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Grey's Anatomy Recap

Everyone is Out of Sorts on "Grey's Anatomy"

Everyone is out of sorts this week.
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Grey's Anatomy: Kung Fu Fighting

“There’s this thing about being a surgeon . . . a true surgeon never admits they need help unless absolutely necessary.” —Meredith Grey
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"Grey's Anatomy" is Back in the Saddle This Week

How could I have missed Alex and Ava? How could I have missed Alex and Ava?
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Grey's Anatomy: Truth

Last week: addiction. This week: Truth. Shonda's tackling the biggies. Good thing there's Norman for the lighter side of things.
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Truth Telling on "Grey's Anatomy"

“People say they want the truth, but do they really?” -- Meredith Grey
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Addiction in "Grey's Anatomy"

Addiction and "Grey's Anatomy"
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Recapping "Grey's Anatomy" Season Finale

So this is the end of Season 3. As sad as we are to see the gang go, we are so NOT sad to see the end of Season 3, am I right?
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Getting Ready for Season 4 of "Grey's Anatomy"

Welcome back to TV Fodder’s “Grey’s Anatomy” blog. We’re getting down to the wire—the Season 4 premiere is only two weeks away.
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