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Glee: Laryngitis

The episode gave us a easier pace and cleaner look at some of the characters than some of the other episodes. The catalyst and subsequent dynamic was simple. Rachel looses her voice. The metaphor extends of course to several of the cast members, notably Mercedes who's lost her grounding due to her increasing popularity, Puck who lost his mojo without his Mohawk, Finn who has seemingly lost Rachel and Kurt who is losing his father.

Rachel's is of course the most direct. Her struggle to hold on too tightly only makes her lose more in the end. The "Run Joey, Run" debacle proved that. Instead of dealing with a minor setback, she freaks out over the idea of losing her voice. It takes Finn, who has finally found a way to reconnect with Rachel on a very real level to take a hard look at herself. He takes her to see a friend of his who seemingly had his identity taken away from him in an accident on the football field. Not only does it take such an extreme case to force Rachel out of her comfort zone, it also took a stranger. Someone whom she had no previous conceptions of. Her only idea of him was from a picture of him from his living room, looking handsome and alive. A stark contrast to the bed ridden paralyzed person she would then meet.

Finn still struggles with his feelings for Rachel. In the grand scheme of things, it's probably best that he's not with her. She's obviously got a few things to work out first. It doesn't stop him from bleeding his soul a little with a rendition of "Jessie's Girl" for Shuester's assignment. He also struggles with not having a father figure around, which Kurt's dad has started to fill into the role.

Kurt struggles still with his voice as a person. He thinks he needs to change everything in the opposite direction; changing his wardrobe and demeanor to more of a "butch" persona. He's willing to do it to gain back his father from all the time he's spending with Finn. It's a perfectly natural, albeit selfish need for him. His father later puts it best when he says Kurt has a tendency to play the victim. Kurt sings John Mellencamp's " Pink Houses" in total butch gear and the rendition as well as the outfit seem horribly out of place. He then proceeds to attempt relations with Brittany to solidify his new persona. It's only after he realizes that his father still is spending time with Finn that he breaks and soliloquies into a Kurt version of "Rose's Turn". His father was still in the school and after watches the performance tries to talk it out with Kurt. Kurt needs to stop playing the victim. His dramatic expectations lie mainly in his own insecurities and not with anyone else.

Puck's lost his mojo.. An unfortunate doctor appointment led to his head being shaved and his signature Mohawk getting cut. His persona is turned so upside down that the geeks take revenge and dump him into a dumpster. He see's an opportunity in the now socially skyrocketing Mercedes to climb back up.

Mercedes is starting to enjoy popularity and willingly lets Puck manipulate her as she enjoys the attention. After she sees Puck turn and her struggles with Santana, she quits the Cherrios and embraces only the glee club. She even has some words for advice to try and see whohe really is deep down.

Each character seemingly lost their "voice" in this episode but gained more perspective out of the temporary handicap. If they pigeon hole themselves and encapsulate their identity to one thing and only one thing (Rachel's voice, Puck's Mohawk, Kurt's gayness) they lose sight of everything else that makes them who they are, and who they are in relation to others.

I personally enjoy episodes like this. I don't feel it necessary to try and include every single character they possibly can into an episode. They employ simple but effective mechanisms in order to force the characters to look at themselves. This type of growth is needed for long term success.

Much like this episode, the show itself has to stop and see that it has more to offer than just it's one notes that's been clearly established from it's format and characters and this episode is a step in that direction. Rachel can't simply just be a diva, Kurt can't be just he gay kid or Mercedes he black girl that belts. The characters must evolve as the show evolves or it too may indeed lose it's voice.

That's it for this episode !

- @ZorbaTheGleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on May 12, 2010 9:04 AM
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