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Grey's Anatomy Fodder

Recapping "Grey's Anatomy" Season Finale

“Didn’t We Almost Have It All”

So this is the end of Season 3. As sad as we are to see the gang go, we are so NOT sad to see the end of Season 3, am I right? We’ve all lamented how far off track Shonda and the writers went last spring and in seven days time, we get to see if they got their hootchie back.

In the meantime, the recap:

At this point in the wedding preparations, Christina has gone to a deeply crazy place and Miranda has to order her to go home, like any other normal woman on her wedding day. Unfortunately, this sends Christina into the path of Burke’s mother, who gives her a family choker to wear at the wedding. What a fine and ironic metaphor this is since she then tells Christina that although she was unsure of her first, she likes Christina now because she’s been giving into all of Burke’s wishes. Then, as all loving mother-in-laws are wont to do, she chides Christina on her eyebrows. When next we see Christina, she has none left.

When we finally get to the wedding, Christina’s on the verge of an aneurysm at losing her identity in this relationship. Her wedding vows, which were written on her hand, were scrubbed off when she prepped for surgery, and now she’s got no idea what to say. After a prolonged delay, Burke walks down the aisle to find Christina—although she swears she’s ready, he knows she’s not. He releases her from the wedding and from their relationship, and in one of the great Sandra Oh scenes, of which there are many, Christina tells Meredith that she is finally free! As Meredith zipped Izzie out of her prom dress in the first eppie of the season, she now cuts Christina out of her wedding dress in the last.

Richard finds out that Adele is knocked up and comes to her bedside, clearly still crazy in love with her in the sweetest, most disgustingly-cute husband sort of way. He takes a stand at her bedside and won’t waiver. Later, she starts to crash due to a placental tear. Addie saves her, though not the baby. Adele has to tell Richard that the father doesn’t even know she was pregnant. Eventually it comes out that, of course, Richard was the father and they embrace.

Rina needs to deliver immediately even though she still hasn’t decided on whom to give the twins. Good god woman, what the heck is that about?! This is the one ridiculous storyline in this episode. Just too dumb. Not to diss Joe, but why exactly are we expected to care about this?

The other random storyline is more interesting—that of the hikers who have apparently been keeping secrets regarding the fourth friend on the trip, who shows up alive and with an axe in his head. As Derek discovers during surgery, the axe wound is clean, which means it was deliberate. Turns out his “friends” tried to put him out of his misery.

Jane Doe/Ava/Rebecca’s husband turns up. The reason he hasn’t been looking for her is that he thought she left him, which in fact, we know, she did. She asks Alex to give her a reason to stay in Seattle instead of going back to her husband, but he won’t. Later, in a scene that reveals the lighter side of Alex, he runs back to the hospital to get her, but it’s too late.

Derek might as well throw a drink in Meredith’s face when he throws the “girl at the bar” story at her. He tells she should be worried. Now quite frankly, I’m torn on this one. It’s true that Meredith has been keeping him at bay. But wasn’t he shrugging her off when he was worried that she was ruining his chances of becoming chief? Both of them have been less-than-stellar examples of what anyone might hope to find in a love-of-their-life. Neither one of them has been doing anything to recommend themselves as a worthy lover and we have to ask why we still care about them as a couple. Do we?

Anyway, Meredith tells him to take off if he doesn’t love her anymore. He, of course, rebuts with the old love-of-his-life line. Why? Why is she the love of his life? This is a question best left to Shonda I suppose. He turns it on her when he says he’s tired of her always “leaving” him and that if she wants to end it, she should walk away because he can’t. She uses Christina’s wedding as an excuse to avoid the ultimatum until Season 4. I mean, we’ve got to have some cliff-hangers, right. Of course, it can only be a cliff-hanger if we decide we care about them.

George and Callie start trying for children. Literally. Right there in the hospital. Did you ever notice how much sex goes on in TV hospitals? And does their trying for children, after all the difficulties they’ve been through in their very brief marriage, seem like such a good idea to you? Later, Izzie tells George that if he’s crazy about Callie then she’ll support him. But, you know, just in case he’s in love with her instead, well that would work out better. Tragically, George can’t contemplate these weighty issues since he’s just failed his exam and has to decide if he’s going to walk away or if he’s willing to repeat his intern year. Callie does make sure that Izzie finds out that they are trying for a child however, because she’s not stupid. Which is maybe why she gets Chief Resident over Bailey.

And oh yeah, the Chief of Surgery thing . . . who cares?! Well . . . if you insist . . .Richard offers Derek the job. Derek turns it down and instead tells Richard he’s the best man for the job and shouldn’t walk away.

In a season finale scene to end all finale scenes, almost as good as J.R. getting shot, George meets one of the new interns. She’s the girl who was flirting with Derek in the bar. Turns out her name is Lexie Grey.

Bring it on Shonda!

Posted by on September 20, 2007 10:32 PM
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