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Heroes: Chapter Twelve - "Godsend"

Watch the episode here.

Watch the episode with cast commentary from Leonard Roberts, Jack Coleman, and Sendil Ramamurthy here! Some interesting stuff in there.

Yeah! Hiro is back! Heroes is back! Recent winner of the People’s Choice Award for Best New Show.

The show begins two weeks later from when we last left them and Peter is in the hospital in a coma. A hospital in New York... When we last left Peter, he passed out in his brother’s arms after they left the jailhouse in TEXAS. But that’s neither here nor there.

Peter is dreaming that dream of him exploding again. In his dreams he sees a bearded man, Claude (Christopher Eccleston – Season One’s newly remade Dr. Who).

Simone comes by to visit and Nathan drags her off to Mr. Ee-sock’s studio to see if his paintings will give them a clue on what’s going on.

Niki is in jail after turning herself in. She’s been in solitary after beating the crap out of a hefty officer. About four of them come into her cell to take her to see her state appointed attorney.

Back in Odessa, Texas, Claire is watching the news of Jackie’s murder while dad is dutifully cooking his daughter breakfast. Where’s mom? Claire feigns that she doesn’t remember anything. HRG believes it and is a bit saddened by it as he wipes a tear from his eye. Claire approaches Zach who still doesn’t

HRG is back at Primatech looking at a near comatose Sylar. They’ve shot him up with so many drugs to try to isolate his abilities that he’s almost dead. HRG tells them to dig deeper.

Parkman and Agent Audrey hit the paper mill to do a raid of the place for Sylar. They come up with nothing. Parkman tries to read HRG’s mind with the Haitian close by so he gets nothing. Audrey gets ripped a new one from her boss (Stacy Haiduk) and Parkman is off the case. Parkman returns home in shame and confesses to his wife about his newfound power. Is this the last we see of Agent Audrey? I hope not.

D. L. returns the $2 million to Linderman’s man, thinking he is now rid of him, but oh no – not when you are dealing with the mysterious Linderman...

Hiro is at the Natural History Museum (did I see Ben Stiller in the background promoting Night at the Museum?) with Ando looking for the sword. he confesses to Ando that his powers have weakened since Charlie’s death. He finds the sword in a display case of an ancient 16th Century Japanese warrior, Takezo Kensei. The sword bears that weird symbol we have seen throughout the eps. We later find out from Ando as he and Hiro dutifully give a backstory on Kensei that the symbol is a merging of two kanji characters – “Great talent” and “Godsend”. Love the fake historical tie-in! Hiro makes plans to steal the sword. He turns on the constipated look and... nothing. Ando comments, “Maybe you need the sword to steal the sword...” That was priceless. He tries again. Time doesn’t stop but slows down immensely. He takes the sword and takes off into the dinosaur exhibit. He faces the dino like in Mr. Ee-sock’s painting. He blinks like “I Dream of Jeannie” and time goes back to normal. They make it outside the museum, mere yards away when Hiro unwields the sword... But alas, it’s just a replica handle! The sword is owned by Linderman (so it says on the tag...) Head hung and demoralized, Hiro returns the sword.

Mohinder is chatting with an agent who has finally shown interest in the case. Agent tells Mohinder that the name Sylar doesn’t bring up anything in their databases. The agent talks about the list and has he tried to contact Sarah Ellis in California. Mohinder tells him he’s tried to contact her with no avail. The agent then hands him a picture of Sarah Ellis and it’s none other than Eden! Agent tells Mohinder they found Eden’s body a couple days ago...

Back in jail, Niki is talking to her lawyer. She just wants to do her time for doing the crime, but they are looking at the death penalty here. Jessica decides to join in on the conversation. Niki is telling Jessica to shut up while the lawyer looks on in amazement. He clearly only sees one other person in the room. Niki sees two. Things aren’t looking to good for her...

Simone and Nathan are at Isaac’s and are surprised by Isaac being there. Isaac declares he’s still in love with Simone. Simone is silent. “I’m in love with Peter,” she wants to scream... Okay, I added that in. Nathan breaks up their reunion by asking about the painting of a flaming man which is positioned next to the one of Peter flying.

Hiro and Ando rush into Isaac’s studio to tell Isaac that the sword steal was a wash. Hiro tells him that it is owned by a man named Linderman. Nathan pokes his head from around the painting at the mention of Linderman’s name. Hiro, seeing a fellow hero is ecstatic to see him. “Flying Man!” he exclaims, much to Nathan’s dismay. What follows is a hysterical bit between the uptight Nathan and Hiro.

Nathan comments on how Hiro’s English is loads better since the last time they met. “I met a waitress in Texas,” Hiro explains, blushing. “She teach me many things.” You go, boy!

“Well, good for you!” Nathan hints at a smile.

“You’re flying man! WHOOOOSH!” Hiro gestures with his hand.

“Can you keep it down?” Nathan exclaims.

“whoosh.” Hiro says in a stage whisper, gesturing smaller. They start talking about the exploding man. “Billain?” Hiro says, referring to the exploding man.

“Villain.” Nathan enunciates. This goes back and forth for a few before Hiro gets it right.

Claire and The Haitian have a clandestine meeting. She wants to talk to Peter, but The Haitian tells her that it wouldn’t be a good idea. She’s not supposed to remember Peter, remember? She wants The Haitian to give Zach back his memories, his power doesn’t work that way. Claire decides to re-enact her jump off the structure in the first episode with Zach filming it – to help him remember. Explain that blood stain to your mom when you get home!

Somewhere in Nevada in an abandoned house, Ted Sprague aka Radioactive Guy is trying to create fireballs in his hands. “Flame on!”

Niki, D. L. and Micah are having a jail visit. Niki wants to hug Micah. Officer shakes his head no. Niki (not Jessica) gets violent and breaks the officer’s baton. Several officers slam her against the window, restraining her.

Mohinder is visited by HRG who wants the List and wants Mohinder to help their cause. Mohinder doesn’t want to have anything to do with him. He hands Mohinder his card with a handwritten access number and leaves.

Peter is dreaming again and tells Nathan that he took his power but he can’t control it,. His hands start to flame and he explodes, taking everything and everyone he loves with it. He wakes up in a start, screaming.

Simone is in disbelief at meeting Hiro, one of Isaac’s characters in his comic. She finally believes he can paint the future and offers to help Hiro get his sword from Linderman.

When Nathan returns to the hospital he finds Peter has checked himself out of the hospital.

Peter is on the street, trying to make a reservation to go to Las Vegas. Not sure how he knows he has to get there, but he does. He sees Claude blatantly stealing from people at an outdoor cafe. Peter recognizes him from his dream. He follows him to get his attention. “You can see me?” Claude asks. “No one can see me!” They scuffle but everyone sees... nothing. Things get knocked over but no one is there.

Sylar is still half dead (probably just biding his time) with this big-ass cockroach crawling on his bed. Ewww. Hiro and Ando get ready to return to Vegas to find Linderman. We last see Niki in a padded cell in a straight jacket being injected with something. Niki is begging for help. “God, please help me.” She turns to face the camera. “Who needs got when you got me?” Jessica asks. WOW.


Great return for Heroes.

Hiro and Ando have to be my favorite characters on the show. Ando’s comments are priceless and Hiro is just so earnest, he’s funny.

Hiro and Nathan’s banter was one of the best moments for the whole show. It was funny stuff and great comic relief for the show. What worked best was that the two actors played it straight, which made it even funnier.

How does D.L., an escaped convict, walk into a jail to talk to his wife without getting arrested himself? Hmm.... I guess since NIki confessed to the crimes, he's been exonerated?

I called the 800 # on the card (1-800-PRIMA16) but since we don’t know the access code yet, I didn’t get very far. A lot of roads leading nowhere. Check out the site a

I am very pleased and surprised by Ali Larter's performance on the show. I love how she switches back and forth from Niki to Jessica with the blink of an eye. Hopefully, she'll be recognized come Emmy time.

Interesting tidbits I learned from the commentary: The "billain/villain" bit was ad-libbed by the actors and Ashley Crowe, who plays HRG's wife is, in real life, married to Matthew John Armstrong - Radioactive Guy!

Posted by Connie on January 23, 2007 1:46 PM
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I waited and waited for this episode and expected more. I don't know exactly what, but more. Had this ep been only a week in the waiting my expectations wouldn't have been so high. But all in all I thought it was pretty good.

Yer right - the exchange between Hiro and Nathan was the best.

I called the number for Primatech Paper and tried each of the options. The last option gives you a code to enter on the website where you pretty much just fill out some personal info and then they send you an e-mail that says they will be in contact. Seems a lot like the Lost Experience...

-- Posted by: ransomjackson at January 23, 2007 8:58 PM

What was the code? Do you remember? I thought I heard her say "MP36" but when I typed it in it didn't work.

I didn't get into the Lost experience. Too confusing, but with this at least they are exposing small bits a little at a time - like a striptease. Much more enticing :D

-- Posted by: Connie at January 23, 2007 9:59 PM

Yeah, the message was a little hard to uderstand. At first, I thought it was NT36, but that didn't work. So I tried MT36, and that got me a job application.

Yippee...time for me to put my special powers (eating chicken wings and napping) to work!

-- Posted by: ransomjackson at January 24, 2007 8:13 AM

Love Heroes but it being up against 24 is DOOM

-- Posted by: bigdogjoe62 at January 25, 2007 3:06 PM

Not necessarily, big. Heroes won it's timeslot against 24 this past Monday!

-- Posted by: Connie at January 25, 2007 3:15 PM

gawky minerals reigns.studiously:chum.highwayman ...

-- Posted by: Anonymous at October 11, 2007 4:27 AM

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