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Glee: The Power of Madonna

I have to admit, I was more than a bit scared before this episode aired. Would the episode live to the hype? Did they do too much build up for it? Can Madonna's music translate to chorus ? Was there going to be an annoying amount of Madonna places that wouldn't make sense to the story...

Instead I was treated to one of the best episodes so far.

The mechanism to get Madonna worked into the episode was simple. Make Madonna Sue Sylvester's role model. Cleverly add an absurd request that only the Sue character can make (play Madonna music constantly in the halls) and viola.

Sue makes the Cheerios work on Madonna routines and inspires Will to empower the girls of New Directions with the music of Madonna. Kurt and Mercedes inspired want to work on an audio/video project (The Vogue video)

A nice change in the usual banter also provided a way for Kurt and Mercedes to work in the Vogue video. After Shuester gets his own verbal hair jabs into Sue "Maybe you should try a new setting on your Flowbee. Oh snap!!!" (which is also my line of the night), Sue goes on a rampage allowing her to reveal her jealousy of Shuester's hair and her own inability to grow her's out after a childhood accident.

The main focal point of the episode was centered around 3 couples and losing their virginity. Only one actually follows through with it, ironically it wasn't the one we thought. Finn gets together with Santana and sits horribly disappointed. Note to Finn: Don't worry, when you're middle aged it will turn into one of the hottest stories you will tell. Emma and Rachel backed out at the least second.

2 new through lines were established in this episode. Kurt and Mercedes join the Cherrios. Also DUN DUN DUNNNNN queue ominous music Jesse, the lead singer for Vocal Adrenaline moves to the McKinley school district and joins New Directions.

Madonna through Glee may have found a rebirth of her relevance out of the fading niche market she's found her way into.

Honorable mention: "When I pulled my hamstring I went to a misogynist" - Brittany

By far my personal favorite number of the night was "Express Yourself". The ladies looked fantastic and the song was perfectly executed.

Honestly I thought this episode would disrupt continuity but instead they were able to do an episode of Madonna music without making it a stand alone nonsensical homage.

The Episode can be found here for a limited time:

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on April 21, 2010 10:01 AM
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