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Grey's Anatomy Fodder

"Grey's Anatomy" is Back in the Saddle This Week

Ok. I came in on the show fifteen minutes late. What an entrance. Some guy is saying, “Where is my saw. Someone took my saw.” And next thing you know, some guy is chainsawing off his leg. What the *#&$!!! That was completely disgusting! And when Callie tells him they are going to have to amputate his foot, he thanks her. Of course, Sloane uses the opportunity to be equally gross by promising Callie he’s available for anything she might need, day or night. Especially night. Obviously he’s heard about the demise of her marriage.

Elsewhere, some guy has to decide to take his daughter off life support because she’s brain dead . . . . and oh, by the way, he has to decide who gets her organs and he happens to be in the hospital because he needs a heart. So he has to approve the removal of her heart so that he can get it himself. How the heck do you live with that one? He tells Derek to give the heart to someone else. Finally, George convinces him to take the heart by sharing that if he could have given his dying father his heart, he would have. Thus, once again, George saves the day and the patient. He’s getting pretty good at that.

Meanwhile, Meredith strongarms Bailey into participating on an ear surgery – as in the kid has no ears. I don’t really know the back story here because I came in late, but I like watching Meredith strongarm Bailey. Seems Meredith is trying to put together a massive team in order to get this surgery done. I never really figure out the ear storyline. Frankly, it doesn’t seem to matter much.

Speaking of Meredith, if we must, she is on a mission to put her mother to rest by doing something with her ashes. Seems she’s got some fears about becoming her mother. That’s a reasonably legitimate fear, if you ask me. No one should ever become Meredith’s mother, horrible as she was, though I have to wonder if Meredith would be much more interesting if she picked up someone else’s personality . . . Luckily, Sloane tells her the apple fell far from the tree and she feels better. Every once-in-a-while, he can be a sweetie. I’m sure he’ll ruin it soon. And Lexie comes through too. She tells Meredith a story about her mother’s cat dying and burying it by her mother because it would have made her happy. Schmaltzy, but a good bonding moment for the Grey sisters.

As we knew it would, it gets around that Izzie and George are an item. It’s all insanely awkward. I’ve been a proponent of Gizzie all along, just about the only one out there, but even I found their scenes awkward, except for the very last one. Strangely, Christina can’t cut Izzie any slack for sleeping with George while Izzie can’t figure out where Christina gets off – her best friend Meredith slept with a married man and Christina cut her slack. Later, Christina and Callie get hysterical in surgery over the sucky-ness of their love lives. George and Bailey have a Bailey kind of heart-to-heart about the demise of his marriage. Bailey scolds him for his actions but tells him he’s not a bad guy. Things aren’t black-and-white she tells him, referring to the troubles in her own marriage (she just missed her son’s first Halloween to help with the ear surgery). Marriage, she notes, is a two-way street, it’s not black or white, and he is not a bad guy, she says. Though I think we all agree that, in the immortal words of Chris Issak, he did a BAD, BAD thing . . .

Ok, I can’t believe I missed Alex and Ava getting together. How could I miss that?! It was the only thing I was waiting to see all week. How could I miss that? But now here they are snuggling in the bottom bunk of what I have to assume is some place interns and residents sleep – what if someone walks in? I can’t believe I missed the get-together. How long do I have to wait until the episode is available on I need to see that scene. Anyway, Ava obviously wants to talk about where it is all going, but at that moment, Karev gets paged because Norman passed out in surgery. He has to run off and she, like anyone in love with a doctor, has to sit and wait for his return.

By the way, turns out Norman threw a clot and ends up in surgery. Though I missed the first few scenes, I gather Norman was complaining about feeling lousy and Alex ignored a page from him. It’s touching to see how much Alex really cares, beneath his gruff exterior. In fact, that’s why we girls are in love with him, isn’t it? He fulfills our “our love will change him” fantasy. It’s a sick thing with women. We can’t help it. Anyway, Norman, once he gets through surgery, decides to go into what he really wanted to go into – psychology. He can see he would have a lot of patients just among the surgeons of Seattle Grace.

By the way, looks like Dr. Hahn, the heart transplant surgeon that takes the heart from daughter and puts it into father, will be joining the team as the new head of cardio-thorasic surgery. I forget the actresses name but she’s been on the show before and just wrapped up a stint as an annoying personality on “Crossing Jordan”. Looks like she’ll be playing the same character on “GA”. The future Christina-nemesis I’m guessing.

And in the end, Ava disappears. She just couldn’t wait for Alex. Frankly, that’s just about the shortest attention span I’ve every seen since she couldn’t even wait a few hours, through Norman’s surgery.

“The only way we can clear out the cobwebs is to turn a new page”
-- Meredith Grey

Christina gets a new roommate – Callie.

“Or put an old one to rest.”
-- Meredith Grey

Mer washes her mother’s ashes down the sink of the surgery scrub room because she thinks that’s where her mother would want to be. The chief helps her.

“Finally, finally to rest.”
-- Meredith Grey

“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.”
-- The Chief

Posted by on October 25, 2007 10:21 PM
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