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Addiction in "Grey's Anatomy"

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“The hardest part of addiction is letting go . . . it’s the high we’re chasing.”
-- Meredith Grey

Christina’s wedding is over and she’s swamped by presents. George’s marriage is over and he’s decided to finally get with Izzie and tell Callie it’s over. Mer and Der are over . . . they’re just in it for the “sex and mockery” now. This episode is all about the millions of ways addiction can manifest itself.

Christina’s purging her addiction by purging wedding gifts in exchange for surgeries. She’s pure career again. “Carnage always trumps rounds,” she tells her interns.

George is purging his addictions by telling Callie’s he’s gotta talk to her (about his love for Izzie and the failure of their marriage) but they are interrupted by a big influx of patients from an apartment building explosion.

And Mer/Der are trying to purge their addiction to each other by breaking up and only being about S&M (sex and mockery).

Callie’s having a tough time getting into the Chief Resident role but when there is a huge apartment explosion, the arrival of the ambulances helps her get into the swing of things. Especially when she gets to slap down Izzie by not giving her a patient and when she tells Bailey she can’t have any residents for the clinic.

Karev takes care of the baby from the explosion and handles him like a pro – it’s great to see Alex balancing his bad boy and his new warmer side. We wouldn’t want the bad boy to entirely disappear but we do love to dream about his redemption, eh girls?

Through all the chaos, who should arrive but Burke’s mother, the indomitable Diane Carroll. Christina sends Meredith out to try to deflect Mama Burke but Mama just rips Meredith a new one for the way she acted at the wedding by telling everyone, “It’s over, it’s so over.” She asks Meredith whether she was just announcing the obvious in an incredibly tactless way or whether she was trying to use the moment to impart something to her erstwhile lover. Either way, Mama was not impressed and she lets Mer know.

Izzie ends up helping Callie and McSteamy work on Ben Vareen, who’s playing the neighbor of the folks in the apartment that blew up. She keeps knocking things over, she’s so nervous around Callie. Finally, Izzie tells George he can’t tell Callie about them because Callie is her boss and, well, she’s very, very afraid. So they’re just going to have to swallow their sexual tension. Now I know most folks don’t like Gizzie, but I think the sexual tension at this moment is enormous and that they make a great couple. So sue me!

Bailey begs Meredith to help her in the clinic where the interns are making her crazy (remember, Callie has told her she can’t have any residents). Bailey shamelessly pulls out the old I-saved-your-life card. To suddenly see Bailey begging . . . strange, but absolutely adorable.

Of course Lexie is one of the interns driving Miranda crazy in the clinic. Lexie decides that when Meredith shows up, it’s the right time to bond. Cuz those Grey girls have such an excellent sense of timing.

Alex gets the test results on the baby and tells the nurse not to leave the father alone with the him.

George has a philosophical moment with his patient about new paths in life and while he’s obviously talking about Callie and his marriage, the patient’s heart stops beating on the MRI table. Something is very amiss here! George uses the paddles and brings him back just as Alex bursts into the chief’s surgery to let him know the baby is strung out on meth and the explosion happened because the mother and father were running a meth lab out of their apartment.

The chief this whole time is trying to learn to delegate responsibility in order to impress Adele. Let's just say he's not doing very well.

Callie finds out that Bailey convinced Meredith to work in the clinic. Callie is upset. Bailey is upset. And George has two women walk off on him as he’s the one who ratted. It's just does not pay to be in the middle of any of these women!

George talks to Mama and ends up telling her Burke dodged a bullet by avoiding marriage. “Once you’re in, you’re in. No going back on that.” Mama questions him for staying in a marriage from a sense of obligation. “No way to live. No way to love.” George just doesn’t know what to do. He doesn’t want to be with Callie anymore but he wants to respect Izzie’s request.

Alex is trying to save the baby and deal with the husband who is obviously strung out. The baby won’t stop screaming and the father is freaking out and starts screaming at the baby to stop crying. Finally, Alex loses it and screams at the father, revealing that the baby is detoxing from meth and that he knows the father was running a lab. The father, drugged out as he is, knocks Alex unconscious and steals the baby.

Callie and Izzie are doing the surgery on Ben Vareen when the chief comes in to yell at Callie because a baby has just been stolen on her watch. Izzie, in a moment of what some might call generosity and other stupidity, tells Callie that she’s doing a good job as Chief Resident. Callie tells Izzie to get the hell out of her OR.

Meanwhile Karev is in the clinic getting stitches and admiring Lexie’s physique. Meredith boots him out.

Derek sits down with Mama, wondering why Burke isn’t returning his calls. Derek tells Mama that Christina loved him in her way. Mama tells Derek that isn’t always enough for an honorable man. She asks Derek if he could walk away from a woman who wasn’t giving him what he deserved. He says he and Burke are built differently. Mama replies that all honorable men are the same and should stand up for what they deserve. Of course, Derek looks pensive since he’s thinking about the fact that his girlfriend, Meredith, has just relegated him to “sex and mockery”.

Callie looks frantically for the missing baby, running into McSteamy who sees she’s freaking out. She says she’s worried about her husband is having an affair. Why she reveals this to him in this moment, I couldn’t say, but she does. It seems to me like a set-up for future sex between these two, which I like a lot more than future sex with George. But apparently, that’s just me.

Meredith totally bitch-slaps Lexie. You see, Lexie has been staring at her throughout the entire episode. It freaks out a patient. It freaks out Christina. Finally, when Lexie asks where the thermometers are, Meredith replies by asking her if she’s is an idiot or a stalker. Realizing she’s just been a supreme BI-ATCH, Meredith apologizes, telling Lexie she just doesn’t want to know her. It’s unclear to me here why Meredith is having such a problem. Her parents have been divorced for a very long time. It’s been at least a year since her father came back into her life and she found out he had a new family. Why hasn’t she adjusted to this yet? Why has she been through medical school and her intern year and still acting like a 12-year-old? Why is this such a big f*$^#ing deal for Meredith? I’m so very, very over Meredith Grey!! Derek, dump her. She’s not worthy!!!

Bailey and Karev are watching the baby’s surgery. Karev tells Bailey to go ahead and yell at him for confronting the drug dealer cuz he knows she wants to. And she does. She completely let's him have it in that fantastic Bailey wayr. It’s great to see and Karev thanks her for dressing him down. And in a hilarious turn, she thanks him for letting her. It’s possibly one of the best, most hilarious, most endearing moments of the show.

Lexie tells Meredith that they should be friends because they have the same dad. Meredith tells her they don’t have the same dad because her dad left her when she was five and Lexie’s dad didn’t. And then she admits she kicked Derek out of bed because her dad left her and now she can’t trust men. So it’s finally it’s been said out loud. Thank God!

Eventually, Christine goes to talk to Mama Burke. Turns out Mama wants the keys to the apartment so she can pick up Preston’s things and the necklace she gave Christina. And she also came to say, “I’m sorry you lost the man you love. But more than that, I’m sorry you lost your teacher. With him by your side you could have become a brilliant teacher.” She admires Christina’s strength. Christina allows herself to be vulnerable and asks Mama to take the gifts away. She admits that she knows Preston is never coming back, not even to say goodbye. Mama confirms this by telling Christina she’s a strong woman and she’ll be alright. So now Shonda has confirmed that there will be no return of Isaiah, which quite frankly would be more than I could take. I’m so glad the controversy is over I don’t ever want the return of that character. God bless him on “Bionic Woman” but I don’t want to hear another word about that controversy.

George’s meth patient dies and it’s enough to convince George to confront Callie.

The chief is furious with Callie because he’s got a night’s worth of paperwork, due to the baby stealing. She offers to do it for him but he declines, obviously not rushing over to Adele.

The mother of the family finally wakes up after surgery and Christina reveals they know the explosion was from the meth lab and her baby’s had a stroke, etc. In a rare turn, Christina comforts her.

“The thing about addiction – it never ends well because eventually whatever it was that was getting us high stops feeling good and starts to hurt.”
-- Meredith Grey

Derek admits to McSteamy that he -- like someone in a 12 Step Program -- has a problem. It's understood that that problem begins with M and ends with Grey.

“Still, they say you don’t kick the habit until you hit rock bottom. But how do you know you’re there?”
-- Meredith Grey

When George confronts Callie at the end of this interminable shift, Callie begs him not to say anything. Somehow she knows what he’s going to say but she’s just had one of the worst days of her life. “I am your wife. Do this for me.” He agrees and they go home together.

McSteamy asks Meredith out for a drink. She says she waiting for someone and McSteamy tells her that Derek asked him to tell her he’s busy. She declines the offer of a drink. As she’s walking out of the hospital, Derek, who’s been watching from above, calls out to her to wait and they leave together, Meredith none the wiser that Derek has been talking to McSteamy about getting out of this relationship. In the end, it seems, he just can’t let go.

“Sometimes, letting it go hurts even worse.”
-- Meredith Grey

In the final scene, Christina walks into an empty apartment and we close on her sad face.

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