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Heroes: Chapter Thirteen - "The Fix"


What an episode!

We start with Peter and Claude Raines. Peter finds out that Claude knows of more people like him and wants Claude to be his mentor and help him control his gift. Raines takes off, but Peter locates him on the rooftop of a building owned by Charles Deveaux, Simone’s recently deceased Dad.

Hiro and Ando are trying to make their way to Vegas to see Linderman so they can get the sword, but are sidetracked when some henchman try to grab them. Hiro has lost his powers so there isn’t much they can do. They hide underneath a car, but when the owner of the car comes back and drives away they are literally exposed. The bad guys are still there and chase them. Hiro is able to get away, but they grab Ando. Being the good friend he is, Hiro lets them take him too. “You came back for me.” Ando says, incredulously. “This is how we roll (homey),” Hiro says.

Niki’s in the padded cell, getting shots on schedule to subdue the Jessica within her. Psych comes to talk to Niki and wants to talk to Jessica. BIG MISTAKE #1! She won’t let Jessica come out and psych leaves.

D.L. is having a hard time being a single dad. No one wants to give him a job, he can barely make rent. He’s fighting with Micah. “It’s not easy,” he tells Micah.

“Well, it wasn’t easy for mom either but she always found a way to make some money,” Micah says. Yeah, D.L. I think you need to start an internet stripping site, baby!

D.L. walks through walls to see Niki and tells her he can’t cope with being a single dad. It’s just too hard. “Snap out of it!” yells Niki – wait, that’s my imagination. Micah decides to help dad with the finances, using his technopowers to milk the ATMs around town (Hey kid, ever heard of hidden cameras?) and brings dad a backpack full of cash. He confesses to dad he has a secret ability too.

Parkman is suspended for six months (with or without pay, we don’t know) and he comes home to a leaky faucet and pregnant wife (the actress who plays Parkman’s wife is preggers in real life).

HRG and the Primatech doctor (who was also Claire’s fake biological dad) chat over a near-dead Sylar. Doc wants him dead, but the big guns want to keep him alive so that’s what HRG will do. BIG MISTAKE #2!

Mohinder and Nathan finally meet when Nathan comes to him seeking help with locating Peter. Mohinder shows Nathan the DNA markers his dad was able to isolate. He shows Nathan that Peter’s DNA allows him to absorb others’ qualities – like a sponge. Mohinder shows him that Nathan’s DNA has changed too. They find Peter at his apartment, sweeping back that unruly lock of hair as he packs to leave. Suresh wants to observe and research Peter. See if he can fix his wonky DNA. Nathan’s trying to stop him from leaving, but Peter flees. He gets out the door but no one’s there. The guard Nathan left behind at the front door didn’t see anyone. The windows in the hallway are open – did he fly away? Nope. We soon see he is being held quiet by Claude and they invisible to all. Seems like Claude’s had his abilities for awhile now and has taught others how to cope with theirs. He’s very evasive about who and how many though.

The head henchman offer Ando and Hiro two first class one-way tickets back to Tokyo. Hiro tells Ando to refuse. It’s a test.

Doc calls HRG. Sylar’s dead. HRG tells him to get him ready for shipping. Doc starts to unstrap Sylar. Sylar’s eyes pop open. BIG MISTAKE #3!

Claire and Zach are fishing through the family computer trying to find clues to Claire’s past. Claire has to continually lie to her dad about her knowledge of her abilities and Zach has to play along. Is HRG suspicious? Hard to tell. Claire hangs some chimes outside her window to signal the Haitian that they need to meet. They do and the Haitian tells her that it’s too dangerous for them to meet. Claire wants to know about her real parental units and all the Haitian knows is that her mom died in a fire 14 years ago.

HRG comes in to see Claire and sees the chimes in the window. Does he know?

Claire and Zach do a little research on the web and find a Meredith Gordon died in a fire 14 years ago. Claire calls all the Gordons in the phonebook until she reaches one who knows Meredith Gordon. In fact, it is Meredith Gordon. Astounded that she is talking to the daughter she lost 16 years ago, Meredith lights up a cigarette... with her finger! Flame on, part two! Oh my damn!

Pysch comes back to talk to Niki again, but she wants to talk to Jessica. Until she can talk to Jessica, she can’t help her and can’t help to diagnose her.

Ando and Hiro are about to meet their maker. Is it Linderman? Nope, it’s Daddy Dearest, Mr. Sulu! Oh my damn, part two! Hiro’s dad (George Takei) shows up to bring his son home and to have him stop with all this hero nonsense.

HRG goes back to Primatech and sees a covered Sylar. He goes into the room and pulls back the sheet. It’s the dead doctor! HRG turns around in horror to see Sylar standing behind him. Oh my damn, part three!


Does Hiro really need the sword? The painting Isaac drew was the scene in the museum. So that has already passed. Hmm....

Where exactly was Sylar hiding that HRG didn’t even see him through the big picture window? What other ability does Sylar possess?

Ok, in the previews for next week, Meredith Gordon, Claire’s bio-mom calls Claire’s bio-dad to tell her Claire has found her. No reveal on who the dad is. We know Eric Roberts has been cast as a character name Thompson. Could it be that Thompson is Claire’s dad? Could it be possible that Thompson is a first name and maybe Linderman is his last? Hmmm....

Your thoughts?

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on January 30, 2007 5:20 PM
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I like the idea of introducing a jaded "hero" who uses his power to steal, among other things. Plus, the name of Eccleston's character pays clever homage to the actor in the classic Invisible Man movie. I wish there had been more exposition about why/how Claude would make a good teacher...Peter just woke up and seemed certain of it.

-- Posted by: DD at January 30, 2007 6:38 PM

Hey, I liked the new techno theme music they played for Micah's character while he was hacking the ATMs. Very cool. And you better believe Clair's dad noticed those chimes. Oh, he knows alright. He's too observant when it comes to things like that. This is one of those guys that just always seems to know what's going on and is about five steps ahead of everyone else. It's the reason he's one of my favorite characters on the show. He's similar to Nathan in that he always seems to be in control of everything. It's also the reason I got such a kick out of seeing him and Sylar meet face to face for the first time back a few episodes ago. Creepy dad wasn't intimidated by Sylar in the least. I sure hope he doesn't get killed off. I do have one question though about Peter. What's up with Peter's apparent pyschic abilities. We've already seen on more than one occasion where Peter has been able to see and learn things through his dreams/visions. I would attribute it to his absorbing Isaac's abilities, but he was having those sort of visions even before he met Isaac. Plus, he isn't painting these visions the way Isaac does. So the real question is, where is he getting that ability from, or should I say who is he getting that ability from?

-- Posted by: Michael at February 1, 2007 10:07 PM

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