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Grey's Anatomy Fodder

Is "Grey's Anatomy" Back in the Game?

I've been surfing the web a lot this week reading blogs and articles about the new season. The big question is whether Shonda can get "GA" back on track after a disastrous third season. I can't say it's looks likes she's changing hearts and minds quite yet. Here's a samply of what folks are saying:


TV Guide

Perez Hilton


Silver Chips

At least Shonda sounds happy about the way things are going. But she kind of has to, doesn't she?

And finally, a sneak peak at behind the cameras shows another new addition to the cast. Because there aren't already enough characters, some of which (Karev, McSteamy) do not get enough airtime and good storylines as it is . . .


-- Tracy Blanchard

Posted by on October 6, 2007 7:19 PM
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