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Grey's Anatomy Fodder

"Grey's Anatomy" News to Get You Through to Thursday

We're down to three more nights until the premiere of "Grey's Anatomy". I know that's not much, but it can really drag so I thought I'd give you some links to get your fix until Thursday.

First, in case you're worried about where MerDer are going, check out SpoilerBuzz.

"USA Today" has some great behind-the-scenes peeks at all your fave docs on the set.

Eric Dane.jpgNothing will get you in the mood like some GA music so check that out on the Grey's Anatomy Insider site.

Slate has an interesting article on the recent trend towards over-cast-population, which I think GA is really on the verge of.

TV Squad can catch you up on spoilers.

Finally, read some good news about being able to keep up on any missed episodes on

-- Tracy Blanchard

Posted by on September 24, 2007 7:32 PM
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