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Heroes: Chapter Seven - "Nothing to Lose"

Check out the NBC Auction for Greg Grunberg’s charity, The Pediatric Epilepsy Project. Items up for bid are a Heroes comic book and drawings of their characters from the actors on the show. The money goes to a great cause, so bid early, bid often! (Sorry, my eBay persona got in there.) Grunberg’s eldest son, Jake, was diagnosed with epilepsy a few years back so this is obviously a personal and important charity to him.

This ep started off with Peter talking to his old patient, Charles Deveraux (Simone’s dad and played by Richard Roundtree), as he is reading a newspaper (which has a headline about an upcoming solar eclipse). He tells Charles he can fly and does he want to see? As he jumps out of the window and flies through downtown New York, there is a buzz at the door. This wakes Peter up from his dream, as he quit his job as Charles’ caretaker recently. He opens the door to see an upset Simone who tells Peter that her father just passed away just as he tells her he just dreamt about her dad. She tells him that right before he died, her dad spoke of flying all over the world – with Peter – and Peter told him everything was going to be okay, that he was going to “save the world.” Peter tells her he never had that conversation with her dad as he brushes back that lock of hair of his for the hundredth time. Claire tells Peter that Linderman bought the missing painting.

Peter calls Nathan who is in the midst of choosing a campaign postcard (I hate those useless things) with his mom and his wife, Heidi (played by Rena Sofer). Dennison, a reporter, wants to observe/interview the family during their weekly brunch. A brunch they never have. We quickly see that Heidi is wheelchair-bound and the conversations allude to her current state is from an accident Nathan caused.

Zach shows up at Claire’s to tell her he found the tape. He found it in his room where he looked before and somehow it was there yesterday (Hmm, did CD or Eraserhead break into his house?) She puts it in her bag while her mom takes the dog to a dog show or something. Claire’s little brother sees the tape and plays it. Claire tries to stop the tape but her brother has already seen enough. He grabs a staple gun and staples Claire’s hand. She pulls the staple out and he watches in amazement as her body heals itself. He grabs the tape from her and takes off. Claire and Zach chase him as he locks himself in the family car. He calls her a freak and tells her that he’s gonna tell mom and dad. Claire plays on his sympathy by telling him that it would break the “family”. Little bro gives in and gives the tape back, but one wonders what he’ll do with the info in the future. Dude, your sister is invincible – you’re going to be the so popular at school!

We find Niki sprawled out on the floor of her bedroom where we left her. She wakes up and yells for Micah, whom D.L. took with him. This time, she looks in the mirror and asks her alter ego for help. Her friend, Tina, comes by and Niki confesses to her about her alter ego, whose name we find out is JESSICA (you sure it’s not VICKI?)

Officer Parkman likes that he and his wife are getting along and he’s about to confess to her about his newfound powers when he hears her thoughts of despair that he’s found her out – apparently she’s been having an affair. Matt gets to work and Agent Hanson is there with an FBI visitor badge for him. She needs his help on the Sylar case. Next, they’re at the morgue with a nicely burned body of an oncologist with crazy radiation levels. They found a print and match it up with one Theodore Sprague.

D. L. and Micah are driving in the desert when they come up against a fiery accident. D.L. gets out to help the lady in the car. Lo and behold, Ando and Hiro are there too. D.L. can’t get the door open so he sticks his hand through the car door to open it and lifts the injured lady out. Hiro gets that constipated look on his face as he stops time long enough to dilly-dally around and move D.L. and injured lady to safety before the car goes up in a ball of flames. Micah is so proud of his dad – he’s a hero, not the villain he thought he was. Micah asks Hiro how he has an issue of 9th Wonder that isn’t even out yet and Hiro tells him that the issue is about him and shows him some of the pages from the issue.

Peter shows up at Nathan’s where he is hosting the “weekly family brunch” for the reporter (Stephen Spinella) who is leery of everything the family has to say. Peter threatens to spill everything if Nathan doesn’t help him get that painting, but when he goes out to the breakfast table, he plays nice and plays up the great family bond they don’t have. He tells Dennison that Nathan keeps him “grounded.” Nathan looks at his brother warningly, itching to brush that lock of hair away from his eyes... When Dennison asks Nathan about the blonde and a possible disappearance while he was in Vegas – Peter covers for him and confesses that Nathan took Peter to a clinic in Vegas and the doctor was female and blonde. When Heidi questions her husband later, he tells her Peter’s story was all true.

Niki is frustrated at her current situation as she throws something at her mirror. Just as Tina comes in to check in on her, Jessica arrives. Jessica’s demeanor scares the crap out of Tina as she takes off. Note the funky DNA tat on her shoulder.

Parkman and Hanson show up at Sprague’s house but it’s burnt in various places – the doorknob, the keyboard, pictures – they enter the bedroom and it’s charred, radiation levels through the roof. Janice keeps calling Matt, but he won’t answer the calls. Matt doesn’t think Sprague is Sylar. He shows Agent Hanson recent prescriptions for Sprague’s wife and the doctor is the oncologist they found burned up. They go to the hospital and Sprague is there by his wife’s bedside. As soon as they show up, Sprague grabs the nurse and is holding her hostage but Matt hears his wife’s thoughts and tells Sprague to stop. He calls her his “Teddybear” which triggers Sprague to let go of the nurse, who now has radiation burns on her arms where Sprague held her – another mutant/hero?

Nathan gets the painting from Linderman but lies to Peter about it, telling him he couldn’t get it. While Nathan is brushing that damn lock of hair back (Out, out damn lock!) He also confesses to Peter that he flew when he was in Vegas, but Peter thinks he’s lying.

Agent Hanson is at the processing center with Sprague where they are taking his mug shots. Close in on Sprague’s back where we see two little hash marks on his shoulder. We then see the same two marks on Parkman’s shoulder. His ex-partner comes in and is chatting with him. Seems Hanson has gotten Parkman another try at the detective’s exam. He’s getting an oral exam instead of a written one (he has dyslexia and that is his excuse for failing all the time.) Parkman hears his buddy talking about having sex with Parkman’s wife. Parkman, incensed, punches his buddy out with no provocation (that anyone else can see or hear).

It’s later that night and Micah goes to the motel payphone which has an “out of order” sign on it. We learn of Micah’s powers (BTW, I love that name – Micah) – he seems to have power over technology – a technopath like Gwen Grayson in Sky High. He places his hand on the phone and it magically fixes itself. He calls his mom, but Jessica answers – after she puts the gun she’s packing down. Micah knows this isn’t his mom and asks to speak to her, but Jessica tells him that she’s not available right now. She tells him to give her the address where he’s at and she’ll come get him. D.L. shows up and asks Micah what he’s doing (he sees the “out of order” sign) and Micah’s smart enough to tell his dad that he was just “goofing around.”


Ok, I’m taking bids now – how many eps will it take for Officer Parkman and Agent Hanson to get their groove on? It’s clear that his relationship with his wife is unstable and Hanson has a little thing for him since she helped him get an oral retake on the detective’s exam. Plus, they don’t really have any secrets between them as she knows about Matt’s abilities and he’s free to talk about with her which will strengthen their bond.

If Claire’s brother is smart, he’s socking this little newfound tidbit of info away for blackmailing use later on.

I didn’t realize this until this episode, but I guess that funky DNA tattoo on Niki/Vicki/Jessica’s shoulder only shows up when she’s in Jessica mode. And what of the hash marks on Sprague and Parkman? Is it from his visit with CD (aka HRG – Horned Rimmed Glasses)?

Can we get Peter a barbershop appointment or find him a mutated human who cuts hair while flying? Where’s Edward Scissorhands when you need him? I say give that actor a buzz cut.

Not much to comment on this episode. The ep is really a foundation to move the stories along.

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on November 7, 2006 3:28 PM
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hey connie,

i agree with Matt and Matt. Now that he has found out that his wife is cheating on how (and with who) we'll se him grooving with Agent Hanson sooner or later.

Didnt realize about the tatoos either. But this is a good point. Maybe the hash marks on Sprague and Parkman are not hash marks, but tatoos too, just standing for an other kind of ability.

-- Posted by: Sven at November 8, 2006 3:22 AM

Hi Connie,

Finally managed to catch up on your comments! Great blog, by the way!

Do you think that perhaps Sprogue is the one that could be responsible for blowing up New York, in the future?

And the DNA mark could appear as they are using more and more their power? When they are ready to save the world, then it appears completely? Unless it forms a puzzle?

My .02...

-- Posted by: Cesco at November 13, 2006 12:49 PM

Hey Cesco:

Good points. I hadn't even thought far enough into the future about Sprague and the meltdown of New York. It's very possible. The character seeems very unstable (like radioactive isotopes?) so this is very likely he's the catalyst for the explosion.

I'm interested to know more about the mark. I wonder if Claire the Cheerleader has one too? Have we seen?

-- Posted by: Connie at November 13, 2006 1:01 PM

About Claire's mark:
Since she's wearing her cheer-leader outfit all the time, I doubt we'll ever see if she has a mark or not... ;-)
Unless her brother sets her on fire or something!

-- Posted by: Cesco at November 13, 2006 1:13 PM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 29, 2010 7:55 PM

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