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Grey's Anatomy Fodder

From "Grey's Anatomy" to "Private Practice"

So did you watch the hour-long "Grey's Anatomy to Private Practice"?

I saw a few scenes I'd missed the first time around, so that was good. I always love to re-watch "Grey's Anatomy," so that was good. I absolutely love the evolution of the character of Addison Montgomery. So to watch that, all of piece, that was good.

McSteamy -- a "big wheelbarrel full of testosterone?" Well, ok. I would agree with that . . . especially when he walks out in nothing but a towel and some steam.

And remember that great moment when Derek and Addie finally laugh over her poison oak-filled crotch. You sure do start to see her differently. As a women who's not made of steel but flesh. A woman who can see the humor of being herself. And we all start to change how we feel about her.

And that extremely painful moment when Karev so harshly blows her off after boffing her in the closet?

Yes, we love Addison by the time that all this happens and are hooked on her, until of course, we see the pilot for "Private Practice," which is just so unbelievably bad we re-think the entire prospect of following Addie to L.A.

I mean, ultimately, wasn't this just an hour-long ad for "Private Practice"?

Based on the pilot, I'd say, "no freakin' way"! Based on "Grey's Anatomy to Private Practice", I guess I'll give it a shot. Especially with the introduction of Audra MacDonald (as if we'd never seen Merrin Dungey).

-- Tracy Blanchard

Posted by on September 19, 2007 9:08 PM
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