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Heroes: Chapter Nine - "Homecoming"


Did you miss the ep? See it here.

Ep opens up at Claire’s high school, where her and Zach are about to eat lunch. Of course, she’s wearing her cheerleading outfit. She’s been ousted from the group since she rammed the car with the star quarterback in it. Jackie’s taunting her, but when they both go up to see the results of the Homecoming Queen election, Jackie’s P.O’d it’s not her. Turns out Claire is voted Queen as Zach was secretly campaigning for her with the “not in” crowd.

Nathan and Simone are looking at the painting Nathan secretly purchased from Linderman (and didn’t tell Peter about). They discuss the painting and then Nathan blasphemously tosses black paint on it, covering the subject of the prophetic panel and even more oddly – doesn’t get a speck of paint on him. Fortunately, Simone has a digital printout of the artwork and later calls Peter over to show him. Panel is of a man, dead, lying in front of the Union Wells High School.

Jessica is out buying illegal weaponry from some jerk out in the desert. She’s looking for a sniper rifle, because she wants to get revenge on D.L. for taking her son. We see Niki in the mirror, but it’s Jessica in the driver’s seat right now.

D. L. and Micah are on the road. Micah runs away from D. L. to try to get back to his mom, but D. L. catches up to him and he’s mad, but more in a ‘afraid for his son’s safety’ kind of way. Micah confesses to his dad that mom’s not the same person – literally – that she used to be. He even knows Jessica by name. D.L. is actually concerned so they head back to Vegas but before D. L. can get in the car, a shot is fired.

Mohinder is telling his dad’s associate about his dreams, specifically the one with the little boy, which the associate scoffs off as just that, dreams.

Peter calls Hiro’s cell phone, but Ando answers. Peter tells Ando that they need to go to Union Wells High School in Odessa, Texas. Ando tells him they’re already in Texas. Apparently, Midland is the next city over to Odessa.

If not for lazy waitressing, Ando would not have seen the pic of Hiro and Charlie. He gets up to get more sugar from another table when he spots it. Grabbing the pic, he asks the server if she’s seen him. Sure she has, that’s Hiro but he took off a couple of weeks ago.

Eden and Mr. Bennet/Creepy Dad/Horned Rimmed Glasses (that would be MB/CD/HRG) have a chat. He wants her to find Sylar and bring him in. He shows her some graphic photos of Sylar’s victims. Clearly, Eden has some powers we don’t know about. Dad’s gotta find a way to keep Claire home.

Claire’s up in her room, when Zach comes to rescue her. They sneak out for homecoming. Mom sees them and lets them go. CD finds out and has a fit. “You don’t know what you’ve done,” he tells his wife, cryptically. He grabs his keys and heads for the door.

Zach gives Claire Chandra Suresh’s book. Jackie comes over to taunt her again, but Claire’s had enough and just lays one in her face. You go girl! But her stunt gets her grounded and she’s mad at him for it. “You’ll survive,” CD says prophetically.

Mohinder’s walking around the “hood” of India looking for the little boy from his dreams. He finds him and apparently this kid only owns one shirt. When Mohinder asks why he came to him in a dream, the little boy tells him that he doesn’t go to anyone, they come to him and they’re looking for answers. The kid tells him he already has the answers he seeks.

Peter and Ando meet up as Ando tells him about Hiro and Charlie. Peter is heading to the school while Ando waits just in case Hiro shows up. Peter throws on his khaki trench over his blue dress shirt (which happens to be the same outfit the dead body is wearing in the painting)

Mohinder is in his dad’s office when the associate comes up and tries to discourage him from following his dad’s path. The boy is in the doorway. He sees him and follows him. Chandra and the associate are arguing. Chandra is looking for the boy, the associate is trying to get him to stop this madness. He then see himself with his dad. He’s excited about his dad’s book, but his dad discourages him from pursuing the same goal. “You have your answer,” the little boy says. Mohinder wakes up and realizes he needs to continue on with his father’s research. He clicks on the “No” on the computer screen’s “Do You Want to Quit?” window and a password screen pops up. Hmm, could the password be “Shanti,” Mohinder’s long dead sister. Yes, it is. He types it in and up pops up a list of names of potential people who have “evolved.” D.L. Niki, and Isaac’s names are there.

Peter’s at the school. Through the clippings and what not, he thinks Jackie is the cheerleader he’s supposed to save. Claire runs into Peter, thereby allowing Peter to unknowingly absorb some of her powers.

Peter walks outside and sees the banner and the clock, same as the picture. He’s got 12 minutes before he bites it.

Next, we see Sylar looking at the same display case as Peter had. He’s come to the same conclusion as well, Jackie is the hero that he’s looking for. Claire and Jackie have words but as they are about to leave the locker room, the lights go out. We see Sylar’s shadow run by. Dad is at the amphitheatre looking for Claire. Claire senses something is wrong and he tries to pull Jackie away, but Sylar is there and grabs her. Claire jumps on Sylar to try to stop him but he tosses her like yesterday’s news. Jackie screams. Dad thinks it’s Claire and starts running. Peter hears the screams too and starts running toward it. In a graphic moment, we see Sylar use his finger like a laser pointer as he slices open Jackie’s skull. Claire rights herself and Sylar realizes he got the wrong one and starts chases her. She runs into the hallway and into Peter. They both turn to see Sylar. He sends her off thinks he can fight this guy. No can do. Sylar uses his mind to pull the locker doors off their hinges and flings them at Peter. He takes off running after Claire.

Dad comes into the locker room thinking the dead cheerleader is Claire. When he realizes it’s not, he leaves to find his daughter.

Claire runs up the steps, just like the painting, but Peter is not far behind. He sends her off to get help. She takes off and when Peter turns around he finds Sylar right in front of him. They tussle and fall off the top of the steps, right in front of the clock which clicks to 8:12! This is where my “DAAAAMMMMNNNN!” comes in.

Peter wakes up to find Claire next to him. He unravels his broken body to Claire’s amazement. Is this her long lost brother she didn’t know she had? He sends her off to get the cops and he asks, “Are you the one? In saving you, did I save the world?” She answers truthfully, “I don’t know.” and proceeds to run off into the night where Sylar might be hiding in the bushes! Come on!

CD sees Claire and calls out to her. She runs to her daddy and he’s glad she’s alive. They have a moment and Claire tells her dad she has something to tell him.

Meanwhile, Sylar is making his way through the woods right into Eden’s arms. “You don’t want to hurt me,” she tells him. He’s about to slice her open, but hesitates. “You’re getting sleepy,” she says and sleep he does, but with the help of The Haitian. Turns out Eden has the power of persuasion. She’s the next Tony Robbins!

Last scene is of Hiro and Charlie, six months prior, when the picture was taken.


It’s obvious that Hiro is the one that gave Charlie the Japanese phrasebook and perhaps when Hiro left, that is when she picked up the book to learn phrases... in some weird space time continuum way. Did Hiro leave because he had to start the journey that brought him to the U.S.?

How long does Peter’s powers last when he absorbs them? Just as long as they are there next to him or for awhile longer? Is he going to take on Sylar’s homicidal tendencies since he was next to him?

If Peter had put on a different shirt and jacket, would events have remained the same?

Why is Sylar killing off all these “evolved” people?

Is MB/CD/HRG a good guy or a bad guy?

Is Claire going to channel Carrie at the prom for her Homecoming or will CD allow her to get cleaned up and take her rightful place as Homecoming Queen?

I thought Jackie's murder was pretty graphic and I don't recall seeing a disclaimer before the show...

Your thoughts?

-- K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on November 21, 2006 1:35 PM
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Nice recap... I for one was majorly annoyed that Ando never asked the restaurant about Charlie. I'm 99.9% sure that Hiro went back and changed history. From the little shrine, it's clear that something still happened to Charlie, but I don't think a diner in podunkville would stay open, serve coffee, and have everybody acting like nothing happened when one of their waitresses just had her head sliced open in the kitchen. Call it a health hazard.

Peter's situation was a bit predictable. You had to know that he was going to absorb Claire's powers, and that was going to protect him from Sylar. I was hoping for some sort of sequence during the fight where Peter starts using Sylar's telekinetic powers against him, but oh well...

Peter's got some 'splaining to do with the cops finding him covered in blood, and a dead Jackie in the next room. Hopefully they'll do some tests and realize that it's HIS blood, not Jackie's. Then they'll just be very confused.

I think we'll find out that Sylar has been taking a piece of his victims' brains, probably because he thinks it will replenish his powers. He's very efficient at slicing people's heads open... I wonder if it would have worked on the real Claire. Wow she looked bad after she hit that wall.

As for CD, I think he's a less benevolent version of Mohinder, with the same goal of finding the "evolved" and figuring out what they're about.

I'm happier with this show than I am with some others... At least you can put some of the pieces together in this one.

-- Posted by: Mike at November 21, 2006 2:03 PM

Mike, I'm sure once Claire realizes Peter got arrested for Jackie's death she'll come forward as she was an eyewitness to the crime. That or she'll have dad save the day or CD will grab Peter on his own w/ the help of The Haitian and Eden.

I hadn't thought about the shrine to to Charlie, but you're right. Maybe she died travelling the world like she wanted? I had thought it had rolled into the next day at this point. Good catch.

-- Posted by: Connie at November 21, 2006 2:10 PM

I also thought that Jackie's murder was pretty graphic, but great television nonetheless. When Claire stood up and her face healed itself with Sylar's eye looking on, that was a magical television moment.

-- Posted by: ST at November 22, 2006 4:43 PM

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