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Glee: Theatricality Review

Every week we explore how the lesson Shuester gives the class affects the overall storylines. This week Shuester said it best when he explained he wasn't sure what the lesson was. The apparent lesson was to be proud of who you are inside. The problem is, there's a difference between being proud of being who you are and overdoing it by shoving down other people's throats. The entire episode was just as the characters in the show were - overbearing. The Lady Gaga tribute episode was forced. Stunt episodes like the Madonna episodes work well as a break from the norm, but they cannot be brought out so quickly. We were barely removed from Madonna and then we get a Gaga tribute. Everything about the episode was as forced as the need to use the Gaga music. A while back Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuck spoke to the press about how they use the music to fit the storylines and not vice versa, but this cannot be the case for this episode. Several characters in the episode dealt with not knowing who they are. The episode itself didn't know what it was either.

The only thing with a pulse was Quinn and Puck. At least their characters were grounded and worked well with the idea of the week. Poor Tina who has been underutilized thus far, got a chance at comic relief albeit utterly random.

Somehow Kurt, who has pretty much gotten away with slightly stalkeresque tendencies is able to to get off scott free from any real life lessons pretty much this entire series so far. He's constantly played the victim and the moment that breaks it is when Finn, who is pushed to the limit by feeling manipulated into living with Kurt; gets thrown under the bus to Kurt's dad. Sure, maybe Finn should have apologized for losing his cool but Kurt did nothing as his father decimated Finn. His father had no point of reference as to why Finn would lose his cool. To make matters worse, Kurt is again unapologetic as he accuses Finn of being the same old prejudiced society. Kurt grabs the money out of Finn's hand and starts assuming he is in charge of redecorating and none of the characters in the scene bats an eye. Every character in this show at some point of another has been faced with being forced to look at things from the other side. When does Kurt. He's manipulated situations to suit him. Complained that everything isn't about "me" when his father wants to go to a ballgame with Finn. He's all angst and no remorse. Where's the redemption? One can only pity the victim so much until it gets old. Kurt doesn't learn. Kurt does not grow. Kurt becomes more entitled, jaded and coddled.

Meanwhile: Rachel learns from her overbearing need to be a star. Puck learns to be more concerned with responsibility. Finn learns to let go of a father he never knew while trying to learn to be a man. Quinn learns to accept the Glee club as her family and accepts Puck into a larger role into her life. Artie apologizes for pushing Tina regarding her stutter while learning to accept his life in a wheelchair. Tina has learned to quit faking her stutter and to be more comfortable around people. Sue Sylvester constantly gets chinks in her armor shown (see the "Home" episode as a prime example), Shuester has constantly learned lessons and evolved by learning from the kids as well as learning about his personal relationships. Where's Kurt's redemption? He's either a wounded dove one moment or fabulous glam the next. When does his destructive need to have things his way force him to look into the mirror?

We get it, the Glee club wants acceptance but just like Kurt, it's a one trick pony. This episode is as lost as Kurt was. The show needs to move on from what's quickly becoming a broken record. Those of us who have fought to convince people to watch took a hit tonight. I had been constantly telling people to tune in as the show was less of a overbearing soap opera musical and more of a witty musical dramedy. if tonight's episode was the first time that someone who was on the fence watching the show had seen it, it may very well be their last which is a shame.

Personally I am certain this episode was a throwaway. Something to fill the number of episodes without introducing new storylines. Unfortunately everything felt extremely forced and as a huge supporter of the show, I felt betrayed. I do believe season 1 will finish strong and that the show's strong enough to suffer a throwaway every once and a while but we've become accustomed to a certain standard and this episode didn't live up to it.

The bigger shame of it was that Idina Menzel totally rocked singing "Funny Girl" which went largely under-appreciated and the forced Gaga theme wasted a prime chance for Idina Menzel and Lea Michele to stop the show with a killer number. Instead we were relegated to "Poker Face".

They had such a solid footing with "Dream On". I can only believe that the will get it right back on track for the next episode after this one.

For the Glee faithful that felt disappointed, don't worry it will get right back on track. For the first time viewer that caught this episode, give it another try or at least catch "Dream On" on Hulu. For those who loved this episode - this article was most assuredly not for you, but I do love this show and this episode frustrated me. I am glad for those who liked this episode as I hope that the larger viewing audience wasn't as disenchanted as I was with it. Why? Because this show needs the numbers and support so that we can et past episodes like this and get more seasons ordered. This show is rare and needs all the support it can get to continue to rock episodes like "Dream On". This show is a beautiful experiment and we as viewers cannot hope they can hit home runs all the time.

Till next time

- @ZorbaTheGleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on May 26, 2010 11:56 PM
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