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Glee: Journey - Review

Here we are again. Another finale. This time it's a little different. The full season 1 has ended and there is no doubt that there will be a season 2 or 3. We can just sit back and enjoy it.

There were several doubts coming into this episode: Did they do enough in between. Did they develop enough. Did they squander episodes where story could've been enriched. Would the Journey number be overkill. All that was tossed out the window as soon as the episode started. This episode captured the joy of the pilot, and the sense of longing for more as did the 13th episode at sectionals.

Several story lines were put to bed and the hope of a new beginning was planted. Every character in this show from Sue Sylvester to Emma Pillsbury showed that there are no saints or sinners. Only shades of everything culminating in a whole.

Dianna Agron once again proved her strength in anchoring the emotional embodiment of the Glee club. If any of the club members are nominated for anything in the next award season, it should be her. In what seems to be a lifetime ago I said before any other bloggers that Jane Lynch would be a nominations machine. I do so now with Dianna Agron. Her star potential is too much to ignore at this point in the game. Her acting has just as much surreal maturity and connectivity as Lea Michele does with her voice. Lea Michele of course has been the more celebrated of the two but Agron's contribution to the heart and soul of this show cannot be discounted.

Speaking of contributions that cannot be ignored; if Lea Michele is the driver for the New Directions bus, Amber Riley is the engine. Her solid performances as a singer as well as an actress provide bridge between those 2 aspects of the show. Heather Morris has become quite the surprise as well. I could watch her dance for days, but her impact as a comedic insert was a welcome addition.

All in all, everything is as it should be. The Glee club didn't get the easy out, Sue shows more colors to herself, Emma complicates things for the future, Finn shows a backbone, and Quinn Fabray tears our hearts out. Everyone's aged, everyone's grown and everyone has scars.

Bring on season 2.

- @ZorbaTheGleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on June 9, 2010 8:51 AM
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