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Grey's Anatomy Cast News

Checking In With the Cast of "Grey's Anatomy"

The long wait for Thursday is made easier with a few notes about what's going on with the cast of "Grey's Anatomy."
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Keeping Up With the Cast of "Grey's Anatomy"

A few links to keep you busy until the next episode...
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Keeping Up with the Cast of "Grey's Anatomy"

I like to keep up with the cast of "GA" because they are such interesting people in their own right.
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Catch Up on "Grey's Anatomy" at the Emmys

Here are a bunch of red carpet and after-party interviews . . .
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Two Actresses from "Grey's Anatomy" Were Nominated...

. . . for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series
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Check out "Grey's Anatomy" at the Emmys

Lots of beautiful photos of beautiful people.
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Three "Grey's Anatomy" Women Were Nominated...

. . . but only one is going home with the Emmy.
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Supporting Actor is Called . . .

Are you watching the Emmys?
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