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Glee Fodder

'Glee' Gets a 3rd Season & More!

EW earlier had breaking news of Glee's pick up fro a third season. This comes very early as no episodes of season 2 have even been shot yet. Fox has given the show a great amount of faith and it's paid off so far so it's easy to see why they would double down on their bet that the show continues it's success. Now that the 3rd season is ordered, the creative members can concentrate on longer reaching storylines without worrying.

In other news Mark "Puck" Salling will be gracing the pages of June's GQ magazine. expect sales of the issue to skyrocket in the teenage girl market...

The online version can be found HERE.

The Glee season 1 volume 2on DVD/ Blu-ray goes on sale on Sept. 14

Matthew Morrison , not to be outdone by Puck, also showed off his six pack for a pictorial in the June issue of Vogue. Pics can be found HERE.

Glee also received an award from TV Academy for "TV with a conscience" for their "Wheels" episode. It was one of 8 shows honored.

That's it for now! Till next time Gleeks!

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on May 26, 2010 12:13 AM
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