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Glee: Funk - Review

Last week we got some really great feedback and input from last week's episode. A lot of people really resonated my feelings on how things unfolded last week. Did this week fare any better? Let's take a look...

Everyone seems to be in a funk this episode. Shuester tries to get out of his by getting revenge on his arch nemesis Sue. Shuester learns his lesson when he takes the fight to Sue in her own game and finds, as often with the other characters as well, that going against your core personality tends to lead to bad things happening. In his zeal for taking the fight to Sue, he almost ruins the nationals for the Cheerios.

This week's episode had a very clear cut purpose - set up for the season finale. In order to do so, the lines between Vocal Adrenaline and New Directions needed to be cleaned up. The episode got off very quickly with Vocal Adrenaline firing a warning shot over to New Directions. They willingness to flaunt their skill accomplished 2 things. The first was to intimidate the Glee kids. The second was inadvertent as Shuester, getting advice from an unlikely source, learns that Vocal Adrenaline has a weakness.

The classic Rocky theme lines are drawn as classic skill is faced with classic heart. Vocal Adrenaline it seems cannot pull off a funk number as they're so military trained that they've lost their soul. New Directions of course is the classic bad news bears rag tag group of individuals that tend to be longer on heart than talent at times.

Once again Dianna Agron pulls another strong performance in this episode showing great connectivity with a consistently strong Amber Riley. Quinn Fabray seems to be the embodiment of the Glee club. She's all at once beautiful, outcast, misunderstood and struggling for an identity. (A strong argument could very well be made for Artie as well, but we'll reflect on that at another time). Mercedes takes Quinn into her home and a sisterhood seems to be rapidly forming between the two. We saw a similar connection between the two in the episode entitled "Home".

Rachel's boy trouble seems to be consistently bad although there was a surprising lack of "I told you so" from the club. I guess the club was either too worried about trying to win or assumed Rachel was already in her own self imposed purgatory to care rubbing salt into her wounds.

I'm liking the shift of dynamics. The characters need to evolve and breathe. The new Quinn/Mercedes friendship looks to be an interesting one. Terry working with Finn and Puck gives us a chance to create new conflicts and more screen time for poor Howard Bamboo.

What made this episode better than the last? It's simple - focus. Well focus and...Sue. Coach Sylvester tends to be an effective catalyst for change and reflection in all of the Glee club members. Her solipsistic attitude challenges and is challenged in perfect balance with the Glee club. The formula is simple. Give us lovable losers that we can cheer for. Everyone loves a good Rocky story. It doesn't have to be entirely complicated and it doesn't need a forced artist tribute show to get us to watch. The basic need to root for the underdog coupled with the interesting characters and the tongue in cheek dialog toss in with some great music and dancing should be enough.

Next week is the highly anticipated regionals. Let's hope it finishes strong and leaves us with the same anticipation over the hiatus as the pilot and the 13th episode did.

Till Next Time!

- Zorba The Gleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on June 2, 2010 8:45 AM
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