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Glee: Hello (Hell-o)

Welcome back to the back 9 episodes of the Glee season 1 pickup.

Shuester defined the purpose of the episode and the characters involved by mandating that they come up with a new way to say "Hello". Since the first 13 episodes were made before the show got picked up for the back 9, they gave a bit of closure and now they must all have to find a way for the show to in essence say "Hello" again.

The change is subtle but there are noticeable new lines that are drawn in this episode:

Sue Sylvester is as sharp as ever but this time she's not alone. Idina Menzel and Jonathan Groff are now in the mix as the Director and star of vocal adrenalin. They immediately inject themselves into the comfort zone of the Will/Emma and Finn/Rachel dynamics and cause disruptions along the way. The extra help could allow coach Sue to venture off in new directions and show some more dimensions to her character.

Will/Emma - Alongside Emma's reveal of her "intimacy is messy" problem, Idina Menzel also becomes a monkey wrench as the mutually attracted arch rival director. This also creates a new pathway to shed a little of the good boy image Shuester had molded himself into.

Finn/Rachel - Like 2 people chasing each other in a revolving door, these 2 just can't seem to get on the same page. In comes Jonathan Goff as Jesse - the star of vocal adrenalin. He seems conveniently perfect for Rachel and her usual need to need gets in the way. As Finn is exploring options with the wonder twins of Santana and Brittany; Rachel goes off with Jesse. After Finn realizes his mistake and tries to work it out with Rachel he finds he may have to work a little harder.

Rachel/New Directions - Fraternizing with the enemy? Can Rachel be so blind? The Glee club is noticeably annoyed by her constant selfishness. All Rachel can see is that she's in a relationship but a later glance between coach and star shows that Vocal Adrenalin is sticking with their motto of Kill or Be Killed.

Finn/Quinn - As usual Finn can't make up his mind and it often wanders to the one he discarded in anger. Love triangle at this point may be an inaccurate word. Finn seems to get himself stuck in a love Rubik's cube.

Emma/Terri - This doesn't look like it's over by a mile. Terri seems to have unfinished business. Her usual nativity has been shed for more of a vicious self preservation mode.

5 songs were featured in this one all with the word Hell or Hello in the title: Hello, Hello I Love You, Hello Goodbye, Gives You Hell, Highway to Hell

Here's hoping that they don't oversaturate the show with too much music as that could turn off some viewers.

Quinn and Puck took a clear back seat in this episode which I think is a good thing. They need to let more of the regular cast show their colors. In the long run it can only build fuller dynamics and better through lines.

All in all the episode was a lot of familiar stuff with a slightly different face.

Lines of the night :

''I won't be burying any hatchets, William, unless I happen to get a clear shot to your groin.'' - Sue Sylvester

''Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?'' - Brittany

Till next time !
- Zorba

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on April 14, 2010 10:07 AM
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