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Everyone is Out of Sorts on "Grey's Anatomy"

Everyone is out of sorts this week.

Neither Izzie nor George are digging the sex—too many prostitute moves on Izzie’s part and too much “pecking” on George’s.

Callie can’t handle all the work the Chief is throwing at her and all she really wants is the day free for back-to-back surgeries. She asks Miranda to take over for the day. Let’s just say that Bailey shows an incredible amount of grace when she simply agrees to Callie’s request instead of ripping her a new one. She’s stifles her true feelings and takes one for the team. And you just know it’s gonna be good!

Christina can’t get a surgery with Hahn to save her life. Why she’s decided this is the specialty she wants to pursue isn’t quite clear yet. Could it be lingering feelings for Burke? Bailey, in her temporary role as chief resident, tells her she should explore other specialities and assigns her to the ER. Besides, Hahn has taken on Meredith for the day. Christina is especially bitter when a mom comes into the hospital after having fallen down the stairs with her baby and even though Christina was taking care of the mom, Hahn dismisses her from the room in favor of Meredith.

Lexie pages Alex on her case. Being Alex, he thinks it’s for sex but she really wants him to apologize to Meredith for her because she didn’t know Alex’s house was Meredith’s house. Later, Lexie confronts Meredith with an apology but they don’t get to play it all the way out to resolution. . . yet.

The sex gets even weirder between Izzie and George as they delve into the realm of fantasy. Something to do with the bathtub. Thank God they don't get more explicit than that. But it really doesn't work out. They begin to worry they don’t really have chemistry. It’s pretty hilarious but let’s hope they find that chemistry soon. I don’t want the Gizzie-haters to win here because I think they have great chemistry!!!

In fact, let me take a moment right now to give a shout out to all those Gizzie-lovers that commented on last week’s blog. You were heard and I shall not be ashamed and doubting any more!

Lexie, Alex, and Izzie all end up coming to Bailey for help when their patients are out of control. Bailey has already tried to get Callie’s attention on other administrative matters, but Callie’s ecstatic to be in surgery and brushes her off. Can we see what’s coming here? Callie’s meant to be a surgery cowboy—that’s who she was when we first met her. She gave up that personality when she married George. Seems she’s beginning to remember who she’s meant to be. And Bailey is being very understanding, handling all the problems and telling everyone to keep their mouth shut. But how long will it take the Chief to see he made the wrong decision for chief resident?

George’s young patient keeps swallowing things so his parents will take him seriously and agree to get a divorce – they fight all the time. Finally he swallows some magnets that start to shred his insides as they are attracted to each other, right through the walls of his various organs. Of course, Bailey saves the day. She’s starting to feel quite superior with herself.

McSteamy and Christina watch in total admiration as Dr. Hahn performs a beautiful heart surgery. They argue over what is the best kind of surgery, the most challenging. Clearly Christina wants in on heart surgery. I guess she really does love it for herself and not for the sake of Burke. But does McSteamy want in on Hahn?

Lexie is taking care of the baby that fell down the stairs, who turns out to be newly adopted. Unfortunately, the adoptive father seems to want nothing to do with her. He’s afraid that if his wife dies he can’t raise the child on his own. He doesn’t feel like a father. He doesn’t seem to feel anything for his daughter at all, as a matter of fact. As one might imagine, the whole topic of parents is tough for Lexie to think about.

George and Izzie are still trying to have all the good sex. This time they decide getting drunk would help the situation, to which I heartily concur. Unfortunately, neither the booze nor Izzie’s naughty toys work and they race away from each other in the morning. Maybe this “lack of chemistry thing” is for real. Say it ain’t so Shonda!!!!

Meredith decides Lexie can’t have sex with Alex. “Get your own friends. Get your own life. Stop living in mine,” she rants. Lexie basically tells her to screw off. Finally, the girl’s got some backbone. Go Lexie!! “You say you don’t want to know her, so why do you care?” Alex asks, before going off with Lexie.

Finally the Chief catches on to all that Bailey’s been doing. She backs Callie but he finally sees Bailey's been doing it all. He confronts Callie as she comes out of surgery and breaks the news that she won’t be doing the work of Chief Resident any more. Later, he confronts Bailey and admits he should have given her the Chief Resident position. “What you do and how you do it makes this hospital work,” he tells her. Her response is all Bailey—“Well it’s about time you noticed.” And then, in entirely un-Bailey-like fashion, she breaks out into sobs and hugs the Chief silly. Absolutely the strangest Miranda moment ever. Sooooo funny. Sooooo cute!

The adoptive father is waiting with Lexie while his wife is in surgery. Meredith comes out to give him an update on his wife’s progress and ends up giving him a pep talk on how much he actually knows about his adopted daughter. Lexie is impressed. But when the wife dies on the table, the father walks out of the hospital.

Lexie approaches Alex for an on-call room liaison. He tells her he can’t because he doesn’t want to have to choose sides between her and Meredith. She points out that he already has. Later, as Lexie’s sitting in the NICU, the adoptive father comes back to be with his daughter. He tells Lexie that he’s remembered another thing about his daughter, about how she hates the car seat unless you prop a small stuffed animal under her head. And in a grand moment of steppingp-up-to-the-plate, he finally he names her Keisha, as his wife wanted. She is his daughter at last.

“I’m not stalking you,” Lexie says as she walks up to Meredith. “I hate apples. I think they shouldn’t be a fruit. I draw really well on an Etch-A-sketch. Like I should be a professional if there was such a thing. I play the trombone,” and on she goes telling Meredith things about herself. “That’s five things that I hope it will make it a little bit harder to hate me.” Now Meredith knows as many things about Lexie as the adoptive dad knew about his little girl.

Later everyone is in the bar. McSteamy hits on Hahn. As you might expect, she’s friggin’ brilliant. “You’re attracted to me because I’m not attracted to you.” I love Brooke Smith!!!

Lexie is totally drunk at the bar. Meredith tells Alex to take her home safely. Alex tells Meredith that he won’t see Lexie anymore but Mer encourages him, "Take my sister home.". It’s always three steps back, one step forward with Meredith. How her friends or boyfriend have the patience to keep up with her is beyond me?

Callie gets back to Christina’s apartment (Burke’s old apartment). Christina announces she’s finally done repainting, making it her apartment now, not his. She’s moving on. Callie announces she’s been fired.

Alex brings the tipsy Lexie home. As they get out of the car, Lexie and Meredith’s father comes out of the house—totally trashed. He’s off to the store though he’s clearly in no state to drive. Alex derails him by saying he’ll go to the store for him to get the Scotch he wants. Lexie begs him not to tell Mer.

Finally George and Izzie have good sex . . . so they say. They go on and on about the great sex. Until finally Izzie says, “You’re lying.” “So are you,” replies George.

“You either have chemistry, or you don’t.”
--Meredith Grey

Posted by on November 8, 2007 10:31 PM
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