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Heroes: Chapter Two -- Don't Look Back

Missed the ep? See it here.

Okay, this episode continues on with last week's amazing premiere.

Hiro finds himself in New York, ecstatic that he actually bent the space/time continuum and teleported himself halfway across the world. As he is making his way down the streets of New York, a total target for a mugging, he comes to a newsstand where he see a comic book, 9th Wonder and his picture (or a caricature of) on it. "What?!" you say. How can this be? When the owner of the newsstand wants him to pay for the book and not just read it for free, Hiro realizes that he only has Japanese yen on him. He hands the owner some yen and takes off. When he finds a safe haven, he flips through it and sees the past few days chronicled in the panels of the comic - him turning back the clock one second, his best friend calling him "Super Hiro!" He flips to the last page to find the author - Isaac Mendez (our tortured psychic artist) - and his home address. And off Hiro goes in search of the author.

Peter finds himself in the hospital, not really remembering what exactly happened when he took a swan dive off the roof. Nathan tries to defuse the situation telling Peter that he fell into the fire escape and he went up and carried him down. There was no flying involved. After their mom tells Peter that their dad dealt with depression, Peter starts to question his own sanity.

Moving on, we find Niki back at her garage boudoir, dead bodies all around her. She grabs the tape from the video camera and takes off. When her son calls her and tells her he's been trying to reach her for the last four hours, Niki is at a loss - what happened in the four hours she had blacked out? She goes to pick up her son with the intent of running as fast and as far away as possible, but when she goes home to get some of their things she opens the garage (where she woke up earlier) to find it - a garage. No dead bodies, no blood, nothing. Though she finds keys to a nice red convertible across the street. The keys fit in the ignition. Opening the glove compartment to find the registration and sees the car is registered to her. She flips it over to see a Post-It telling her to follow the map in the trunk. When she opens the trunk she finds the dead bodies in the trunk along with a map telling her where to bury them. And off she goes to do her evil alter ego's (I'm calling her Evil Vicki) bidding.

Mohinder comes back to his dad's apartment to find an exterminator spraying his place. But he quickly realizes that this is not the Orkin Man. This exterminator is out to exterminate him. The exterminator starts to leave, but then pulls a gun on Mohinder. When his lovely female neighbor (Nora Zehetner) accidentally comes up on the two, she grabs the gun and the exterminator takes off. Mohinder finds out that his new neighbor knew his dad, who she called Papa Suresh, and she had extensive conversations with him about his research. She finds a portable thumb drive in Papa Suresh's lizard tank. On the drive is info tracking the evolution of human genomes. Basically, info tracing our new heroes.

Claire finds herself in a quandary when the tape chronicling her attempts to kill herself goes missing. When firemen and police come to question the cheerleaders about who saved the man from the burning building, Claire's high school nemesis, Jackie, takes all the glory, claiming she saved the man. Claire finds herself relieved that she didn't have to reveal her powers and disgusting because now Jackie is going to be grand marshal at the town parade. She gets accidentally tackled by a football player, who breaks her neck, but Claire flips her head back into place - no one the wiser.

We finally get to meet Greg Grunberg's character, beat police officer Matt Parkman, who has tried and failed to become a detective multiple times. At the scene of a gruesome murder scene, Matt starts to hear a little girl's voice. He enters the crime scene and starts to track the voice. He pulls open a hideaway space under the stairs where he finds the little girl the detectives thought had been kidnapped by the killer. Matt hears the thoughts of the detectives who doubt his motives and ultimately arrest him as a suspect in the murder.

Niki's out in the desert and she starts to dig and finds another body buried where Evil Vicki sent her. X marks the spot!

Claire's dad tells her that he put in an inquiry regarding who her birth parents are. (Rewind: Claire's adopted and wants to know who her real parents are - do they have powers like hers?) Claire thanks him and goes off to her room. Creepy dad continues to watch a tape - the tape Claire's friend lost - of Claire's death-defying feats.

Nathan later finds Peter on the rooftop, forcing Nathan to confess that he flew up to save him. Nathan confesses, but also tells him that Peter flew, too. Angry at Nathan for trying to appease him, Peter walks toward Nathan, furious that his own brother is trying to play him. Nathan points out that Peter, in his anger, walked over to Nathan floating in mid-air.

Hiro goes into Isaac's apartment and finds a dead body, but before he can do anything, cops storm in and arrest him. The assumption is the dead body is Isaac, but we won’t know until later. Hiro is being questioned, but he speaks very little English so the detective browbeating brings in a Japanese interpreter. When Hiro tells the interpreter to call his friend in Japan, he does so. The friend tells Hiro that he’s been missing five weeks and where has he been? Hiro looks at his watch and sees that it is October 2, but the cops tell him they’re well into November. He tosses that day’s paper on the table with the date of November 8th, Petrelli has won the senate race. A disturbance causes everyone to stand up and look out the window to see – some sort of cataclysmic blast destroying the whole of New York. Hiro squeezes his eyes shut and finds himself back on the Tokyo subway on October 2. He has the foreknowledge of what’s going to happen in five weeks. What’s he going to do with that info? Can he stop the destruction before it begins?


Isaac’s home address on the back cover of the comic book? Like they would publish the author's HOME ADDRESS for all to see? Come on. Seriously. Come on!

Are Niki and Vicki two separate people? They’d have to be for Vicki to clean up the garage, right? Or does Vicki exist in an alternate universe?

I was trying to figure out where I’ve seen Creepy Dad before. And it dawned on me, Creepy Dad is none other than Steven Carrington #2 from the good ol’ days of Dynasty – where big hair and shoulder pads reigned supreme.

I noticed that Mohinder’s neighbor never gave her name (or I missed it). Do you think she’s working for Creepy Dad? Got all the info from Papa Suresh, now let’s work on the son? Hmm....

Stacy Haiduk, the red-headed detective, I only remember from The Embraced. Was waiting for her to sport fangs... Good to see she’s still working. If you've never seen The Embraced, rent the series. Great show about vampires starring Mark Frankel, who should have been the next James Bond had he not died in a motorcycle accident back in the mid 90s.

What did you think?

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 3, 2006 1:43 PM
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Good recap.

Points: Niki/Vicki - the lost time in re: Niki accounts for some of the clean up. She woke up, grabbed the camera, started driving, looked at the recording, that went all staticy at the point of her blackout, and then woke up 4 hours later in a new outfit, in a different place. So, it's concievable that 'Vicki' did all the staging and such in the 'lost' hours and then allowed Niki to wake up and track the clues.

Re: Suresh's friendly neighbor. She seems to know an awful lot, could be innocent, could be nefarious, it did allow the commentary to be told to the audience, so maybe just a useful plot device.

You've glossed over the other mystery of the chop-off-the-head-suck-out-brains of the murder at the kidnapping (one parent killed by a WHOLE lotta forks sticking out of her, and the other frozen with his skull cut off) and then the apparent murder of Issac (same process, seen by Hiro before the cops got him)... so are both in the future? one of the two?

I think there may be 'two' groups of the 'heroes' one a force for good, and another set of mutants that aren't always 'good', and that will sort out in the next five weeks.

-- Posted by: Jon at October 3, 2006 4:08 PM

All great points, Jon. I wasn't sure what was sticking out of the murder victim and I do admit I neglected to put in the part about the Hannibal brain-eating/frozen dad part. Who is this Siler character they are talking about? Somebody else we'll be intro'd to later? Is it Frozone from The Incredibles gone bad? Mr. Freeze from Batman - no, don't tell me it's Ah-nold Schwarzenegger, the governor of my fair state of California - Land of Fruits and Nuts!

I didn't think about that point with Niki - that could have been Vicki in the four hours she had blacked out. Good point.

Definitely there is a separation of good and evil going on here. The question now is - Peter and Nathan - which one is good and which one will be bad?

-- Posted by: Connie at October 3, 2006 4:57 PM

One thing that I missed in this episode:

In the first installment, they made a point on showing how the characters were connected. In this episode, no two characters crossed (well, Hiro and Isaac did...but Isaac was dead already).

I wonder if this was 'Hey, the Six Degrees show will be doing this inter-character thing and we should lay off' or if it was just a little inconsistency in writing.

Finally, does anyone know if there is a scheduled break for Heroes around November 8th? I smell a cliffhanger!

-- Posted by: Fred at October 3, 2006 5:24 PM

Hah, again, I didn't think of that - a cliffhanger on Nov. 8th. Good one. And it's very possible. Are New Yorkers going to be looking out their windows all day that day?

I think the Six Degrees thing will show up more in the upcoming eps. They're still introducing us to all the characters and their backstories.

Plus, Six Degrees hasn't looked that great - I was excited about that show (love Campbell Scott), but the show just hasn't held my interest.

-- Posted by: Connie at October 3, 2006 5:47 PM

Six Degrees- it's slowly sucking me in, and all the characters are very easy to sympathise with. It's kind of boring as the show seems to lack direction, but that should change as the show progresses.

NOW, Heroes... does Isaac really have to die? Is it established that Sylar is a male or a female? Is Claire's dad good or evil? It seems his character is leaning towards being one of the baddies but is still a little ambiguous... When the hell is Itunes going to have episode 2 available?

After reading the online comic on, it seems that the Hiro character is not only the most loveable, but also seems to have the most intriguing story. Will he be able to change the future? What exactly is the scope of his powers?

Trailers for future episodes say that the Heroes powers get stronger and stronger...what does that mean for Niki? Claire? Isaac?

Why is Isaac being pursued by Sylar? How is he a threat? Will Claire be the ultimate key to destroying Sylar, or whoever will be the most formidable bad guy?

After the episode all I have are questions.

It's fishy how Officer Parkman wasn't even asked 20 questions before he was taken into custody.

I'll stop with the questions. Good episode...very compelling...I seriously thought Isaac was a goner! And I'm getting really irritated with his girlfriend. How the hell does she not believe in his clairvoyance?

-- Posted by: Phil at October 3, 2006 8:17 PM

Is it Isaac in the body bag? Could it be Simone, his girlfriend? Or somebody else altogether?

Is Sylar Micah's dad, perhaps (see "Peter's Powers Revealed" newsbyte)? Or one of the existing characters we've already met?

I think Creepy Dad is definitely evil. I don't see how he could be good... Unless he's in the SD-6 frame of mind -thinks he's working for the good guys, but he's not.

Why do you think Sylar's after Isaac? Did I miss something?

-- Posted by: Connie at October 3, 2006 10:46 PM

What body bag are you talking about???

Supposedly, according to E!online's Kristen Veitch Greg Grunberg's character comes face to face with someone who I can only assume would be Sylar

Also the show's producer on the blog on exposes Viki as a "Incredible Hulk or Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde" type of character. I think Niki killed her captors, cleaned up the garage and set up the intructions to dury the bodies. Although that doesn't explain why Niki never has blood on her...but then again, her schitzophrenia is a superpower so that might explain the lack of splatter.

As far as Sylar pursuing Isaac- it looks like Isaac was the last of the heroes Sylar seeked out before the atomic bomb blew up. After comparing pics of the dead body in Isaac's apartment and Isaac himself, I'm 95% sure that the dead body was Isaac.

Sylar being the murderer is only implied, considering that Isaac "died" the same way as the little girl's father in Grunberg's bit, but I'm gonna invest my belief in Sylar being the main villain behind the brain-stealing.

Grunberg's scene also may imply that there is another super villain rolling with Sylar, as I doubt that he has the ability to freeze people AND move objects with his mind. Although Sylar is "Patient Zero," whatever exactly that may entail...or may it have something to do with Peter's power???

-- Posted by: Phil at October 4, 2006 6:28 PM

The body bag that is being wheeled out as Hiro is being interrogated by the detective...

Maybe that chick who arrested Parkman is Sylar? Never said it was a man, did they?

I figured Niki was a Jekyll/Hyde type character, but interesting point about Sylar having a sidekick or accomplice of some sort.

-- Posted by: Connie at October 4, 2006 7:00 PM

It's possible Sylar is a woman. Although the message on Mohinder's father's answering machine was a male. So that can add plausability to a possible ability for Sylar- transmogriphication.

Going back to Claire's dad- it seems like the character is written to make us think he's one of the baddies. But, he is a father (not by blood but a father nonetheless). And his interaction with Mohinder didn't seem very threatening.

I think his dialogue and mannerisms are very ambiguous. It seemed to me that he seemed more concerned than brooding after he talk with Claire.

-- Posted by: Phil at October 4, 2006 11:00 PM

What if Niki's Vicki is really Sylar?

-- Posted by: Connie at October 6, 2006 9:23 PM

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