each of his powers so he can bring them at will. We currently thought Peter only had powers when he was next to someone with similar powers, but it turns out the sponge retains the powers but just needs to be able to call them forth. He’s basically already a “Sylar” except he didn’t need to kill people to absorb their powers – and yes, I know, Sylar stole other’s powers...

Niki and the psych are in a session while Niki looks at a metronome. Psych finally convinces Niki to bring Jessica out and when she comes out she is pissed! Jessica breaks out of her supposedly unbreakable handcuffs and grabs for the taser on the table the same time the Psych does. Uh-oh. Ohmydamn moment #1.

Ohmydamn moment #2. – replayed from last week. HRG goes into see Sylar’s body only to discover the good doctor’s body under the white sheet and Sylar waiting for him from behind. Without touching him he throws HRG against the picture window, pulls the shunt out of his head, and the grabs HRG’s wallet, turning off the light without using his hand. He pulls out HRG’s driver’s license (my screen was too small – anyone see the address?) and toys with HRG a little before going off to look for Claire, leaving HRG locked up in the cage of his own making.

Isaac and Simone have their little semi-romantic interlude – let’s get back together (maybe!) scene. Isaac goes through painting a series of paintings “looking” for Peter.

Claire cons Mom into thinking her and Zach are on an expedition for their manatee term paper when in reality they are on their way to Kermit, Texas to meet Claire’s real mom.

Hiro’s in trouble with daddy (George Takei) who wants him to come back to Japan and take over the company. Hiro’s sister is there who Ando is totally crushing on. Hiro explains to dad he has a mission, that he can’t go home, but Mr. Sulu – I mean, Mr. Nakamura – won’t take no for an answer. Hiro tells Dad about stealing Kensei’s sword and Dad is pissed. “Kensei? From the stories I told you as a child?” Dad is furious and rips up the painting Hiro was to take to Linderman.

Claude “sees” that Peter is preoccupied with his family. Claude believes if he can take those he cares about out of his head then Peter’s mind is clear to use his powers. Claude doesn’t think much of people. “Not everyone’s like that,” Peter states.

“Must be a girl,” Claude deduces.

“She’s not like rest.”

“Well, of course she is, everyone is, that’s why they’re the rest!”

Kimiko comes to talk to Hiro and in their conversation (and comments from Ando) Hiro realizes it’s his sister who should be the heir to the Nakamura throne.

Sylar goes to HRG’s home – oh no Mr. Muggles! – and lies in wait for Claire. Mom comes home first and is startled by Sylar. Sylar convinces her (with a Prison Break/T-bag southern accent) that he’s from the paper company delivering a shipment when he noticed the dog on the street. Mom believes him. They chat and he lets it rip that he’s waiting to kill Claire. Mom heads for the door when Sylar uses his power to knock her into next week (and the curio cabinet in the hallway). He starts to make his way toward Mrs. HRG when HRG busts in his own home with the Haitian and starts taking shots at Sylar. Get those eyeglasses checked, HRG, because you missed! Sylar takes off and the Haitian goes after him but they don’t find him. Haitian erases the Missus’ mind AGAIN.

Claire meets Mom (Jessalyn Gilsig) and eventually shows her her powers of regeneration. “Some family,” Mom comments before she flames on her hand to show Claire her powers. Claire returns home to a forgetful mom and finds a piece of broken glass on the chair. What happened here? she wonders.

Claude and peter eavesdrop on Simone and Isaac. A jealous Peter watches on.

Hiro tells his dad he’s coming home to take over the company, but first he wants to restructure. Kimiko disagrees. Dad watches on. Kimiko shows her true thoughts of running the company which is exactly what Hiro wanted. Hiro tells his dad that it’s Kimiko that should run the company, not him. He looks to his dad for approval. Dad and Kimiko get ready to leave. Kimiko hugs her brother good bye. Ando holds out his arms for a hug. Kimiko (is she crushing on Ando, too?) looks at him shyly but bows before she leaves.

Niki is back in the padded cage when the guards come in and throw clothes at him. “Get dressed, you’re going home!” Linderman’s crony (the actor who plays him loves singing showtunes!) comes in tell her she’s been released. Seems like a death row inmate confessed to her crimes. We later see Niki at home in her room getting dressed. Micah asks her to play Scrabble. We then see that Niki is trapped inside Jessica now, crying to get out. “You’re the one who wanted to be locked up,” Jessica tells her reflection of Niki. Ohmydamn moment #3.

Claude and Peter are talking and it gets heated. “You have to (do this and this),” Claude says.

“I don’t have to do anything,” Peter yells back.

“Except fly,” Claude says calmly before grabbing Peter by the scruff and tossing him over the roof.

Peter falls 30 stories and crashes into a taxi cab. As we see him lying there (did the sign behind/beneath him say “Samurai”?), he is able to recall Claire’s power of regeneration and come back to life. Peter is pissed, but realizes he doesn’t have to cut his family out of his life to recall powers, he has to remember them, how they make him feel. He then starts to take on all sorts of the powers at once – his invisibility, Isaac’s white-out powers, etc. Claude swings at him and knocks him out, stopping the possible impending explosion – for awhile.

Isaac is drawing in his trance when he comes back to himself and sees what he drew – Peter half invisible. He calls HRG (?!) and tells him about Peter and the invisibility. “It means an old friend isn’t quite as dead as we thought he was,” HRG tells him. Ohmydamn moment #4.

Meredith makes a call and tells the person on the other line that their daughter is still alive. “We need to talk, Nathan.” Cut to Nathan sitting down. Ohmydamn moment #5.


Okay, I know Claude is invisible but does that mean no one can hear him either? I thought it was weird that Peter and Claude could carry on a conversation in the beginning of the show where Claude was blocking the guy with the rack of clothes. The guy never heard “voices?”

I should have seen Nathan as Claire’s dad. Nathan, being the philandering politician he is (at least he didn’t sleep with his campaign manager’s wife!) So this means his relationship with Meredith was before he got married. Did he dump her to pursue his political dreams? Did they relationship go sour after they thought Claire died?

I presume HRG had his cell phone on him and called The Haitian or The Haitian came looking for him after awhile?

Okay, did I miss a scene or something? When did Isaac start working for HRG? I thought Eden gave him the means to escape and he escaped Primatech? Or was she just offering a deal?

Now, we know the painting Hiro has is of him at the museum when he thought he stole the sword, right? So that means he doesn’t really need the sword, right? Right?

Great effect of Peter being impaled, but it was a little dark and hard to see.

Did Claude work for HRG in the past? Got sick of the corporate world and struck out on his own?

Your thoughts?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on February 6, 2007 5:05 PM
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It was a total duh moment for me to realize that the one watching Peter is Issac. He probably feels indebted to HRG for helping him to get clean. That explains why he called HRG after the painting showing Peter being partially invisible.

-- Posted by: Anonymous at February 6, 2007 9:36 PM

According to the commentary by one of the writers (see Part 6 of the episode with commentary online) - Isaac has been working for HRG since he left Texas. Who knew?

-- Posted by: Connie at February 6, 2007 10:04 PM

It seems that terminating Sylar "the regular way" (guns, drugs, etc.) is almost impossible. Any thoughts given to the fact that going nuclear is the only way to destroy Sylar. In Peter dreams, we're only seeing a portion and not the whole thing?

-- Posted by: New member to the team at February 7, 2007 11:42 AM

Worth noting: I think HRG did actually shoot Sylar when he stormed in to save his bride. Sylar was pushed back by the blast, but still ran away.

Remember early on (first 3-4 episodes, I think), when Parkman and FBI chick chased Sylar away from the little girl, Parkman shot Sylar several times. He fell down, but still managed to escape.

Also, when Sylar and Eden had their little throw-down, she tried to point the gun at him, and he sneered, "You know that can't hurt me." This was just before she turned the gun on herself.

So apparently, Sylar can't be hurt by bullets. Which brings up two questions in my mind... 1) How? (what power of his allows this), and 2) If so, then why does he need Clair's regen powers?

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at February 7, 2007 11:44 AM

Good observations, you two!

I hadn't really thought about the nuclear blast only that it's related somehow to radioactive guy.

Maybe the blast will weaken Sylar enough to kill him or to catch him again? If they kill him who will become the antagonist for the show?

-- Posted by: Connie at February 7, 2007 12:47 PM

Does anyone know is HEROES is going to be rebroadcst? It's a bitch, having to watch 24, and miss HEROES.

-- Posted by: GREG at February 12, 2007 7:03 PM

@Greg - you can catch Monday's episode on Fridays on the Sci-Fi Channel at 7pm EST.

You can also catch the episode online the next day after it airs on Monday (I think they post by 5am EST, but not always) at

I totally agree and since tonight's a two-hour ep of 24 and I usually watch the Heroes ep online again the next day before I post my review, I'm probably going to be watching 24 tonight :P, but don't tell NBC that!

-- Posted by: Connie at February 12, 2007 7:11 PM

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