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Grey's Anatomy: Truth

The episode opens, quite bizarrely, with Callie forgiving George for his “mistake.” They took vows, she explains. ‘Til death do us part. “I forgive you,” she says, though she sure as heck doesn’t look like she feeling it.

In the elevator at the hospital (where else?), Derek asks Meredith away for the weekend. She balks. They didn’t go away when they were a couple, why now when they aren’t a couple? There are a lot of sly looks and making out—they are in the elevator, makeout capital of Seattle—and finally Meredith relents. Later, Alex agrees to take Meredith’s shift so she can go away if she will take Norman, the old intern.

George runs around like a crazy man looking for Izzie so that he can tell her what’s happened. Eventually he hears that Callie is also looking for Izzie. Of course, Callie gets to Izzie first. “George told me. Everything . . . . Cafeteria. Noon. You and me. Be there.” Of course, all her interns overhear this and the rumor mill begins as Izzie tries to prep for a showdown in the OK Corral.

Lexie and Christina help Derek work on an injured football player. Lexie is getting lots of Derek’s questions right,. Impress him and ticking off Christina. Derek and Lexie start talking about Mereith. Christina starts to get really ticked off, so Derek sends her away to change the patient’s bandages, guaranteed to put Christina into deep rage. Later, she alerts Meredith to the fact that Lexie and Derek are bonding by talking about her. Meredith is very far from pleased. It’s pretty much outraged chick day at Seattle Grace.

Norman (Edward Hermann) turns out to be pretty funny, especially when he teases Meredith about what they call Dr. Sloane—McSleazy is it? However, he’s not doing so well as an intern when he makes a patient completely break down by telling a patient she’s dying in an overly emotional way, despite Meredith’s pep talk on being professional and detached. What’s worse, Norman read the room number wrong on the chart and told the wrong patient she was dying. When they go to rectify the situation, they find out she’s left the hospital. Sloane, the attending, yells at Meredith and she and Norman begin trying to track the woman down to let her know about their mistake. Meredith tells Sloane that only she should be written up because Norman is her responsibility and she should have checked the chart. She knows she wasn’t paying enough attention because she’s been too focused on what Derek and Lexie might be saying about her.

Izzie goes to ask Alex for a favor. Before we hear what it is, he lets her know he’s heard about the showdown in the cafeteria with Callie. Suddenly they are called in to help the Chief’s niece, who is coding and can’t breathe. Izzie gives her an emergency tracheotomy. The niece is there because she’s had cancer multiple times (at 14 she had a total hysterectomy) and now she’s got it again. Remember, they held the prom at the hospital for her two seasons ago, the prom at which Denny died?

Derek and Lexie are having lots of laughs and it’s really pissing Christina and Meredith off. Christina tells her to hug the wall and stay out of the way for the rest of the day, though when she calls Lexie #3 (she calls all her interns by number), Lexie fights back and demands to be called by name. Later, when Derek is putting the football patient in traction, he won’t let Christina shut Lexie out, reminding her it’s a teaching hospital. Lexie is making some serious enemies.

Dr. Bailey’s patient fractured her ankle working out. The reason she fractured her ankle instead of just twisting it or something is because she’s too thin, not eating enough, working out too much, and lost 40 pounds because her boyfriend said he would move in with her if she did. Bailey is furious with the boyfriend and confused as to why Callie seems to be completely uninvolved in the conversation. Callie is just staring off into space while George shuffles around in his hangdog way. Bailey asks Callie what’s wrong but Callie shrugs her off. This is not the Callie we knew last season.

Alex teases Izzie about fighting Callie. Izzie tells Alex that she slept with George. He tells her he’s embarrassed for her and can’t believe she slept with a married man. The wounded look on his face is terrible.

When the Chief tells his niece her cancer has returned, she decides it’s time to stop fighting. No more radiation, no more treatment. She wants to go home and die with dignity, with her friends, etc. The chief’s wife, Adele, tells her she’s not old enough to decide, though she’s 18. Camille, the niece, begs the Chief to be her doctor, not her uncle. Adele begs Richard to force their niece to stay in the hospital and get treatment, pulling out the guilt by saying that she is like the child they never had. Will the chief give into Adele in his effort to get her back?

In an attempt to comfort him while the weights are being added to his traction, Lexie picks up the hand of the football patient even though Christina told her not too because he cannot be moved. Christina really rips into her, telling her to get out of the room. Derek witnesses this and chews Christina out. “This is a teaching hospital,” he reminds her, telling her she’s self-centered. Well yeah, but she was trained by Bailey and we all know that training includes yelling at interns. Especially when they move a traction patient after they’ve been specifically told not to!

The interns begin to gather in the cafeteria, moaning about everything that’s going wrong. Izzie is psyching up for her fight with Callie. Everyone in the hospital is talking about it and Izzie is getting herself all worked up because she grew up in a trailer park and feels confident about being able to take Callie. Callie shows up at high noon and everyone in the cafeteria starts to gathering around. Of course, Callie isn’t there to fight. She just wants to talk. She looks around and sees that everyone in the cafeteria gathered around and realizes that everyone knows. She’s totally humiliated but walks out with as much dignity as possible. George runs in at the last minute, asking if there was a fight and Alex snidely remarks, “Guess they didn’t think there was anything worth fighting over.” Ouch. Almost seems like the more good parts we see of Alex, the nastier his nasty parts get.

Meredith and Norman are trying desperately to find the patient who left the hospital, to no avail. McSteamy is not excited about what’s going on with Meredith and Norman. He really does not want to have to be paying attention to them mostly because he does not want to have to spend time teaching. It bores him. He tells Derek his girlfriend is still just an intern, no better than Norman.

Ruth, the patient with the smashed ankle, begins barfing blood. The great thing about this scene is the old Callie comes back, fighting mad and chewing out the boyfriend about pressuring his girlfriend to be insanely thin. She’s got a bleeding ulcer between barely eating and taking a lot of ibuprofen cuz she works out so much. “All for love,” Bailey points out, while Callie and George look at each other significantly over the surgery table. Unfortunately, Ruthie dies on the table and Callie rips the boyfriend a new one for not loving her just as she was. Clearly a huge part of Callie’s rant is about what’s happening between her and George. Bailey keeps asking Callie what’s wrong but Callie won’t share.

Norman finds the patient who has, in the meantime, dumped her boyfriend, quit her job, and bought a one way ticket to Iceland where the sun never sets. She even gave up her apartment. Of course, once she finds out she’s not dying, she falls apart again.

The Chief tells his niece Camille that the tumor they removed from her throat was enormous and asks why she took so long to come back to the hospital. Camille admits she knew the cancer wasn’t gone and she was hoping the cancer would kill her before she had to go back to the hospital. She begs Richard to let her die. He tells her about a whole new plan of attach, with new doctors and new meds, begging her to fight because he loves her so much. However, he promises, as her doctor, to do whatever she wants. She tells him she wants to go home and he agrees.

Izzie tracks Callie down and apologizes. Callie replies, “You feel terrible? You took advantage of me. . . .I tried to convince myself it was all in my head. . . . . I may have forgiven George but you did this to another woman. You took something from me. You stole something from me like a petty little thief. You are the one who should be ashamed. . . . . Don’t you dare come to me for forgiveness you traitorous bitch.” Afterwards, Izzie sits in the hallway feeling pretty bad about herself when Alex comes by. He lays into for sleeping with a married man. She tries to defend herself when suddenly Alex reveals why he’s really upset. When he made a move on her last season, she told him she wasn’t over Denny. Well apparently she was, he points out. The poor wounded puppy dog in Alex is revealed and you really feel for him. His parting shot is that it hurt him when she told him about sleeping with George: “And then you tell me like one of your chick friends. Come on!” He stomps off with his wounded male pride.

When Adele finds out that Richard is letting Camille go home to die, she really lays into him. “I’ve already lost one child now I have to lose Camille?” He tells Adele he can’t make Camille stay if she doesn’t want to. “After all these years of choosing your job over your marriage . . .” replies Adele. Personally, I think she’s being way too hard on Richard here and using pretty horrible guilt tactics. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her be nice to him. What did she not get about marrying a doctor, particularly a Chief of Surgery? The Chief says he’s sorry. Adele replies that she is to, with a significant look in her eyes like you just lost me buddy.

George tells Callie she can’t just “forgive him.” She says that’s what forgiveness means. But he points out she can’t even look at him, won’t even talk to him, which means she doesn’t really forgive him. They can’t just pretend it didn’t happen. “You’re right. I don’t.” And off she walks. The old Callie is back in the saddle!

Meredith tells Derek she got Alex to cover for her for the weekend. Derek says it’s not a good weekend any more. Meredith instantly assumes it’s because Lexie said something about her and asks what she and Derek have been talking about. Derek replies, “I talked to the other Grey about all the things I can’t talk to this Grey about.” He tells her he wants to marry her, have kids with her, that he doesn’t just want a weekend but a lifetime. And then he points out that when he says things like that, she fights the urge to run away (you can literally see her back away a step or two). “I’ve been doing this for a long time [he’s talking about being a doctor], and you’ve just begun. You’re still an intern.” Mer responds, “I can get ready, things can stay the way they are.” Derek, being Derek, tells her “I’ll wait.” Mer looks relieved: “Ok.” Derek points out, “But what if while I’m waiting I meet someone who is ready.” Now Mer looks worried: “What if you do?” Derek gets on the elevator and as the door is closing, releases this parting shot: “I don’t know.”

“Forgive and forget. That’s what they say.”
-- Meredith Grey

Lexie thanks Christina for saving her in surgery and teaching her how to do something. Christina responds by calling her #3 and Lexie takes it. For now they are back on less shaky ground.

“When someone hurts us, we want to hurt them back.”
-- Meredith Grey

Izzie’s crying in her room back at the house and Alex brings her tissues. I totally forgot they live together with Meredith. That is just sex waiting to happen if you ask me.

“When someone wrongs us we want to be right. . . . Old wounds never heal. And the most we can hope for is that one day we’ll be lucky enough to forget.”
-- Meredith Grey

Fade on Callie sitting in the dark.

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