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Heroes: Chapter Five - "Hiros"

I think I should begin and end every recap with “Holy Cow! What the ?*&$#! How I love this show! It just gets better and better with every episode!"

Title of the ep makes me hungry for Subway...

This week’s ep opens up with Peter and Hiro in the time-stopped train. Future Hiro (sporting a ponytail) tells Peter to go back to Isaac, that he’ll know the future. “Save the cheerleader, save the world,” he tells Peter and then takes off, returning time to normal. No one but Peter is the wiser. Mohinder, skeptical of Peter’s encounter blows it off.

Claire’s been taken to the hospital, along with Brody – both survived the car wreck and Brody is p.o’d! Claire’s mom arrives and immediately pulls out her cell phone to call her hubby, Creepy Dad.

CD and Creepy Cohort have taken Nathan Petrelli to an undisclosed location (they seem to have one of these everywhere they go.) Nathan, clad only in pajama pants (total eye candy for the ladies), struggles against the two of them. When CD’s phone rings, Nathan take the opportunity and quickly gets away from them and runs out into an open area, but is blocked by a fence. Guess what? No where to go but up, baby! Nathan shoots off into the sky and then across, breaking the speed of sound. Oh, Chuck Yeager, be proud of ye...

Back in Vegas, Petrelli’s right-hand man wakes up Niki, who doesn’t remember how she got into Nathan’s bed or the events that transpired after she left his suite the night before. Linderman’s assistant absolves Niki of her debt to Linderman after she shows Niki a DVD of her and Nathan getting their groove on.

Officer Parkman’s wife is frantic, wondering where her hubby is. He enters and immediately she’s pissed at him because he’s been gone for an entire day. He doesn’t remember where he was (due to Creepy Cohort’s magical cleansing powers). Parkman, now able to read his wife’s thoughts, is surprised that she still cares about him. Now it’s time to get his groove on...

Hiro and Ando are thrown out of the van in the middle of the desert (or so you think – there’s a car diner a few yards away). Ando’s frustrated by their events – why are they even there? Hiro ignores him and wants waffles. Ando decides he’s leaving Hiro, dammit, and is going to find his internet stripper/love of this life – Niki. Ando leaves Hiro to his waffles.

Hiro is staring out the window when he see a shot of white through the sky and then amazingly, Nathan landing in the dirt in front of the dining car, using his Flintstone feet to stop his descent. With a nice hotfoot going, Nathan hops into the diner getting admiring glances from all the ladies – and Hiro. He purchases a shirt from the diner – coincidentally called, “Fly By Night” while he calls his men to come pick him up. Hiro approaches Nathan and comments on his flying. Nathan claims he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Hiro tells him he can bend space and time, that they are both "special."

Nathan’s ride arrives and he’s about to leave, but he turns back to Hiro and asks him if he knows if he won the election. Hiro thinks back and remembers that Nathan was on the front page of the paper before New York blew up and tells him that he won by a landslide. This puts a sexy grin on Nathan’s face as he’s about to leave. Hiro asks Nathan for a lighter... no, he’s asks him for a “rider” – a ride back to New York. Nathan, who wouldn’t give the time of day to Mohinder, decides, “What the hell?!” and agrees to take Nathan back to Vegas.

Parkman’s setting up a romantic day for his wife. He says all the things she’s thinking and she can’t believe it.

Claire – she’s not in her cheerleading uni! – is in the hospital when CD arrives to check up on her. She tells him the truth about what happened between her and Brody and the “Dad” in “Creepy Dad” comes out of him. You can tell he wants to beat the crap of this guy that hurt his little girl and boy is he...

Back in Vegas, Hiro is sporting a “Vote for Petrelli” button (despite the fact that he isn’t a U.S. citizen and can’t vote). Hiro goes back to this car rental to continue on his voyage, but realizes he doesn’t know how to drive an American car. What’s he going to do now without Ando?

Nathan bumps in Niki, who tells him she didn’t know what happened last night. That she doesn’t remember anything after leaving his suite. Niki tells him she doesn’t like the person she sees in the mirror, that she wants to be a good person. Nathan tells him last night was one of the best nights of his life. That she’s the kind of person a guy waits his whole life for – a good woman. Niki tells him she was being blackmailed and now he’s going to be too. Niki and Nathan, sitting in a tree...

CD enters Brody’s room, pulling the curtain closed. Brody, being the ass that he is, immediately tells him that he’s going to sue him, that his daughter is a freak, that she isn’t human. This puts CD’s back up and he tells him he puts more stock in his daughter’s humanity than in Brody’s. He grabs Brody by his chin/neck brace and puts in his two cents. He then unveils the curtain and we see CC behind it. “Hollow him out. Take everything.” he says. Ewww... As we now know, CC can erase minds. Probably a few other abilities, but I not too clear on what yet.

Peter goes to Isaac’s. He sees some of the paintings Isaac painted in his heroin-induced hallucinations. There is one of Peter (supposedly) but it is unfinished. He wants Isaac to finish the painting, but without his stash he lacks the confidence to do so. Peter stares at it and sees the rest of the painting. Peter grabs a paintbrush and concentrates really hard and turns into Storm from the X-Men – his eyes go all milky white and he starts to frantically finish the painting.

Claire – lo and behold she is wearing regular clothes - comes in to confront Brody and apologize to him, but he doesn’t know who she is. In fact, he doesn’t even know who he is.

Niki comes home to Micah and finds the cops there. They’re investigating her husband’s whereabouts. She’s wondering why they haven’t caught him yet. The cop tells her they had him in custody but he slipped out of his cuffs (more on this later). Somebody is coming up the walkway and everybody takes out their guns, Niki grabs Micah. The door opens and it’s... Ando.

Nathan’s checking out of the hotel. Linderman’s asst. tells him that they’ll keep the blackmail tape nice and safe. Nathan figures two can play at this game and demands that Linderman pony up the four million for his campaign. When the asst. says they only agreed to two million, Nathan calmly replies, “Two million makes me a candidate. Four million makes me a Congressman.” Cue sexy grin. There, beyotch – deal with that!

Matt and wife got their groove on and looking at her, she’s totally satisfied. Considering, Parkman knows every of his wife’s wants and desires, that’s not surprising. He guesses she wants coffee ice cream so he runs to the corner store to get it. At the convenience store he is bombarded with everyone’s thought – he has yet to learn to isolate and/or shut his ability off. He hears someone plotting to rob the store and confronts him. Scaring him off, the kid slams the gun on the shelf and takes off. Parkman picks it up and everyone thinks he’s about to rob the bank. And he hears every thought. He tells them he’s a cop, but the voices are too great and he passes out... again.

Niki tells the cops Ando is one of his customers. “How did you find me?” she asks. He tells her maybe she should unlist her name and address. The cops let him go and they leave as well. Niki checks in on Micah and goes into the other room. She feels like there’s someone there, but when she looks around she sees nothing. She goes back to Micah’s room and we see her husband, D. L. Hawkins, just behind the doorway.

Hiro’s sitting in the hatchback of his car, wondering what he should do when Ando comes up. “I guess... we call the artist again,” Ando says. Hiro smiles and all is right with the world.

Isaac and Peter are staring at the picture Peter just finished. Looks like Sylar standing over the body of Claire (in her cheerleading uni), the top of her head sliced off just like they found in the little girl’s home and when Hiro found Isaac the first time around. Though it's hard to determine if Claire's head has been sliced since Peter painted blood everywhere and her head is actually angled at the bottom of the canvas. “We have to save her,” Isaac says. The phone rings and Isaac tells Peter to ignore it. “It’s a wrong number. Some Japanese guy keeps leaving messages.” Peter is thinking – "I wonder if it’s Hiro" and answers the phone. It’s Hiro all right. “I have a message for you,” he tells Hiro and Ando.


How is it when Hiro speaks in Japanese his speech is high-pitched and even a little whiny yet when he speaks in English, he has a deep voice?

Hiro tells Peter that he looks different without the scar. Wonder how he gets it?

Visual continuity problem: Hiro’s suitcase in the previous episode was yellow. Ando’s was blue. When they get thrown out of the car, Hiro’s suitcase is white. When they cut back to him and Ando grabbing their luggage, the suitcase is yellow again. Or at least that’s the way it looked on my TV and my computer when I rewatched the ep online.

Didn’t see the name of the hotel – it was on the receipt Nathan signs as he’s checking out of the hotel. I only have a 20” TV – old school. No high def, no plasma...

We see in next week’s trailer that Micah’s dad has powers of manipulating atoms – so to speak. Basically, he can walk through walls and get himself out of a corner – hence how he “slipped” out of the cuffs he was in when the cops had him in custody. Reminds me of Relg in David Eddings’ The Belgariad series. Of course, if I think hard enough I can probably put each character from Heroes with his/her counterpart in The Belgariad...

Check out Hiro's Blog.

What did you think?

-- by K. L. Connie Wang

Posted by Connie on October 24, 2006 5:49 PM
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Creepy Cohort's new name should be "Eraserhead". That's basically all he ever does.

-- Posted by: Jeremy at October 24, 2006 7:18 PM

@ Jeremy - GOOD ONE! I may have to steal that. Called him CC because at the time we didn't know what his exact powers were...

-- Posted by: Connie at October 24, 2006 7:31 PM

I just wonder how the future Hiro got his voice so deep, and looks tanner and more in shape. How is this possible? Mmm... but seeing the future Hiro makes me wanna keep watching, he's pretty hot!

-- Posted by: Jana at October 25, 2006 10:56 AM

Mich's dad and "Eraserhead" are not the same person, correct? My TV is not much better and all I could really make out from about 15 feet away was the fact that both are black and male.

-- Posted by: Bryan at October 25, 2006 11:00 AM

@Bryan - Micah's Dad and Eraserhead are two different people/actors. I thought the same too, at first, as both actors are also bald - but I looked it up on IMDB.

-- Posted by: Connie at October 25, 2006 12:46 PM

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