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Heroes: Chapter Three -- One Giant Leap

I think I have to start every recap with an exclamation mark (!) because that’s my reaction for each ep I’ve seen so far. Or maybe it should be a “What the #?*@&!”

Every week the new ep tops the one before.

Read the current chapter in NBC’s online graphic novel. Oooh, Nathan!

Story opens with Niki still digging in the middle of the night and the segues into Claire and her dad having a bit of a heart-to-heart moment about boys (specifically Brody, the quarterback) until annoying teenage arch-rival Jackie shows up to break up the love fest.

Hiro is back in Japan, five weeks prior to the nuclear blast. He has the current (or future?) issue of 9th Wonder, which he shows his best friend, Ando (James Kyson Lee). Hiro wants Ando to go to New York with him to help save the world. Their whole conversation is recorded in the panels of the comic book. Every time Ando questions it, Hiro shows him the panel that they’re currently on. Too funny!

The alarm on his watch goes off and he tells Ando they’re late to save a girl from being hit by a bus – it’s in the comic book...

Next we see Peter standing on a ledge, ready to jump. Can he fly? He takes a leap and hits dirt about six feet down. Turns out he’s standing on top of the monkey bars in a children’s playground. He dusts himself off and tries again. All while a young kid with a cape sucking a soda bigger than him watches on. Peter jumps again and hits dirt... again.

Peter goes to talk to his brother, Nathan, who totally ignores him. Peter shows him a book called Activating Evolution by none other than Chandra Suresh – who looks the tribal chieftain in the Stargate movie... Oh wait, it is that guy (Erick Avari)!

We move on to Mohinder, who is feeling very anxious since having his home invaded by the exterminator. Chloe (Nora Zehetner) enters the apartment using the extra key she was given.

Um, hello, Papa Suresh doesn’t live there anymore – shouldn’t you KNOCK?

Mohinder’s frustrated at the lack of progress at deciphering his dad’s research and he chucks the laptop across the room. Chloe goes to pick it up and see something hidden in the back of the laptop in its empty slot. It’s a journal of some sort. They find an address for Sylar – 1146 Trenton Place, Apt. 1B in Queens, New York (Totally fictitious, BTW).

I know that computer Mohinder threw was no Gateway (to Hell) or it would have fell into a million pieces.

Matt Parkman (Greg Grunberg) is being interrogated by Ms. Detective (Clea Duvall) but when it seems he is able to read her mind, she invites him to help with the investigation.

Simone and Isaac get into it. He believes his paintings are prophetic, she thinks he’s just hopped up on drugs. Isaac has painted the end of New York City on the floor of his party (way cool visual) and you see paintings of Claire in the midsts. Phone rings and it’s Hiro gibbering in Japanese. Simone leaves Isaac. Isaac hangs up on him.

Why doesn’t Hiro have Ando (who speaks English) talk to Isaac for him?

Hiro and Ando are off to save the schoolgirl from the comic book but when a group of schoolgirls walk by, they’re not sure who it is. Hiro looks more closely at the comic book panel and sees the girl has a red bow in her hair. They search around and Hiro sees her, in the midsts of crossing the street, with a big truck coming down the street. Hiro tells Ando to stop the truck and it’s Ando’s actions that make the truck veer toward the young girl. Hiro squints and stops time and is able to move the girl to safety. This is enough to convince Ando that Hiro isn’t crazy.

Back to Niki/Vicki, who is STILL digging, but she’s almost done. It’s daylight now and we see Niki holding a skull ring. Micah FINALLY wakes up. They go to Micah’s paternal grandmother’s house and Niki and Grandma have at it. She calls her husband, D. L. a murderer which Grandma vehemently denies. Niki wants Grandma to stay away from them and says so with a thinly veiled threat.

Mohinder breaks into Sylar’s place – it's Creepsville Central in there. He finds his dad’s book on the shelf. He comes upon a map with lots of strings and tacks in it, much like his father’s map, but more extensive. Nathan’s picture is on it. Mohinder searches some more and comes upon an small alcove with the words “FORGIVE ME” painted on the wall.

Parkman and Ms. Detective are on their way to talk to the girl Parkman found when they hear the child’s screams. They run down the hall to see someone manhandling the little girl, “It’s Sylar!” Ms. D says. “Freeze!” the detective yells as they chase their suspect. Parkman comes up to the little and see the officer that was guarding her stuck to the wall about six feet up, still in his chair. Ms. D chases after Sylar. Um – how ‘bout firing off a shot or two, Ms. Detective?

Ms. D traps Sylar, but Sylar shows some of his powers by slamming Ms. D up against a wall without physical force and forces her to put her own gun to her head. Clearly, he has some sort of magnet force like Magneto on X-Men. The body they found in the previous ep had utensils stuck in her. Still not sure about the frozen dad and the top of his head cut off. Maybe Sylar has a partner?

Parkman comes to the rescue, shooting Sylar, thus breaking his freakin’ Vulcan mind meld hold on Ms. Detective. Parkman turns to see if Ms. D is okay when behind him rises Sylar like a vampire – creep factor intensified! Parkman turns but there’s no one there. Did Sylar take off flying? I couldn’t tell but was there a roof in that building or where they now outside?

That little girl is going to be in therapy for years! :(

Hiro and Ando are on their flight to America where Hiro shows Ando the comic panel of them on the plane. The woman wedged between them falls asleep on Ando’s shoulder with Ando’s look of dismay and disgust evident in the panel. Hiro reads on and laughs.

Simone has bumped into Peter about to leave her dad’s building. It turns out Peter has just quit his job helping one person at a time to fulfill the destiny of helping many he believes to be true. Simone’s upset that Peter is leaving. IMO, Simone looks way older than Peter. He looks like a kid - maybe 20 or so (Ventimiglia is really closer to 30).

Claire, still in her cheerleading uni, is at the football bonfire. She’s trying to ignore Jackie regaling her false heroic tales when Brody distracts her and kisses her. Ah, young love. Brody and Claire are making out when it goes a little too far. Brody is about to rape her when she kicks Brody and tries to run for it. Brody tackles her and she falls into a stray piece of wood that impales her in the neck. This time she doesn’t recover as she usually does.

We later find Matt at home, his wife pissed that he missed their couples’ counseling session. When he tries to explain, she clearly doesn’t want to hear it. She thinks to herself, “I wish he would just leave.” She’s a little dumbfounded when he answers her unvoiced thoughts and leaves.

Niki and Micah are on their way home when she gets pulled over by a cop. Cop comes up to her and says, “Mr. Linderman wants to see you.” Niki goes with him... Did she just leave her son in the car in the middle of the desert?

We’re at Petrelli’s campaign headquarters for an announcement from Nathan. Peter and Simone (with really big here) are there. Nathan goes on to tell the public that Peter barely survived a suicide attempt. Peter, angry at Nathan’s lies and betrayal, takes off.

Hiro and Ando are at the car rental counter where Hiro is demanding a Nissan Versa (can we say “product placement”?) He shows Ando the comic book where it shows them driving cross country in a blue Nissan Versa. Just so happens, the agency has one Nissan Versa left – how convenient and worth about $250K in ad time. Ando’s watching clips of Niki on his iPod as they get into the car and head for... VEGAS! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, baby!

Now Parkman’s at a bar where he can hear the thoughts of everybody in the room except for one Mystery Man. Dead silence when he tries to hear his thoughts. Shaken, Parkman gets up to leave, but instead passes out.

Did you notice the charm on Mystery Man's necklace? I think it was on Claire's geometry book. Maybe elsewhere in the ep? Is this a symbol for something? Maybe a DNA strand that seperates the Heroes from the common folk?

Mohinder brings the cops back to Sylar’s place, but it’s been emptied out.

Nathan is walking out to his Escalade with his bodyguard when he is coldcocked by Peter – twice. Nathan is all about his political agenda and Peter leaves in a huff. He bumps into Simone and they walk together in the rain under her red umbrella. They stop, look at each other for a brief moment and kiss. We then see Isaac looking through his drawings of Simone where he comes across one of her and another man kissing under a – you guessed it – red umbrella. Isaac looks at his heroin stash lovingly.

We see a dead Claire (still in her cheerleader uni) where someone is removing the branch that did her in. The branch is chucked into a pail as we see life breathe back into Claire’s pale face. She coughs, the camera pulls back and we see Claire is on a morgue slab, her torso cut open in dissection. What the ---?


Love the endings on the show. Always a “Holy Toledo, Batman!” moment.

I was watching some of the cast interviews online and it’s almost odd to hear Masi Oka speak with an American accent (after all, he graduated from Brown University). I wonder if he speaks Japanese with an American accent? I’ve been told I speak Mandarin with an American accent. Oka is in the upcoming comedy Balls of Fury. It’s Dodgeball but with ping pong.

My friend brought up a good point, which goes back to my comment last week that Mohinder’s friendly neighbor, Chloe, might be Sylar. I thought that there was no way that girl could be as sweet and innocent as she seemed. She keeps finding clues that Chandra Suresh left behind – the thumb drive, the journal... Convenient. Too convenient. Maybe Sylar is a shapeshifter?

I love Mohinder’s voice (or the accent American-born Sendhil Ramamurthy gives to his character). Yummy. Mix that voice with Adrian Pasdar's body... Heaven on earth :D

Micah Sanders must sleep the sleep of the dead. You’re telling me he never once woke up when his Mom was digging or when she opened up the trunk to drag the dead bodies out of it? And what of the trunk? Won’t it be stained with blood from the dead bodies?

Are we ever going to see Claire in anything but a cheerleading outfit? And when is Claire going to slap that beyotch Jackie upside the head? Come on, a little covert action should do the trick.

The voice of Sylar on Chandra Suresh’s answering machine. Did it sound like Creepy Dad’s voice to you?

What event (cataclysmic?) caused the evolution of all these people? Something in the water, perhaps?

Claire’s mom – played by Ashley Crow – wow, she’s aged. I actually remember her from the short-lived Parker Stevenson series Probe.

Your thoughts?

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 10, 2006 2:45 PM
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I liked the episode. However, I don't think that Sylar is Claire's dad, nor is he the mysterious person at the bar that Matt was in.

I haven't a clue who Sylar is, but I have been considering whether he has chameleonic properties...that was the only explanation I could think of for a spoiler I read about a week ago on Kristen Veitch's chat.

I'm sure people have figured out that he more than likely assimilates his powers through some sort of brain cell transfusion (although I pray it's not that simple, and I'm disappointed that it seems he acts alone).

What are the list of abilities that he seems to possess so far? He can control a person's physical actions, he can levitate solid objects, he can freeze things solid, he possesses the ability of hyperactive cell regeneration (could he have killed Claire's biological parents at some point?), he can probably fly or jump really high... missing anything?

Why the hell did Claire have the half-helix (which we've seen in Isaac's drawings, on his comic books, in the code on Mohinder's dad's USB drive) drawn on the botton of her text book???

Is Hiro dooming himself by following the actions of the 9th Wonders! coming book frame by frame? It looked to me that by having his friend singal that truck to stop, he himself put the little girl's life in danger.

GLad the rapist football player dies in the next episode!

-- Posted by: Phil at October 10, 2006 7:23 PM

Your Sylar theories play back to my Shapeshifter theory above as well as --SPOILER ALERT-- when we find out what Peter's powers are... (See Peter's Powers Revealed!

So then is Sylar somehow Peter?

I don't know that Sylar can control people's actions, but it seems like he could control metal - thereby killing the mom with utensils without touching her in "Don't Look Back" ep and forcing the gun to Ms. Detective's head.

Claire and the symbol - maybe she saw it on one of her dad's things?

Ando definitely was the catalyst that drove the truck toward the little girl allowing Hiro to save her, but the question here is - had they not been there would there have been some other incident that drove the truck into the little girl, killing her in the other timeline?

-- Posted by: Connie at October 10, 2006 7:46 PM

I doubt Sylar is Peter. Sylar, after seeing his apartment, is an obsessive compulsive...Peter doesn't strike me as so. In fact, none of the characters look like they would be such a neat freak.

Who's to say that Sylar is the guy who tried to abduct the little girls from the FBI building?

Also, why is that little girl being pursue so ardently?

-- Posted by: Phil at October 10, 2006 8:25 PM

But...we missed the important part! What was Niki's website that Ando had on his video iPod?!?


-- Posted by: Fred at October 10, 2006 8:56 PM

I forgot to mention that thought, Phil - that it may not have been Sylar in the FBI building. Maybe Ms. D is in cahoots w/ the real Sylar.

LOL Fred!

-- Posted by: Connie at October 10, 2006 10:10 PM

yeah Fred, I was wondering that myself...haha.

Another thing I just thought about- Sylar seems to be deeply religious (hmm...Silas from the Da Vinci Code, anyone? haha), judging from the confessions written all over the walls in the back room of his apartment. Maybe he's Opus Dei? HA!

-- Posted by: Phil at October 11, 2006 12:24 AM

Chandra Sureshs picture on the back of the book changed between episodes 3 and the "last time on heroes" segment in episode 4. doen't know what that means though

-- Posted by: dave at October 18, 2006 11:56 PM

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