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Heroes Fodder

Heroes: Chapter Four -- Collision

This is the ep where the characters start to meet and intermingle. Didn’t see it? Catch it online here.

Read the next portion of the online graphic novel here.

Ep opens with Officer Matt lying on a gurney in a “location unknown”. He’s strapped down and has all kinds of wires attached to him. He opens his eyes and sees... AHHHHHH! Creepy Dad! Though I did love it when Creepy Dad said, “I’m not part of any organization that has initials.” when Matt asked if he was with the FBI or CIA. Creepy Dad tells Creepy Cohort (the one whose mind Matt couldn’t read in the bar) to “Go deep. Then clean him out.” Creepy Cohort kisses that weird DNA symbol charm he has and then puts his hands over Matt’s face. Matt screams. Ouch. I assume Matt won’t remember where he’s been and/or will start getting flashes or this “location unknown” in future eps.

Hiro and Ando are in Vegas where Ando is going to teach Hiro how to speak English phonetically. We’ll get to more of that later. Ando wants to gamble and off they go.

Niki and Micah enter into Linderman’s inner sanctum where Linderman’s henchgal wants Niki to do Linderman a favor to erase some of her debt. The favor? Seduce Nathan Petrelli so they have the goods on him for future blackmailing. Niki sends Micah out of the room before the deal is voiced. Micah and Niki exchange and affectionate head-butt and off he goes.

Next, Claire is being autopsied. Her chest cavity is open and the doctor doing the autopsy is saying she was pulled out of a river, naked, etc. etc. Doc pulls out the tree branch stuck in Claire’s neck and leaves to take a phone call. Claire wakes up, fold the two flaps of her chest skin back together, grabs a lab coat (No cheerleading outfit!) and takes off.

Nathan’s off to Vegas to meet Linderman to get some campaign money. As he’s about to enter his car, Mohinder runs up to Nathan wanting to speak to him. He says he’s Dr. Suresh and Nathan’s life is in danger. Nathan, only knowing Chandra Suresh, thinks it’s him. Of course, bodyguards stop him but Mohinder keeps talking. Nathan’s listening, but he’s not listening – you know? Flyboy tells his right-hand man to keep an eye on him and he’s off.

Notice a pattern here?

Now we’re at Peter’s place. Peter is in bed with Simone, watching her sleep. Doorbell rings. It’s Nathan. Nathan tells Peter Suresh came by to visit him. He tries to give Peter money to go away before the election but Peter refuses the money. Simone tells Peter she has to go to Isaac’s to pick up some paintings. And she’s off.

Claire comes down for breakfast and Dad sees her feet are soiled. Has she been out all night? Anything happen? Creepy Dad, being a dad, is concerned that his daughter has been out all night, but he’s got a plane to catch and he’s off.

Mohinder’s at home, mumbling to himself when Zoe enters (without knocking, again) with a package that was delivered while he was gone – or was it? Maybe she had the package all along... Box contains Dad’s ashes. Thinking that he’s chasing a pipe dream and the fact the pipe dream is his father’s – Mohinder decides he should just go home, but knock, knock, knock someone’s at the door. It’s Peter – looking for Papa Suresh. He tells Mohinder that he thinks he’s one of the people Mohinder’s dad wrote about.

Down to their last dollar, Ando is playing roulette. With no money, they can not move forward so Hiro stops time and putts the roulette ball on Ando’s number. They win and Ando wants to gamble more. Hiro tells him he didn’t really win, it was he that stopped time and made him win. Ando wants to use Hiro’s newfound power to good use and drags Hiro off to gamble some more.

Niki is telling her friend, Texas Tina, that she’s been blacking out. Her friend doesn’t think it was her that killed Linderman’s men. Micah wishes his mom would go back to her internet gig since it’s “safer” and just “acting.”

Zoe and Mohinder talk in hushed tones. Zoe eggs Mohinder on to pursue Peter’s theories. “Don’t you want to follow the smoke to see if there’s a fire?” she asks. She leaves Mohinder and Peter to their chat. Off she goes... to report to Creepy Dad, perhaps?

Simone arrives at Isaac’s to pick up a few paintings. He shows her the drawing of her and Peter kissing under the red umbrella. She thinks he followed her. He tells her he drew that seven weeks ago, before he met Peter.

Zach, Claire’s videotaping nerdy friend, is trying to get Claire to tell someone about Brody about the rape and murder. She tells him, “Who would believe me? I don’t have a mark on me.” “Well if you weren’t Miss Miracle-Gro,” he says. Brody sees Claire and is in disbelief, off he goes to the bathroom.

Back in Vegas, Hiro and Ando are playing poker when Hiro stops time and switches the cards. Niki bumps (purposely) into Nathan and makes her move. Nathan, with his smarmy, sexy grin, makes his move right back at her.

Peter and Mohinder are on their way to see Isaac. Meanwhile, Isaac shoots up some heroin and passes out. Peter and Mohinder knock on his door and we see Isaac is painting. Pan around to his face and we see Isaac with filmy eyes, is in a trance – painting the future.

Lori (Lurking Girl at the high school) approaches Claire and asks about Brody. It comes out that Brody has a history of “making out” with the girls and then trying to take advantage of them. Looks like Claire has a lesson to teach Brody.

Next time we see Hiro and Ando, they are coming down the elevator in matching suits a la Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. Some guys drag them off to the back entrance of the hotel (I think it was the Aladdin) and toss them out on their butts. Ando wants to continue gambling, Hiro wants to return to “The Mission.” The guys they cheated in poker show up and are about to open a can of whoopass on Hiro and Ando when Ando tells him Hiro is going to beat the living daylights out of them. Before Hiro can squint and roll back time, one of the guys punches him and knocks him out cold.

Niki and Nathan are in his suite. He makes the moves on her, they kiss, but she pulls away. She can’t do it. She leaves. One of Linderman’s henchmen threatens her and Micah in the elevator. Vicki joins the game and beats the crap out of the guy. She warns him not to mess with “our” son or she’ll put her stiletto heel in his brain. She gets out of the elevator and back to Nathan’s. Vicki, the aggressor now, initiates a kiss with Nathan and pulls him into the bedroom. She does a little striptease for him and it’s all caught on camera. We also see that funky DNA symbol tattooed on her right shoulder.

Mohinder and Peter are back on the subway on the way home. As Mohinder talks, his speech slows down to a full stop. Peter is the only one moving at full speed. Everyone, even the train is at a complete standstill – as if time has stopped.

Isaac wakes up from his heroin induced stupor to find he has painted several drawings – several of Claire and another of Hiro and Ando.

Claire is outside the boys’ locker room, waiting for Brody. She’s all smiles and asks for a ride home – and could she drive. As they are driving, she confronts Brody and Brody, being the date rapist he is, blames Claire for coming on to him, etc. etc. She figures she’s going to shut him up once and for all and speeds the car right into a wall.

Now we’re back in Vegas with Niki/Vicki and Nathan. They have fallen asleep from their night of passion. But someone’s watching them. It’s Creepy Dad! And Creepy Cohort! CD tells CC to take the one (we see it’s Nathan in next week’s previews).

Peter is stuck on the train still, frustrated and not sure what to do. He hears footsteps on the ceiling of the train car. He turns around to see... HIRO! All ninja’d up (with prerequisite ninja sword), no glasses (I guess he got lasik in one of his stop-time gaps), all in black, speaking perfect English sporting a Apolo Anton Ohno soul patch. He tells Peter that they haven’t met – yet – and that he’s from the future and that he looks different without his scar... He tells Peter he has a message for him.


Next week – Nathan flies!

Catch TV Guide next week - Heroes will be on the cover!

When the Creepy Kid voice says, “Save the cheerleader. Save the world.” in the trailer for next week’s ep – cue chills down my spine.

I noticed when I was re-watching the episode online that the actor who played Chandra Suresh (or at least his picture) is not the same actor they showed in the aired ep. In the aired episode, the actor on the back cover of the book was Erick Avari. In the online ep, it’s a whole other actor altogether. In fact, Erick Avari is listed as the actor who plays Chandra Suresh in several episodes.

I love that painting on Isaac’s floor. Way cool.

Loved the episode’s title sequence where they show the title, slightly askew, then they slice through it as they are slicing open Claire’s body in autopsy.

I’m sorry, but they need to put Claire in some other clothes – as far as I can remember, cheerleaders only wear their uniforms on game day – not EVERYDAY!

Micah/Niki/Vicki headbutt – do you think Micah is transferring some of his powers to his Mom or something of the sort?

You think Nathan knew he just had a threesome with Niki/Vicki? has the character name Nora Zehetner who plays “Zoe” on the show listed as “Eden Mackenzie” – hmm... So clearly, we are going to find out she is not who she claims to be in a future ep.

Your thoughts?

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 17, 2006 2:16 PM
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BEST EPISODE EVER! I can't wait until future Hiro becomes present Hiro with his soul patch and katana and all that. Thanks again to NBC for orderign a full season of Heroes!

-- Posted by: Phil at October 17, 2006 8:53 PM

My wife and I chuckle every time we see Claire at school. Not only does she seem to wear the uniform everyday, but isn't she the only cheerleader in uniform everyday? You'd think that during cheer practice the coach might let her know that it's ok not to wear the outfit everyday. Think of the wear and tear she's putting on the Bennett washing machine every night!

Only complaint I have is that I think the show is going too fast. When it first begin, I was happy that the show wasn't going to "waste" two years getting to the good parts (characters crossing paths, things like that), but now I wish it would slow down. We're already starting to see Heroes abducted, Heroes crossing paths, Heroes reporting from the future..

-- Posted by: Bryan at October 19, 2006 4:31 PM


I think you have a great point there - but I kinda like the fast pacing of the show.

How many cheerleading outfits does Claire have anyway? She ripped/burned one saving that guy in the fire. Ruined one when she was w/ Brody the night of the bonfire. No doubt, tore one when she drove her and Brody into the wall. Those things are expensive, too!

-- Posted by: Connie at October 19, 2006 6:46 PM


I thought I would like the fast pacing. When the show first started, I was like, "cool, your not going to drag your feet for two years like LOST", but after watching four episodes, I wish they were. lol

I just don't want the show to get to a point by episode 10 where sides, good/evil, have been determined, and the rest of the series is basically the good guys foiling the bad guys sinister plots each week.

Can't wait for Monday!

-- Posted by: Bryan at October 20, 2006 9:10 AM


From what I read of the interview in next week's TV Guide is that the time will be like "Lost" time. It may take them the whole season to get to November 8, the day of the explosion so I imagine it'll slow down some.

They need to spend more time on Officer Parkman. We hardly see anything on him in the eps.

-- Posted by: Connie at October 20, 2006 10:37 AM


That is good news.

I agree. I'd like to see more Parkman, too.

-- Posted by: Bryan at October 20, 2006 10:55 AM

so informative, thanks to tell us.

-- Posted by: DedoVioheds at September 25, 2010 11:41 PM

Wonderful post. I learned many interesting things. Thank you)

-- Posted by: Rebecca at February 1, 2013 8:11 AM

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