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Heroes: Chapter Eight - "Seven Minutes to Midnight"

Seven Minutes to Midnight

This week’s ep starts with Mohinder, back in India, spreading his father’s ashes during a funeral ceremony by the ocean. The Indian ocean which looks suspiciously like the Malibu coastline with some added CGI effects.

Mohinder is visibly upset as his mother tries to comfort him.

Isaac and Eden look to be in a detox facility where Isaac is being cared for by Eden. She tells him the drugs were just a facilitator and that they’ll help him through all this. When he says that she seems pretty sure she comments that she’s been through it herself. Does she mean the drug detox or the hidden powers? Eden walks through a room full of Isaac’s paintings. In it, is one painting of a waitress in a diner.

Is it a coincidence that Ando and Hiro are in a diner in Midland, Texas then? Charlie’s the waitress in question and it seems like she has the power to memorize things very quickly and efficiently. Kind of like a photographic memory on full blast. Ando’s complaining about how he now knows why Americans are fat – it’s all the waffles and fries. Sitting at another table in the diner is Sylar. He’s shadowed by a cap and the sunlight, but he is able to beckon his coffee mug to his hands without reaching for it.

Mohinder is talking to his friend about returning to work at the university. An old flame, Mira, comes to pay her respects. Turns out she is a genetic researcher who just got a promotion at her company. She wants Mohinder to join her team, but she also wants a guarantee that he’ll leave his father’s works behind. Mohinder has moved into his dad’s office at the university. The computer screen (how long ago did this guy leave and the computer is still on?) displays that horizontal Matrix-type pattern scrolling across it. He tries one of the desk drawers, but it is locked.

Agent Hanson and Parkman are about to question Theodore “Teddy” Sprague (Radioactive guy). They have one hour before the Feds take this guy and make him disappear in a parade of interrogation rooms and science labs. Turns out Teddy gave his wife radiation poisoning. He’s not sure how he became radioactive. Turns out when he’s mad or emotional his radioactive levels go nuclear. Matt tries to relate to him on that “we’re both weird” level. Teddy thinks about how he blacked out, etc. Matt reads his mind and totally can relate – he was just there. Teddy shows him the two hash marks on his neck. Shivers run down my spine. Hanson asks Matt what’s wrong, Matt pulls the collar of shirt down to show Hanson the same hash marks on his neck. The two men stare at each other. I read their minds... “Oh *#$&!” they both say.

Hiro and Charlie are chatting in Japanese. Hiro wants to spill his secret, but something holds him back and he doesn’t tell her what his powers are. Charlie tells him she thinks he’s sweet and cute. Hiro is really liking America now.

Mohinder is staring at the screen in dad’s office “Are you sure you want to quit?” the screen says. He falls asleep and dreams of his dad. This dream is an argument he had with his dad about leaving for New York for his research. They disagreed on his dad’s path. The dream morphs to Mom and Dad talking. Dad is wondering if he should go. Mom actually convinces him that he should go. A soccer ball bumps up against Mohinder. He picks it up and walks into the corridor where he sees a young boy. When Mohinder asks him what he wants, the boy points to Mohinder. Mohinder, thinking he wants the ball, tosses it back to him and the boy takes off.

Teddy is telling Hanson and Parkman about when he became radioactive. How he made this big sale and he was in a bar celebrating. There was a Haitian there in the bar. He blacked out and when he came to it was two days later and he was in another state with cuts and bruises all over his arms. Parkman tells him the same thing happened to him. And after that he started hearing everyone’s thoughts. The Feds come in and take Teddy. “Find the Haitian,” Teddy tells Matt. Matt argues with Hanson to get Teddy back, but it’s out of Audrey’s hands at this point.

HRG/CD shows up at the paper plant he works at. He uses a keycard to get into a secret area (didn’t know paper plants have top secret sections) and we see that is the detox facility Isaac and Eden are at. CD chats with Isaac. He wants Isaac to paint the next panel.

Back at the diner, Charlie is in the back opening gigundo cans of ketchup or sauce or something, all by her lonesome. You hear what you think is that final switch of the can opener, but then you see blood dripping down her face just as she falls to the ground. Her co-worker comes in and sees her and screams. The cop runs in and sees her and turns to his partner and tells him, “It’s Charlie. She’s dead.” Good observation, copper. Hiro comes out of the men’s room and sees the commotion.

Mohinder and Mom have a chat. Mom tells Mohinder that he had a sister that died when she was five. How his sister thought she was special.

CD tells Isaac that the cheerleader is his daughter. He points out the picture Peter painted and tells him about Sylar and that he’s going to kill Claire at her homecoming tomorrow. He needs Isaac to paint the next panel so he can find Sylar and stop him. Isaac tells him that he can’t do it without the drugs. He’s tried, but can’t do it. CD pulls out a pack with heroin, needles, and a tourniquet. He’ll help Isaac detox later, but now he needs him to paint that painting. Isaac pushes it away. CD tells Isaac his sob story about how he and his wife couldn’t conceive at the time and how he was monitoring this family with powers and they died, leaving a little baby girl – Claire. He loves his daughter and doesn’t want to see her die. Isaac agrees to try painting again, without the drugs first.

Mohinder walks into dad’s office and the little boy is there. When Mohinder asks him what he’s doing, the little boy takes off. Mohinder chases him and ends up in the alley. The alley where his dad was murdered. He witnesses the murder in his dream. He turns away and the taxi is no longer there. But the little boy is. He holds out his hand and in it is a key. Then Mohinder wakes up. It was another dream, but he pulls out his journal that Eden found in the laptop and opens it. In it is the key that the little boy was showing him.

Claire comes to visit her dad. She needs banner paper for a homecoming sign. Eden comes out and is surprised to see Claire. “Mr. Bennet, we have a situation.” CD sends Claire to the sample room to get some paper. Eden tells CD that it isn’t working, he can’t paint. CD pulls out the needle and dispenses heroin into it. He tells Eden she has to do it. She doesn’t want to. He told her when they started this that she wouldn’t have to do it again. He sends her in anyway. She whispers into Isaacs ear (I wonder what she says or is that her power?) and Isaac shoots up. A few minutes later, he starts painting.

Hiro tells Ando he can go back in time to save Charlie. Ando warns him that his teleporting skills are not that great but Hiro says he must try. Why does he have these powers if he isn’t supposed to use them for good? Ando says, “What about the cheerleader?” Hiro tells him to count to five and that he’ll be back. He gets that constipated look on his face before he disappears. Ando counts to five but Hiro is nowhere to be found.

Matt comes home to his wife who confesses to him about the affair with the Tom, the guy Matt punched out last episode. He asks her if the affair is over, she says yes but then asks Matt, “Are we over?” He’s not sure. His phone rings and it’s Hanson. She tells him Teddy is gone and there is a car exploding in the background. Guess that radioactive ability comes in handy, don’t it, Teddy? "Come meet me at my place, Lover," Hanson tells him (not really). Parkman hangs up, grabs his keys and leaves his wife behind.

Mohinder uses the key to open the locked drawer in dad’s office. He finds a file in there with a picture of the boy and the soccer ball.

CD is watching his daughter color the banner for homecoming. Do they both realize that the marker she’s using is going to seep through the paper and mark up the light colored carpet beneath?

We are left with Ando walking around the diner, wondering where Hiro is. Where did he teleport himself to now?


Didn’t Parkman start hearing thoughts before he went to the bar?

It looks like Teddy might be the catalyst for the New York meltdown, but someone brought up this tidbit: Our heroes need to save the cheerleader because she is the only one that can withstand all the radiation and not die from it.

Someone said the Indian boy was Mohinder’s sister, but I don’t think so. I think this is a different character all together.

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on November 14, 2006 2:08 PM
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What was the name on the file. I deleted it accidentaly. It almost looked like Silar

-- Posted by: Dimitri at November 14, 2006 2:45 PM

Yeah, Parkman was hearing thoughts before the bar. He used his ability to find the little girl before he went to the bar.

I'm not sure I see Teddy as being the catalyst for the meltdown. I've just considered him as a bit character at this point, though....more like one of the many LOST survivors who just carry wood and fish in the background. Although, he is getting a far amount of screen time.

Again, I'd like an answer to the "how many super-humans are out there?" question. Ten? One hundred? One million?

-- Posted by: Bryan at November 14, 2006 2:56 PM

@Dimitri - File folder said, "Iyer SANJOG".

Though I'm wondering if that pic of Hiro and Charlie - was it taken in the past or the future?

-- Posted by: Connie at November 14, 2006 3:03 PM

Also, are we convinced now that HRG guy is a "good guy"? Was his speech to Isaac the writers way of answering that question for the viewers or was it just a decoy?

-- Posted by: bry422 at November 14, 2006 3:05 PM

@bry - I'm totally NOT convinced HRG is a good guy. Did you see his face after he talked to Isaac - it looked like he was totally putting on the desperate father act for Isaac.

I'm sure he does care for Claire and doesn't want to see her hurt, but I think he also has a hidden agenda. Whether that agenda is evil or not remains to be seen.

-- Posted by: Connie at November 14, 2006 3:10 PM

I believe the photo on the bulletin board in the diner originally just had Charlie and the birthday cake, but at the end of the episode Hiro had appeared in it. Am I confused or did I really see this?

-- Posted by: Lori at November 15, 2006 10:55 AM

Yeah, Parkman could hear voices before he went to the bar, but he could only hear very little.
Afterwards, when he woke up then went to the convenience store he was starting to hear everything. He was almost overwhelmed with all the voices he heard.
So I am thinking that when the Haitian "cleaned him" it opened up his powers a little more.

-- Posted by: Zeppo at November 15, 2006 1:08 PM

@Lori - you're right. I just rewatched part of it online to see if they showed the pic and they did. Ando didn't see the pic (before or after), but the audience does. So Hiro makes it back, but if he changed time, wouldn't Ando's present be different?

-- Posted by: Connie at November 15, 2006 1:10 PM

That last entry was from me: Zeppo.
Sorry, forgot to put my name on it.


-- Posted by: Anonymous at November 16, 2006 12:39 PM

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