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Glee: Bad Reputation

This episode's assignment by Mr. Shue was to rehabilitate the bad reputations of traditionally cheesy songs. Of course as in past episodes, the episode title and the assignment directly correlate to the personal aspect the characters must address. After the class assignment is handed out Mr. Shuester of course has to show the new guy how it's done by cranking out his mad dance skills on his rendition of "Ice, Ice Baby".

Rachel Berry - her incessant need to be popular is aggrevatd by the "Glist". She resorts to making a video that not so subtly hints that she's so popular that she could have 3 guys fight over her. Instead of gaining popularity, none of the thee guys want anything to do with her by the end of the episode. Those three guys being...

Jesse, Finn and Puck - Jesse had the reputation of being a star, Puck the "badass" and Finn the likable all american boy. They all get their reputation dropped by Rachel's video. Puck is doubly challenged as he's also the prime suspect in the "Glist" scandal, no matter what protests he tries to put up.

The Getalong gang ( Kurt, Mercedes , Brittany , Artie and Tina ) They try extreme measures to garner a rougher image. One attempt was them trying to disrupt the tranquility of the library by a loud and fantastically staged performance of MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This". This of course backfires and only garners them an invite to perform the number at the librarian's church. They also take what they thought was the ultimate sacrifice by confessing they had uploaded an embarrassing video of a teacher working out to a classic 80s song. That of course being...

Sue Sylvester - Sue is faced with her stellar "superstar" reputation getting stained after the Glee club posts her personal video of her working out to Olivia Newton-John's physical on Youtube. She is subjected to the horrors of "slow motion laughter" and doesn't seem to like it much. Mockery turns to triumph as the real Olivia Newton-John comes to re-shoot her iconic video with Coach Sue. Sue also got a warm fuzzy feeling by "giving back" to the helpless by counseling ...

Emma Pillsbury - who had the reputation of being too nice. Sue convinces her that she needs to take it to Will in public and make it hurt. She made her bed and seemingly is willing to lay in it as she stands her ground with...

Will Shuester - had the dancing boyscout reputation down until Emma accuses him of being a slut in front of the faculty. He is beaten down by his own onslaught of whispers in the hallway from various members - most notably Sue who finds every variation possible of a man slut insult. His honest attempt at reaching out to a steadfast Emma falls short which gives him the ability to see clearly he culprit behind the divisive "Glist"...

Quinn Fabray - who had fallen the most the quickest on the social ladder. Shuester covers for her and indrectly tells her the "Glist" is done.

The episode had a kitschy whodunit vibe and allowed the characters to look into the mirror once again. What they found was holding on too hard to shape others perception of them only causes a more difficult turn. Rachel once again stepped in it as her need to try and control her image causes 3 separate conflicts for herself. Emma trying on a stronger demeanor runs the risk of pushing Will further away instead of reeling him in. The Getalong Gang find that the more they push to be rebels, the more they come off as care bears.

Will this episode give Glee a "Bad Reputation" or did it give it's fans what they want? There certainly were some extremely lovable moments in the episode but several spots felt a bit forced or drawn out.

Not every episode of any show knocks them out of the park and this episode goes into that category. What it does do is shake up the dynamics a little for more future episodes and also provides several entertaining moments to give the viewer a sense of satisfaction of the individual episode as well. Hopefully they will continue to explore the dynamics of all the characters including some of our favorite supporting ones as strengthening those characters should keep the show from getting a "bad reputation" for being overtly redundant and formulaic while maintaining a familiar feel to each episode in the series.

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on May 5, 2010 8:08 PM
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