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Grey's Anatomy Fodder

Truth Telling on "Grey's Anatomy"

“People say they want the truth, but do they really?”
--Meredith Grey

The interns are all aflutter at the fabulous skills of one George O’Malley –- the way he delivered a baby and saved a guy. Karev, overhearing them in the elevator, is not thrilled but does not blow George’s secret –- that he’s a repeater. Karev is even less thrilled when the chief assigns him a new intern, Norman (played by Edward Hermann), who Karev considers waaaaay toooo old. Together they tackle a teenage patient whose mother thinks he’s on drugs. Norman tells stories of his own children and humors the mother, ordering up a bunch of tests. Karev doesn’t like his style any more than his age.

Meredith is being all secretive about having sex with McDreamy again because she’s afraid of hurting Christina, who she presumes is still mourning the loss of Burke. Christina is, of course, onto her and playing it for all it’s worth. Weaving out a sob story and playing on Meredith’s guilt, she convinces Meredith to give up a surgery for her. I just really love Christina.

Izzie is desperate to know from George what he said to Callie. I mean DESPERATE. It’s really not attractive. She keeps following him around until she’s able to pull him into a patient’s room –- the comatose patient whose room they used to gather in for lunch and gossip during their intern year. George explains he wasn’t able to talk to Callie yet just as coma-patient wakes up. His name is Charlie and he promptly announces that he’ll be dying today, thank you very much. Now I generally don’t challenge the medicine on this show because . . . well we all know it’s not really about medicine. But a patient whose been in a coma for a year and wakes up to announce he’ll be dying shortly is just beyond stupid! Is that really the best the writers can do?

Meanwhile, McSteamy & the Chief have a patient with tongue cancer who loves to talk but who is going to have to learn to live without. Until George challenges them to find a way, with a new technique, to leave the woman chatty. Sloane and the Chief take up the gauntlet that's been thrown, worried that they are being seen as old and set in their ways. You just know this can’t be good.

Meredith and Lexie have their dose of daily friction until an emergency comes and Mer brings Lexie into the trauma room. Lexie is trying to intabate the patient and is freaking out while Mer tries to keep her calm and talk her through it. Thing is, he was dead on arrival. When he doesn’t revive, Lexie thinks it’s her fault regardless of Mer’s reassurances. Then, for some bizarre reason, Lexie turns on Mer and blames her for not saving him, for not doing everything possible, for being cavalier about the fact that he was dead on arrival, etc. Really not the best way to handle the situation, but then again, she is a Grey. Meredith kicks her out of the pit and sends her to the clinic.

Izzie freaks out on George for not telling Callie. George turns right back on her and tells her to stop pushing him so hard. Later, clearly feeling guilty, George encourages the woman about to lose her tongue to say everything she needs to say before the surgery, just in case. Taking his advice she turns to her friends and unloads everything she’s ever kept to herself -- your butt is fat in those pants, your breath really stinks, etc. This is what you get when you take advice from George.

Charlie, the ex-coma patient, is getting on Izzie’s last nerve. He figures he’s got the right to be high maintenance on his last day –- demanding a last meal of lobster, etc. Finally, he feels ready to go and starts pulling wires out of himself. This is the last straw for Izzie and to teach him a lesson, she starts pulling wires too (lamp wire, bedwarmer wire, etc.), trying to shock some sense into him. Of course, he promptly codes. Izzie uses the paddles and brings him back. The first thing he does is yell at her for saving his life. Izzie is having a fairly crap-a-licious day

After hearing Lexie’s whiny tale of woe, Baily prepares to return her to Mer, telling her, “We are not the island of broken interns.” Lexie begs not to be sent back because she can’t handle the bad family blood. Bailey gives her a patient and then goes to complain to Callie about all the cacked-up stuff going on between interns and residents. Callie, looking tired way beyond her years, replies that she just doesn’t feel like fighting anymore, with Bailey or anyone else. She’s plum wore out and she knows at the end of the day that George is going to leave her.

Meredith finally catches on to Christina’s fake sadness to get surgeries. Christina tells Mer that she’s not responsible for taking care of Christina, who is healing in her own time and in her own way. She admonishes Mer for not revealing that she and Derek are sleeping together –- Christina doesn’t need to be protected from stuff like that. They are each other’s go-to person once again.

Funny quote of the evening:
Charlie: “I don’t like you.”
Izzie: “Really? Cuz I thought we were BFFs.”
Charlie: “That’s it. I’m going to die.” Scrunches his eyes closed, purses his lips, and tries to die.

Finally, George and Izzie have it out. George tells her she doesn’t get to be mad. “This isn’t about you. I’m ending a marriage to a wonderful woman. Me. Not you. It’s not something you just blurt out. I’ll do it. You have to let me do it.”

Bailey chews Meredith out for her treatment of Lexie. Will things start to turn around in that relationship? Do we care? They are both just big whiners!

Turns out Alex’s patient is not hooked on drugs but is having some kind of neurological problems. All of a sudden, the kid’s brain herniates. Karev needs Shephard but he’s been pulled into the tongue-cancer operation because Sloane and the Chief are in way over their heads. Derek tells Karev what to do. Norman is trying to calm the mother by telling Karev that he should be talking to her, soothing her. But Karev doesn’t have time for this since he’s trying to save the kid’s dang life, and he throws Norman and the mother out. Karev does absolutely crazy things with a needle through the kid’s eye and saves him.

Later, Karev apologizes to Norman for yelling at him. In turn, Bailey yells at Karev for his apology. She tells him that interns need to be yelled at, not hand-held, when they mess up or get in the way. That’s how they learn, regardless of how old they are. Can I just point out that there has been a much older doctor trying to get into Greg House’s program on “House” since the beginning of the season so Ed Hermann coming in as an older intern is kind of passé at this point.

When Izzie hears that Charlie is checking out of the hospital, she goes to his room and tells him he can’t go and his life isn’t over and that she’s messing everything up and who else is she going to talk to and that she needs someone to tell her what to do. Of course, Charlie is dead in his wheelchair. We could have seen that coming a mile away for Christ’s sake.

In the end, our favorite residents gather in Charlie’s room, where they ate lunch for a year while Charlie was in a coma, as Izzie forces them to pay homage. In one of those great moments we missed in Season Three, the residents are at their comic best: Alex commends him for not farting too loud and Christina thanks him for letting her get to practice a lot of stuff like central lines, etc. Izzie thanks him for being patient enough to get what he truly wanted -- while looking longingly and pointedly at George. Oy!

“Deep down, nobody wants to hear it.”
-- Meredith Grey

Tongue lady comes through her surgery and her friends are there waiting for her. With a little bit of truth she doesn’t necessary want to here.

“Sometimes we tell the truth because the truth is all we have to give.”
-- Meredith Grey

Meredith brings Lexie her mother’s medical file and tells her step-by-step what happened the day she died.

“Sometimes we just have to say the truth out loud.”
-- Meredith Grey

Bailey finally goes to Callie, ashamed at the way she’s been acting, and admits that she’s having trouble with Callie being named Chief Resident -- Miranda’s used to being number one. But she agrees to be Callie’s #2. She tells Callie they’ll be a team because, “look girl, you just seem to be having a hard time. I just think we can do this together.”

“And sometimes we tell the truth because we just can’t help ourselves.”
-- Meredith Grey

When Karev again overhears the interns lauding the great George O’Malley, he can’t stand it anymore and finally tells them that George knows what he’s doing because he’s a repeater. It’s a very low moment for both George and Alex.

“And sometimes we tell them because we owe them just that much.”
-- Meredith Grey

Callie tells George to just tell her already and he admits that he slept with Izzie.

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