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Heroes: Chapter Fifteen - "Run"

This episode serves to move the story forward by bringing more characters together.

In Episode 15 “Run,” we find Jessica has taken over Niki’s body and is doing Linderman’s dirty work as a hired gun in repayment for getting Niki out of jail. Jessica puts makeup over her Kensei tattoo so Micah and D.L. don’t find out she’s not Niki.

Parkman has taken a job as a private bodyguard to Aron Malsky, who we knew as Linderman’s henchman. Parkman picks Malsky up and takes him to the jewelry district in downtown L.A. Malsky is trading off the $2 million he got from D.L. for some diamonds. They get there and Matt hears the jeweler talking – it’s a set-up. He gets Malsky out of there and they run! Malsky gives Parkman one diamond to help him. “I can’t be bribed,” he says, but they take off.

They’re in the stairwell, on another floor, etc. Jessica is arguing with Niki and Parkman hears them both, thinking that Jessica has an accomplice. That was interesting! Parkman actually heard Jessica and Niki’s thoughts going back and forth, but he thought it was two separate people. Ooooohhhhh. When Parkman and Jessica meet up face to face, she’s surprised that he heard Niki. He handcuffs Jessica to the railing (which we know now won’t hold her). He goes looking for “Niki” and gets tossed out the window to his death, but luckily there is scaffolding or a sign that he falls onto saving him from death (since he doesn’t have powers of regeneration!) He climbs back up and sees Malsky, dead, snapped in half! and diamonds nowhere to be found. Cops come and tape off the crime scene. Parkman thinks he’s gonna be the hero and finds the diamonds hidden in the ceiling. He’s about to turn it over to the detective in charge but once he “hears” what he thinks of Matt, a furious Matt decides to pocket the diamonds himself.

Ando and Hiro have made it to Vegas and are trying to find Linderman. Ando tells Hiro that all they need is hope, no heroic abilities needed. They somehow enter the hotel through the kitchen and Ando sees a showgirl sitting near the prep table crying. He asks if she’s okay and she introduces herself. “Hi, I’m Hope.” Dun-dun-duh! Hope (Missi Pyle) tells them that she ran away from her boyfriend, leaving all her purse and in his room. Ando offers up Hiro and himself to go help her.

We next see Ando and Hiro dress up like room-service waiters as they deliver a fake meal to Hope’s “boyfriend”. Hiro doesn’t like this chick and Ando falls too quickly for the tall leggy blondes. Hiro is so not into this, but Ando keeps using Hiro’s words against him. They go up to the boyfriend’s room to deliver some food using the old man-hiding-in-the-service-cart trick. Boyfriend is played by Bill Fagerbakke who was the dumb assistant coach on “Coach” and he is also the voice of Patrick Star on Spongebob Squarepants! Boyfriend goes in the shower while they look around for Hope’s bag. Hiro keeps hemming and hawing so Ando agrees to leave. Hiro exits and Ando closes the door behind him and starts to look for the bag. He finds it under the bed as BF exits the shower. He claws his way under the bed with the bag. Hiro finds the girl telling someone on the phone that she’ll take a bus to Barstow from Primm (maybe she’s meeting Radioactive Guy?), who is totally shady. She wants to know where her bag is – who the hell cares about Ando. Hiro calls her a bad person and Hope punches him out. Ando comes by later with her bag and she wants him to drive her to Primm (at the Nevada/California border). Ando wonders where Hiro is and Hope tells him she intro’d him to someone who can hook him up to Linderman. “He left without me?” Ando asks. Hope kisses him to shut him up and leads him out to his car...

Hiro is left locked in a prop room of sorts. He tries to get out but with no avail. Suddenly the door opens and it’s Hope’s BF who we find out is an agent for the gaming commission! So was the money Hope’s to begin with? Probably not. Is Ando and Hiro in more trouble. Most likely.

Mohinder is calling everyone on the list and their mother and no one wants to talk to him, except for one guy. Unfortunately, Sylar makes it to the guy’s house first and pretending he’s Suresh, takes his power. The real Suresh shows up and is greeted by Sylar who shows him his newfound power which is the ability to instantly melt metal. Suresh tells him he needs a swab from the inside of his mouth for some testing. Sylar goes into the kitchen on the pretense of getting some tea and we see the dead guy on the floor. Sylar swabs the inside of dead guy’s cheek and just as Mohinder is about to turn the corner and see the dead guy, Sylar blocks him. Suresh warns him of others that might want to find him for the wrong reasons and Sylar offers to go with Suresh to meet all these other people, to help him convince the others (can we say “kill the others) to accept their new powers. Dun-dun-duh!

Meredith calls Nathan to tell her about their daughter, Claire. Nathan has thought they were both dead all this time. Nathan offers Meredith $100K to go away and she readily agrees.

HRG brings Mrs. HRG home. Mrs. HRG is totally dazed and confused (one too many Haitian mind melds). Claire, upset, calls Meredith and eventually shows up at her trailer in Kermit, Texas. How far is Kermit anyway and how did she get there? Meredith tells Claire that her daddy is not one to be counted on, but that he’s giving them $50K (Liar!) and that Claire is entitled to half of that. Claire doesn’t want the money which suits Bio-Mom fine. Bio-Mom is gonna go back to Mexico for awhile (as she wants to get away from a pestering Claire). Claire leaves or so we think. Nathan arrives with the money for Meredith. Claire is hiding just outside the trailer and listens in on their conversation. Nathan, trying to be as unfeeling as possible, hands over the cash he promised to Meredith. Nathan leaves and Claire, angry at both bio-parents, chucks a rock at Dad’s car (Girl’s got a throwing arm, let’s sign her up for softball – forget cheerleading!) Nathan thinks it some of the kids in the trailer park as he didn’t see Claire. He has he driving move on, and puts his shades on with a little sniffle. Awwwww....

Claire returns home to find her mom yelling at Mr. Muggles. Her mom doesn’t recognize her own dog or her own daughter! Dun-dun-duh!

Ep closes with Jessica getting another assignment from Linderman. This time the hit is for Nathan! Dun-dun-duh!


This episode was definitely simply to move the story forward. The big OHMYDAMN moment was when I realized Parkman heard the THOUGHTS of Jessica/Niki. He didn’t actually hear them arguing with each other. What a great device and another way to showcase his powers and Parkman’s amateur knowledge of his own abilities.

What’s gonna happen to Suresh if he lets Sylar join him? Is there gonna be a trail of dead bodies in their wake?

Now, I can’t remember and didn’t have time to go rewatch the ep, but when Nathan came to pick up Peter in the Texas jail, did he ever cross paths with Claire? Probably not, I guess as Nathan would have recognized HRG from when he kidnapped him.

I’m curious to see what will happen with Jessica/Nathan. Will Niki come out to save the day?

Posted by Connie on February 13, 2007 3:07 PM
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When Parkman was driving Aron Malsky into the diamond district, who was the guy that appeared in Malsky's window? He was white with dark hair and a mustach and he was holding something. Did any one else see him?

-- Posted by: Gerard at February 14, 2007 10:48 AM

@Gerard - Weird. I just watched that bit online and there is a guy but I can't see if he's holding anything and it's just a quick flash, but almost too close up for the guy to be standing on the street...

-- Posted by: C. at February 14, 2007 12:41 PM

I need to know who played Hope's "Boyfriend". I think he identified himself as a "Gaming Commisioner" or something to Hiro at the end of the episode. I cannot find him credited anywhere. Can anyone tell me who played the role? He looked so familiar...

-- Posted by: sarahc at February 16, 2007 3:47 PM

@Sarah - it's in my recap :o)

Boyfriend is played by Bill Fagerbakke who was the dumb assistant coach on “Coach” and he is also the voice of Patrick Star on Spongebob Squarepants!

-- Posted by: C. at February 16, 2007 5:14 PM

How dumb is the guy sylar killed; he was waiting for a "Mohinder Suresh", an obviously indian-ish named guy that spoke wiht an accent...but when whitebread Sylar shows up the guy dumbs up and let's him in. that's darwinism folks.

-- Posted by: CC at February 27, 2007 12:44 PM

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