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Heroes: Chapter Eleven - "Fallout"

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Ep opens with Claire and Dad arriving at home. Claire wonders if Dad is mad at her after she revealed the truth about herself. Dad tells her the truth, at least some of it. He tells her he’s known about her power and that he’s done things he’s not proud of to protect her. He tells Claire to talk to Zach to make sure he stays quiet and he’ll talk to Lyle. Mom doesn’t know. He wants her to destroy the tape and keep quiet to keep her safe.

Agent Audrey Hanson and Matt Parkman are investigating Jackie’s murder in Odessa, Texas. It has Sylar written all over it. They find multiple tracks. They go to question Peter Petrelli. Matt keeps popping aspirin like it’s candy.

Peter is in jail. Nathan comes to get him out. Peter has his doubts about saving the world. Nathan tells him he can’t. His voice changes and Peter turns to look and it’s Sylar. “How can you save the world when you don’t know anything about power? Peter wakes up and realizes it’s a bad dream.

Peter’s in interrogation with Audrey and Matt. Matt’s trying to read his mind, but because Peter is getting his power, Matt’s getting what is equivalent to feedback in his mind. He’s hearing some of Peter’s thoughts, some of his own. This makes Peter head hurt and he turns to look at Matt and asks, “What are you doing to me?” Matt hears “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” Peter asks if they saved the cheerleader and Peter is able to hear Audrey’s thoughts of “The cheerleader is dead.” “She’s dead? Claire’s dead?!” When Audrey tells him that the cheerleader was Jackie, Peter insists that they need to protect Claire. Matt senses he’s telling the truth so they go to pick up Claire.

Creepy Dad goes into to talk to Sylar who takes the opportunity to taunt him about taking his daughter’s ability as soon as he gets out of there. We find out Gabriel’s real surname is Grey. How innocuous is that surname? Grey like boring and milquetoast which is what Gabriel was before he turned Sylar on us. Sylar tells CD that he can see how things work, how these powers work. The multiple powers he’s acquired has changed his DNA and made him the evil he is now. CD keeps calling him Gabriel which ticks Sylar off.

CD talks to the Powers That Be who want to keep him alive. Eden doesn’t think this a good idea. In fact, she suggests that she tell Sylar to kill himself. CD pauses. He wants her to do it, but he has to follow orders.

D.L. gets shot by Jessica. She fires at him again but this time he’s ready and the bullet goes through his head and hits the tire behind him. Nice Fx. Jessica goes to get Micah, but when she walks over to the car, he and Micah are gone. D.L. escapes into the woods with Micah where the leave a trail and backtrack to throw Jessica off. They find an abandoned cabin and D.L. pulls a Relg (read David Eddings’ first series, The Belgariad for this obscure reference) and sticks his arm into the door and opens it. He grabs some bandages that happen to be in plain sight, but before Micah could bandage him up, D.L. passes out.

Mohinder moves back to New York where he finds a note from Eden. Mohinder is on the phone with the FBI or CIA. He’s arguing with them about the list of names he faxed over to them. Six of the people on the list are dead – all by Sylar. He see’s a Post It with Isaac’s name on it. Hmm....

Isaac is drawing again, but nothing prophetic. Eden tells him they saved the cheerleader. Eden slyly hands him a phone and a keycard to get out of there and tells him she’s leaving for awhile.

Hiro and Ando are at the high school. Hiro’s upset that he wasn’t able to save the cheerleader. Then Hiro gets a call from Isaac. “Mr Ee-sock!” Hiro says. They need to meet.

“Who is it?” Ando asks.

“Destiny,” Hiro answers.

“I wish Destiny would lose our number,” Ando mumbles.

Audrey questions Claire. In what can only be termed as bad interrogation tactics, Audrey keeps looking at the one-way mirror where Parkman stands on the other side in the observation room. Can CD sense another hero in their midst? Parkman’s trying to read Claire, but can’t pick up anything. All he hears is static like the night in the bar. And around the corner is... The Haitian blocking all thoughts.

Claire wants to talk to Peter. Peter and CD meet. CD thanks Peter for saving his daughter’s life and that maybe someday he can return the favor (Can we hold him to this?) Peter coughs – looks like he’s sick, but in what way? Too many powers being absorbed? Claire and Peter have a touching moment together. If he were still on Gilmore Girls as Jesse, maybe they would have been a couple. The two discuss their powers. Claire thinks Peter can heal too, not aware that he absorbs other’s powers. She tells Peter, “You’re totally my hero.” CD doesn’t like this lovefest their having and keeps knocking on the glass door.

Jessica is tracking D.L. when Niki appears again. The two are at odds. Jessica will do anything to get Micah back and Niki? Well, she’s just too nice and too weak, according to Jessica. Micah yells out for Mom and both go running. Who will get there first?

Jessica does. D.L. and Jessica fight. Micah wants them to stop and Jessica pushes Micah away where he falls into some rocks, hurting his arm. D.L. rushes over to his son to see if he’s ok. Niki reappears. This is where Niki’s strength lies – in Micah. If her son’s in danger, Niki is more powerful than Jessica, it seems. Jessica has disappeared for now and the family of three reunite.

Claire talks to Zach and he’s cool about keeping quiet. When she talks to her brother, he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. In fact, he can’t remember how he got home. Hmmm... can we say “The Haitian is in town?” Frightened that the bad guys did this (and not suspecting her dad at all), she calls Zach up to meet her again. He does and she’s even more frightened because now Zach doesn’t remember a thing – in fact, he thinks Claire hasn’t spoken to him since 6th grade! In a panic, Claire calls her Dad who tells her to calm down and that he’ll be home in a few. She hangs up the phone, her bedroom door opens and in walks The Haitian. Immediately frightened that a big Af-Am has entered her all white neighborhood, she starts to scream but The Haitian stops her. and then HE SPEAKS! He tells her that he works for her father and that CD wants her to forget, but it’s important that she not forget. He’s made her friend forget. Her brother forget. And her mom forget – so many times. “Tell me, Claire. Can you keep a secret?”

Hiro and Ando meet Mr. Ee-sock at the bus depot. Hiro shows Isaac a comic book he drew from the future. He instantly believes because the issue hasn’t even gone to the printer. Isaac tells them Sylar has been caught, for which Hiro is relieved. Hiro “lost a friend to The Brain Man,” Ando tells Isaac. Isaac pulls out his notebook and turns to pages of panels of Hiro and Charlie. Apparently, he can draw the future without chasing a high. He tells Hiro and Ando about a painting he drew – of a man exploding. “How do you stop an exploding man?” asks Hiro.

Afraid that Jessica will come back at any moment, Niki fears for Micah. She walks over to a cop and turns herself in for murder.

Parkman and Hanson are in the car eating TexMex bantering like an old couple. Hanson has a quick thought of “He can be cute sometimes” which immediately turns into “Oh God, did he just hear that?” Parkman starts chuckling. “Did you just read my mind?” she asks. That was an LOL moment. “Cheerleader’s Dad, nine o’clock” – another acronym for CD! CD talks to The Haitian. Parkman gets the Hiro Constipation Look but still can’t hear anything. He’s concentrating so hard that his nose starts too bleed. Only one word – Sylar.

Isaac is sitting in front of a blank canvas, Hiro and Ando watching on. He can’t seem to do it, but Hiro tells him to try. He closes his eyes and when he opens them he’s in that milky white trance and starts to paint.

Eden calls Mohinder to tell him she hasn’t told him the truth but she’s coming back to make things right. First she has to take care of the man who killed his dad. She goes into the observation room in Sylar’s cell, ready to convince him to kill himself. She pulls out a gun and tells him to take his own life, but Sylar is able to conjure up one of his powers and breaks the glass between the two, pulling Eden to him. He has her by the neck and is about to take her power, but Eden points the gun at herself (much to Sylar’s shock and dismay) and pulls the trigger. No way in hell is she going to let Sylar get her power!

Nathan comes to bail Peter out of jail. Not a dream this time. As they exit the station, Peter is walking like a drunk and falls to the ground. He’s in his own dream again. Heroes around him and no one can help. In fact, everyone’s running away from him. He starts glowing and then explodes. He wakes up long enough to tell Nathan he’s the one to cause the explosion (“It’s all my fault.”) and then goes white before he passes out.

When Isaac finishes the painting, Hiro and Ando look at it. It’s Hiro with a sword fighting off – a dragon! “I really need to find that sword,” Hiro says.


Am curious to know what other power Haitian has. He seems to know about the future, but is this from Mr. Ee-Sock's paintings?

One wonders if CD wants to protect his daughter or himself. Who does this guy work for anyway? Maybe Linderman? Maybe Nathan?

Why didn’t Eden aim at Sylar and just kill him? Sylar said “it wouldn’t kill him” referring to the gun. What other power did he absorb?

Looks like Peter has a run in with Radioactive Guy from earlier ep. Maybe too much or everyone’s power sends Peter into overload?

The Haitian effects on memory loss are much like getting too many memory charms in Harry Potter. Claire’s mom is a bit of a bumbling idiot like Professor Gilderoy Lockhart in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Crap, I gotta wait until January 22nd for the next ep? Say it ain’t so!

Your thoughts?

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on December 5, 2006 2:43 PM
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"It’s Hiro with a sword fighting off – a dragon!"

I didn't think it looked like a dragon - to me it looked more like a T rex.

Loved the line about, "I gotta find that sword..."

And when Sylar said that the gun wouldn't hurt him, I felt that he had absorbed somebody's power - somebody's power that's similar to D.L.'s and that bullets would go right through him.

Between both Lost and Heroes being off the air for weeks and weeks, it's going to be a long winter.

-- Posted by: ransomjackson at December 5, 2006 4:34 PM

@ransom - Yes, possible it's a dinosaur and Hiro's comments about changing history by squashing a bug points to that. I am curious to see what that will be. Perhaps a metaphor for something? Or radioactive guy (or whoever Hiro will have to battle) wears a t-shirt w/ a dino on it?

-- Posted by: Connie at December 5, 2006 5:56 PM

Cyler does have something that makes him impervious to bullets. Didn't he get shot in that earlier ep where Parker and his partner were looking after that little girl? After Cyler got shot multiple times, he just got back up and flew away.

-- Posted by: Mike at December 5, 2006 6:48 PM

@Mike - You're right. I forgot about that. Sylar was shot several times (undoubtedly one of those bullets hit him. He fell but got back up again... Good catch!

-- Posted by: Connie at December 5, 2006 7:32 PM

Clear this up for me...

Sylar is being help captive and apparently cannot escape due to CD basically saying in so many words, "We got you know".

Then, later in the episode, Eden is pulled through the glass and the gun incedent happens.

Was Sylar able to do this because Hatian guy wasn't around to block his powers?

-- Posted by: Bryan at December 6, 2006 10:12 AM

I agree - I thought Sylar stuck around either because Haitian Dude was not around to negate his powers, or simply that he chose to stay to gather information until he felt like leaving.

Pulling Eden through the glass - gives a whole new meaning to "chick magnet"...

-- Posted by: ransomjackson at December 6, 2006 11:11 AM

Do we see The Haitian near CD when he talks to Sylar? I didn't think so.

I took it that the room somehow neutralized Sylar's power, but didn't know how.

Pretty extensive layout for that paper plant!

-- Posted by: C at December 7, 2006 12:38 AM

I watched the Sylar escape scene frame by frame, and here's what it looked like to me...

He does nothing until Eden reveals the gun. Then, he does the arm-jerk thing, and Eden is pulled through the glass, gun-hand first. There was a smaller crash when her hand (and the gun) went through, and a much bigger crash a split second later when her head went through.

Maybe... Sylar's TK only works on metalic items? Sylar attacked Peter w/ metal locker doors. He locked the car doors with his TK while killing Papa Suresh w/ his bare hands. He manipulated Audrey's gun when trying to kidnap the little girl.

This theory seems to hold with one possible hole. He's also used his TK to move glassware. Was it leaded glass? Was it actually a metal mug, not a glass? Can anybody go back and look?

If the theory holds, then CD was able to keep Sylar locked up because the only metal items around (the walls) were too bulky for Sylar to manipulate. Magnito he ain't.

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at December 7, 2006 1:02 PM

@Chuck - Yes, he must have some magnetic ability or is it the ability to move things that he got from the first guy? I think the crime scene where we are intro'd to Parkman has the victim up on the bannister impaled with forks and knives, right?

-- Posted by: C at December 7, 2006 2:11 PM

Given the generous use of T.K. that we've seen since this episode aired, I hearby rescend my "Mini-Magnito" theory. I'm back to "No Clue" on the cage and whooshing Eden and such.

-- Posted by: Combat Chuck at February 21, 2007 1:26 PM

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