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Glee: Dream On Review

Hi everyone and welcome to another week of Glee. We're quickly bearing down to the end of the back nine order of the first season. This episode was a double treat as some of the Doctor Horrible team came by. Joss Whedon directed and Dr. Horrible himself Neil Patrick Harris guest starred as Bryan Ryan a school board member who's charged with cutting the budgets.

The theme of the episode was simple enough - dreams. Several of the characters had to face the idea that their dreams either had not or will not come true; at least not in the manner they initially thought. Sometimes the dream needs to be molded to fit the reality. The coach of Vocal Adrenaline is revealed as being Rachel's mother. She pushes Jesse to help drop hints so that she will seek her out. Artie still struggles with his disability and gives us both a heart wrenching moment when he face plants into the ground and a lighter hearted dream sequence with his "Safety Dance" number. The quiet moment when the sequence ends and he rejoins reality is all too telling.

If you haven't seen the episode, please do. I'd rather let the story speak for itself on this one. I do however wish to comment on the execution of the episode. I think they finally found the balance that so many episodes were seeking. Less characters were involved but their impact was more powerful. The story was told at a better pace without a lot of quick juggling between scenes. The cast performed brilliantly and the numbers were solid. Were there show stoppers? Dream On was arguably one of the more brilliant numbers and it involved only 2 people. Was there a "Don't Stop Believing" moment? Not really. Instead of the grand slam of a "Don't Stop Believing" number, we were given several solid home runs. I'd like to see more episodes like these where the impact of the episode does lie in a gimmick theme like the Madonna episode; which mind you I loved but feel that it can't be done all the time. Episodes like this make the spine of the show. Let the musical soliloquies have more impact like "I Dreamed a Dream". Not everything needs to be an extremely stylized number that might pull itself out of the context of the show.

I've readily admitted not being the largest Joss Whedon fan as I've had a real love/hate relationship with his work but I thought his directing was brilliant and the extra subtext he brings into each scene made the episode one of the best they've had in the entire series. The strength of this episode was in the storytelling. Some of the other episodes felt a little like Rachel Berry's "Run Joey Run" video.

Dream On? This episode did just that for me. I dream of a series with many episodes of this strength and balance for the future.

- Zorba The Gleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on May 19, 2010 8:32 AM
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