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Heroes: Chapter Ten - "Six Months Ago"

I have to wait until next year for the next new year!

Last night’s ep was mostly background on how our heroes evolve. Ep starts off six months ago with Hiro teleporting back to six months ago to Charlie’s birthday except he thinks he teleported himself to the day before Charlie’s death.

We then see a young man, Gabriel, fixing a watch. A very milquetoast kind of guy. Chandra Suresh enters. The young man immediately says, “Your watch is broken.” Papa Suresh says no but he gives the watch to him anyway. It’s two seconds off. Papa S thinks he’s found one of his evolutionary subjects and gives him his book and tells him to call if he’s interested.

Next we see Eden in a sports car with an open bottle of liquor on the side of the road. Parkman’s pulled her over and is about to give her a ticket when Eden uses her powers of persuasion (mainly her voice) and talks Parkman into getting back into his car and getting a dozen donuts. Eden starts to the car to leave, but the Haitian is standing in front of the car staring her down.

Jackie comes to Claire’s to invite her to join the cheerleading squad. She taunts Claire before giving her the cheerleading uniform we’re so familiar with. They struggle when Jackie lets go, leaving Claire to fly into her glass curio cabinet, severely cutting her hand. Mom takes Claire to the ER when CD gets a call from Papa Suresh informing him about Claire and her potential powers.

Back at the Midland diner, Hiro finds out he teleported back in time and with no way to get back to the future. If he teleports himself again, he might be in the Land of the Lost with the sleestacks and dinosaurs.

We now see Niki at her AA meeting. Her dad is there in the back and her dad is Linderman! He wants to make amends and get to know his grandchild and daughter. We find out that Jessica is not just her alter ego, but also her dead sister. A sister that took Linderman’s abuse.

Six months ago Peter is throwing a party. Looks like he just graduated nursing school and thinking about going into hospice care. Nathan and a non-wheelchair riding Heidi, his wife, arrive along with mom as Peter sweeps his wayward lock of hair out of his eyes. Dad is (still alive at this point) working. Nathan is a district attorney ready to take Linderman down in the courts, but to do so would mean implicating their dad which both are ready to do.

Gabriel’s read Papa Suresh’s book and comes to see him. PS wants to do some tests, take some x-rays, check him out. Gabriel agrees. He tells PS about how he used to daydream that his family wasn’t his family because they were “insignificant”. Can we say this guy has been evil or the makings of being evil since Day One?

Back at the paper factory, CD is interrogating Eden. She tries to use her powers of talk to get CD to let her go, but CD ain’t buying it. Plus, The Haitian is there to protect him. Not sure what the Haitian’s powers are, but perhaps he is able to neutralize other’s powers?

Hiro makes a call to Japan to speak to Hiro, but... Hiro answers the phone. Future Hiro quickly hangs up. “Greattt Scottt!” he says.

Matt is just sitting there in his car by the Staples Center, munching on some donuts. He looks like he’s in a daze. His buddy (and I think the same guy that slept with his wife) stops by to chat. Matt later returns home

Hiro gives Charlie the Japanese phrasebook she mentions in the earlier ep. She doesn’t believe Hiro has powers he claims to have. He gets that constipated look on his face and comes up with flowers for her. Runs out her food for her. She thinks it’s a magic trick. Hiro is getting frustrated that he can’t convince her.

Niki is sitting in the cemetery in front of her sister’s, Jessica, gravestone. Jessica died when she was 11. D.L. comes to see her. She tells him about Linderman, how she doesn’t want him around, but maybe... he has money and she wants to send Micah to private school, etc.

Nathan and Heidi are on their way home. Linderman’s goons are trying to run him off the road. His superpower survival instincts take over and pull him out of the car and into the air, leaving Heidi in the passenger seat with no driver and the goons behind them rearending the car. The car runs into the yellow safety barrels while Nathan is up in the air. He falls. As he falls, Peter wakes up from a dream. A dream of Nathan flying. The phone rings. Peter then is at the hospital where Heidi is in surgery and Nathan is pacing, a nice gash on his head from the fall he took. He’s mad enough to want to take Linderman down this minute if he could. Peter asks about the other car. How did he know about the other car, Nathan wonders. Doc comes to give Nathan the bad news about Heidi.

Hiro comes in with a Japanese paper and Claire reads the headlines back in English. he tells Claire about the myth of 1000 origami cranes. He looks constipated again and suddenly there are 1000 colorful cranes hanging around the diner. He gives her a ticket to Japan and shows her the one he also bought himself.

Gabriel and PS chat while PS tests him. They talk about “evolutionary imperative” – that which we are destined to do. None of the tests are conclusive. Gabriel is frustrated that he doesn’t have any powers. PS wants Gabriel to leave. He storms out, taking a post it note with another name on address on it. As Gabriel leaves, CD comes up the walk.

Hal Linderman brings Micah a laptop. Niki hints at needing money for private school. Linderman tells her the money is hers. He goes in to check on Micah and starts yelling at him because Micah has already started to tear the computer apart, but we know with his mechanical superpower he’ll be able to put it back together again with no problem. Linderman gives Niki and check and starts to leave. Whatever he’s trying to make amends for, Niki doesn’t remember what he did, but Jessica does.

CD comes up to PS’s apartment wanting to know more about why he thinks Claire is “special”.

Jessica shows up at Linderman’s. “Do you remember?” he asks. “How could I forget?” she says before she slams him against the armoire. She tells him she’s Jessica, but he doesn’t believe it and keeps calling her Nicole. Jessica tells him someone had to be there to take all the punches and hits to protect Nicole. She shoves the check he gave Niki in his mouth and leaves.

CD watches Claire work on her routine. He’s brought her home a bear from “around the world”. He agrees with Claire that Jackie is a beyotch. Come on, don’t you want to see Creepy Dad say, “Beyotch!”? He takes a look at her hand and there is no scar there.

Parkman is home with his wife. She still loves him at this point. Parkman confesses that he flunked the detective exam again. He’s dyslexic and has problems with the written exam. He’s frustrated that he’s still a lowly officer after 11 years.

Nathan arrives at Peter’s to take him to get deposed for the upcoming trial. Nathan tells him their dad died that morning, but at least he died not knowing that his two sons were about to stab him in the back.

Hiro comes out to tell Charlie about a Japanese film festival in Austin. Charlie confesses to him that she has a blood clot in her brain and that she’s going to die soon (cue Asian tragedy music). “I’m supposed to save you,” Hiro says in an oddly perfect American accent. She tells Hiro she loves him in Japanese. They lean in to kiss, but I guess the excitement teleports Hiro back to Japan to the present and he can’t seem to teleport his way back to her, no matter how constipated he looks.

Brian Davis, the name on the post-it that Gabriel took shows up at the watch repair shop. Gabriel is about to intro himself, but hesitates, looking for a fake name to use. He looks down at the watch he was fixing (it’s Sylar brand) and intros himself as Gabriel Sylar. Davis shows him how he move a cup across the table and then Sylar sees it. Davis is broken like all the watches he’s fixed and Sylar can fix him too. He knocks Davis out with a nice looking quartz rock and figures out how to steal his ability.

Sylar goes back to PS and shows him his newfound power. His comments kind of scare Papa Suresh.

Hiro walks into the Midland diner. How happy Ando is to see him. He tells Ando that he’s gone backward in time and forward in time, but he can’t change the past or save Charlie. He’s failed. He puts an origami crane at the makeshift memorial to Charlie in the diner. “I loved her,” he tells Ando.

Ep ends with shots from last week – Eden and The Haitian grabbing Sylar, Niki shooting D.L., Claire about to confess to her dad, Peter getting arrested at homecoming.


Interesting ep, wasn’t it?

I liked that we got to see some of the background (most of which we knew through previous backstory dialogue) of our heroes. Interesting that Jessica was Niki sister and while dead, she’s still protecting her. Were they twins?

What about Sylar? He reminded me of Rivers Cuomo, lead singer for Weezer – not that RC is a serial killer. Looks like Sylar gained powers with every fresh kill hence the multiple powers – freezing the brain, slicing open the head with his laser finger, etc. etc. How does one stop a supervillain?

One more ep before show goes on winter hiatus. Not sure when the new eps start again, but I’ll post when I find out. Teaser for the next ep taunts viewers that one hero will die. Who will it be, do you think? Is the assumption D.L. because Niki/Vicki/Jessica aimed at him? Or will it be Micah?

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on November 28, 2006 1:48 PM
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There is still one more new episode next week. Also I never got the impression that Niki's dad was Linderman. She called him Hal but I never heard mention of his last name. Wouldn't his last name be the same as his daughters'.

-- Posted by: onemviebuf at November 28, 2006 3:44 PM

I think we have one more new episode next week, don't we? Then the hiatus.

My question about Sylar. So, he's not sure what his true power is when talking with PS early in the episode. Then later he traps Brian Davis, kills him, and shows up at PS's house to demonstrate his new "skill".

How did he aquire the power from Davis? And how did he even know that he could? Did a round orb rise out of Davis' corpse, which Sylar plucked from the air and then pushed into his body?!? :)

-- Posted by: Bryan at November 28, 2006 3:50 PM

Ah, you both are right. There is one more ep. For some reason I got it in my head that this was the final ep before the new year, but alas I was wrong (and glad that I am!).

I'm not sure where I got the impression that Linderman is Niki's dad. Though I believe Hal is Linderman's first name - can someone confirm or deny? I think his first name is mentioned in an earlier ep. It also sounds like she doesn't have the same surname because she was possibly raised by another family after her sister died. I think that is alluded to also.

-- Posted by: Connie at November 28, 2006 4:19 PM

@Bryan - Perhaps Sylar's power is similar to Peter's - he can absorb others powers. Or he know what part of the brain hold that power and is somehow able to pluck it out and put it in a working piece - much like the watches?

-- Posted by: Connie at November 28, 2006 4:21 PM

Good episode, can't wait til next weeks cliff hanger. Though I don't appreciate the fact that after that both LOST and HEROES will be gone. I think ABC and NBC should have talked that one out and at least given us one or the other. Anyways, is it just me, or does Claire seem to be overly accident prone? I mean, good thing she has her power, but man, she should have died a thousand times. Random football players comming out of nowhere and flipping her head around, a scuffle just so happens to throw a branch in to her head. Her hand flying to glass. I know they are trying to prove a point that she's indestructible, but please.

-- Posted by: callaway76 at November 28, 2006 9:00 PM

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