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At “Grey’s Anatomy,” Change is Inevitable

So it’s difficult to summarize tonight’s pilot. Because . . . well . . . nothing really happened. Essentially, Shonda wanted to remind us of the characters -- not necessarily who they were at the end of last season, but who they were when we first fell in love with them. But also, the episode was about was power. Yeah, I think that’s it. Power. The power the interns have developed on the way to becoming residents.

Thing is, Bailey still kicks ass, despite not winning Chief Resident! In fact, Callie can’t really keep control of her residents. They don’t respond at a run, the way they did with Bailey. And they seem to be taking over her surgeries, as happens when Alex’s patient, who has a tendency to eat everything in sight, ends up in surgery and Callie finds out about it too late, after Bailey has scrubbed in.

In some ways, it was an episode full of paranoia. Paranoia between the residents to live up to the example Bailey set. I absolutely love that the eppie started with Izzie, Meredith, Christina, and Alex giving out Bailey’s “five rules” just as Bailey gave them out 3 years (or really 1 year) ago. Of course, none of them quite live up to the Nazi. Even when Christina swaggers, she can’t quite recapture Miranda.

It was an episode full of paranoia. Paranoia between the couples – Mer/Der and Christina/Burke even though Burke wasn’t there. Meredith and Derek haven’t seen each other for the 17 days that supposedly have elapsed since last season’s finale. The 17 days that everyone, from interns to doctors, have been on vacation (did the entire hospital shut down?). During that time, Meredith and Christina went on Christina’s honeymoon together; Alex went trailing after Rebecca without ever catching up to her; and George is silent on what he and Callie have been up to. Clearly Izzie has just been thinking about George. None of the issues left on hold at the season finale are actually resolved, except that Christina is finally told that Burke handed in his resignation. The eppie ends with Meredith and Derek breaking up, but not before one last nookie-session in the hospital (because no one actually has sex at home on this show). So are they really broken up? And George shows up at Izzie’s to tell her that, in fact, he loves her too. No one else likes Gizzie, but I think they have a lot of potential to be a great, totally hilarious couple, and though I like Callie as a character, I don’t think she belongs with George. I personally think she should conquer Mc Steamy. She needs someone tougher than George. But that’s just me.

There is a fair amount of tension between Bailey and Callie as Callie tries to command the same respect as Miranda did. Alas, the interns have already been trained Bailey-style and Callie is struggling to get them to perform. As we knew, and expected she would, Miranda doesn’t have much sympathy. The satisfaction comes when she finally confronts the chief and the chief basically tells her she’s too fine of a surgeon to waste on administration. Miranda is not appeased in the moment, but it is likely to grow on her . . . .

Quotes of the night:

The residents about the new interns: “007s in training”. Do you remember what 007 stands for? License to kill.

Callie to George: "Maybe they’ll see you as the daddy intern . . . my boobs are sore . . . “

Meredith: “Spiritually, Bailey’s over everyone’s head.”

Lexie: “You delivered a baby today. So stop feeling sorry for yourself. You are kind of awesome.”
George: “ I know.”

Izzie to her interns: “Like it or not, I’m the kind of doctor who lets a little kid convince her to save a deer. Oh, and when I woke up this morning, I didn’t know I’d get stuck with the duds So I have to adjust my expectations as well.”

Posted by on September 27, 2007 10:24 PM
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