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Heroes: Chapter Six - "Better Halves"

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Show opens up with Isaac and Peter looking over the paintings. Hiro calls. Isaac tells Peter to ignore it, but Peter answers anyway and tells Hiro to “Save the Cheerleader. Save the world.” He also tells Hiro that Hiro’s future self told him to deliver the message to him. That he had a sword and spoke perfect English.

Claire (still in the same clothes she left the hospital in) and Mom are having a bonding moment icing cupcakes. Claire grabs the cupcake tin out of the oven without gloves. Okay, I know she’s pretty much invincible but does she have to flaunt it? Creepy Dad comes in and tells Claire he’s found her biological parents and they want to meet her too.

Micah and Niki are asleep in their home. Niki awakens to find her hubby, D.L. in the house. Leonard Roberts joins the cast as Niki’s husband. D.L. tells her he’s going to find out who framed him, took the $2 million he stole and killed his crew. She tells him she became a different person (no kidding!) when he went underground. Cops start knocking on her door. She wants to tell the cop that D.L.’s there, but she tells him she’s fine instead.

Claire and Zach are chatting on their way home from school. Zach’s crushing on Claire (Man, did you not see My Super Ex-Girlfriend?!) Zach wonders if she should tell her dad about her powers and Claire says her dad is too simple of man, that he wouldn’t be able to wrap his head around it. Little does she know...

Hiro’s excited that he gets to wield a sword in the future. He and Ando are about to head to New York, per Peter’s instructions when they are stopped by the cowboy who they cheated in poker. He just wants to “talk” to them – to learn their tricks. He takes them back to a warehouse where they are going to play poker. Hiro stops time and takes everyone’s cards, gives Ando a straight flush and the others the rest. Hiro trips over something and apologizes in that cute, innocent way of his. Ando bends over to help him out and see a gun pointed right at him from under the table. He shoves Hiro into the bathroom and tells Hiro they need to get out of there. They hear commotion outside and yells. Hiro tries to blink the time still, but several gunshots startle him out of his time jump mode.

D.L. and Niki’s relationship is strained, of course. D.L. wants to know why she isn’t wearing her wedding ring. D.L. looks down at his as he settles down on the couch, but Niki (or is it Vicki) invites him to bed. Cut to next morning when they are in bed together. D.L. tells her that she got up and went somewhere in the middle of the night. She’s surprised she did and bolts up in bed. She looks at the mirror and see Vicki on the other side of D.L.

Eden McCain (who we knew as Zoë) and Mohinder are chatting – he’s telling him his adventures with Peter. Mohinder’s packing his stuff and his dad to go. Eden tells him “I’m not saying goodbye because you’ll be back. See you later.” He chuckles and leans in to kiss her cheek but she turns and takes his lips in hers and they share a hot kiss. He still walks away (fool!) but she says again, “Like I said, see you later.”

D. L. and Micah are at the breakfast table and D. L.’s looking at Micah’s comics – including the 9th Wonder comic. Micah asks dad how he got out of jail and he told him he walked out. When Micah asks how, he tells him he has a secret... like Superman.

Claire and bio-parents and adoptive parents are sitting in the living room trying to make small talk. Do I smell a rat? or rats? Yes, I do. Claire’s trying to fish for answers but doesn’t know how to ask if they have superpowers. Mom is Karri Turner, the same actress that played Harriet Sims on JAG for years.

D. L. convinces Niki to take him to the warehouse so he can find out who set him up. They get there and it’s the warehouse with the cowboy and the poker game. They walk in to a bloody massacre.

Eden calls CD and tells him Mohinder left, but she tried to keep him there. He tells her she should have tried harder. “He’ll be back,” she says. He asks about Peter and she says that he claims he can fly but she doesn’t have confirmation of that. She also tells him that Peter may have had an encounter with a time traveler and that he was told to deliver a message. When CD hears the message, “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” he stops flipping his cracked glasses and pauses. Is the protective dad coming out again or is CD plotting something...

Niki tells D.L. that she thinks she was the one responsible for the murders in the warehouse. He tells her it couldn’t have been her, that she isn’t capable of it. Micah comes in looking for his backpack. Niki leaves to help him find it. She grabs his bag, looks in the mirror to see Vicki. Next thing you know she is sitting on the couch and walks into Micah’s room where he’s packing his backpack. When she asks where he got it, he’s like “You just gave it to me.” She’s blacked out again. She goes to her room and slides down to the floor. She looks to her side and sees Vicki, fully corporeal, sitting a few feet away from her. They talk. Vicki tells Niki that “they” were the ones who stole the money, killed D.L’s crew and framed him. She tells Niki where to find the money and that once she has the cash she needs to take Micah and run far far away or else D.L. will take him from her.

Hiro and Ando are back in the parking lot on their way to the car. Hiro is depressed because he feels he should have saved those people, that’s what heroes do. Ando, always the spin doctor tells him that he can come back from the future and save them later. In a City Slickers moment, Hiro asks, “Like a do-over?” Yeah, like a do-over.

CD is walking bio-parents to the car and we find out that they were actors or business associates of CD and that they fooled Claire into thinking they were her bio-parents. Claire’s mom tells her she’s surprised CD found her bio-parents because they tried to find them when she was a baby because she was sick but could find them anywhere. Claire starts grilling her mom but she doesn’t have any info to give, but she’s still curious. CD comes in and hugs his kid. Ah, a Hallmark moment...

Niki’s up in the attic crawlspace and find a suitcase there with money and guns, just like Vicki said. She tosses it down and climbs down to find D. L. there. He’s found her out. She tries to explain, but he’ll have none of it. He’s taking Micah AND the money. Incensed, Vicki comes out to play and knocks D. L. halfway across the room. She’s distracted by Micah and when she turns around D.L. is gone. She looks around, searching for D.L. when an arm shoots out of the wall and D.L. gets her in a stranglehold. they start fighting, she’s on top of him in bed strangling him when Micah walks in. This gives D.L. the opportunity to shove his fist right into her chest, up her esophagus, and in a chokehold. Both she and Vicki pass out on the floor as D.L. grabs Micah and runs.

Back to Isaac who is looking at a painting of Niki, sprawled out on the floor (?) He starts to rub off a part of the painting to reveal that weird DNA tattoo she has on her shoulder. Someone’s knocking at the door and it’s Eden. Wonder what she wants...


Now, I don’t recall, but when did Zoë say her name was Eden? Unless I’m mistaken, I’m pretty sure she intro’d herself as Zoë in the opening. Did I miss the scene where she said her real name was Eden? Or are they pulling a fast one like the cover or Papa Suresh’s book?

And what did I say? I knew she had ulterior motives – of course she works for Creepy Dad!

I love that Ali Larter can turn on the evil Vicki expressions and she almost looks like a totally different person.

Why will Mohinder come back. What event pulls him back to New York. Is Parkman STILL having sex with his wife? Is that why he wasn’t in the ep?

You may remember D.L. (Leonard Roberts) from Buffy - he was Riley's agent-friend-roomie.

Ep wasn't as eventful as the previous, but the "Oh S&*#!" moments had to stop at some point! Your thoughts?

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 31, 2006 12:28 PM
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Ah, lucky me...first poster.

I was a little (not really) surprised to find out Zoe/Eden works with Creepy Dad. And Claire's bio-parents never struck me as sincere - had them nailed for fakes right off. My feeling why Hiro couldn't stop time at the poker game/slaughter was because it was Vicki on the other side of the bathroom door, and that his powers don/t can't supercede another Hero's powers (BTW - loved the City Slickers "do over" line). And as for DL's secret...I figured he probably had some sort of special just remained to be seen what it might be. Who knows...maybe he and Eraserhead are brothers (and not in any kind of a racial way). And what sort of power(s) Micah might have being the offspring of two Heroes we can only guess...

-- Posted by: ransomjackson at October 31, 2006 1:54 PM

@Ransom - Yes, I think we all had Zoe pegged from the start. I think Hiro was about to stop time but the gunshots broke his concetration and he wasn't able to get back into it in time.

I am curious to see what Micah's abilities are. It looks like the trailer for next week's shows that we get an inkling of what those abilities are.

-- Posted by: Connie at October 31, 2006 2:16 PM

@ransomjackson - I think that Hiro just couldn't concentrate. Evertime bevor he was focused, but know he was nervus. We saw that their powers work on each other when DL and Niki fight.

Why is Creepy Dad taking one hero after another in, but not Clair?

Someone got a (youtube) link for the trailer for next week's ep?

-- Posted by: Sven at October 31, 2006 3:52 PM

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