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Grey's Anatomy Fodder

Keeping Up with the Cast of "Grey's Anatomy"

I like to keep up with the cast of "GA" because they are such interesting people in their own right.

For one thing, who is Lauren Stamile, the newest addition to the OR?

Right Celebrity has links to photos, videos, biography and more. I remember her now from "Crossing Jordan". She shows nice range in that clip. Check it out.

Also, check out a clip of Lauren on "Boston Legal" posted on Random Stuff of Interest.

Inside Grey's Anatomy
has five fun facts about Ellen Pompeo, whom I admit to liking WAY better than her character Meredith Grey. I think this woman has serious class and seems pretty down-to-earth. For example, Ellen takes her pooch for walks on the beach just like us.

Patrick Dempsey has always been a loving father. Grey's Anatomy News has some great photos of Patrick taking Tallulah to her riding lessons. Not quite the speed junky her father. And speaking of racing, Exotic Car Rental has an interview with Dempsey on his love of racing.

Sandra Oh was on Jimmy Kimmel Live again on Sunday. Love her! And she's keeping busy with some women's history -- sometimes it helps to have a famous person shine the light.

Katherine Heigl is on the cover of his month's InStyle. And check here for a preview of Katherine's new movie 27 Dresses.

Here are some shots of T.R. Knight's new digs. Also, he was on "Ellen" recently. Totally adorable!

Justin Chambers hangs with his kids a lot too and pumpkin hunting season makes for some fun outings. Meanwhile, Chandra's busy with Habitat for Humanity. Eric Dane's need for speed comes more from caffeine than cars. Though this interview is a bit older, I liked it because you rarely find anything too in-depth on Dane. It's usually just photos of him without his shirt. Not that I mind those . . . .

Unfortunately, there just isn't much out there right now about Sara Ramirez and James Pickens.

-- Tracy Blanchard

Posted by on October 8, 2007 2:26 PM
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