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Glee Conference call and other Glee news

Hey everyone! Glee is finally just around the corner. In anticipation of this 2 of the producers Brad Falchuck and Ian Brennan let few of us in for a conference call Q&A. Some of the things that were discussed were how they're handling the slew of people who want to guest star and the possibility fo overexposing the material before it airs.

Highlights included:

The producers still maintain their surprise at the popularity of the show -

"We’re very pleasantly surprised, obviously. And we knew we were working hard to achieve that, but we didn’t know it was going to become the kind of phenomenon that it has become. We certainly couldn’t have expected that. It would have been inappropriate to expect that; it would have been hubris." - B. Falchuck

On Finn/Rachel -

"Well the Finn/Rachel relationship is obviously a core to the show. It’s something that’s really sort of important because it’s the bridge of the two worlds that really in the pilot we were trying to put together, which was this sort of popular jock boy with this unique Glee girl. She represents Glee and he represents the rest of the world.
And so we always are going to explore that relationship in many different ways, and it’s going to be a push and a pull in that sometimes it’s going to be him going after her and sometimes it’s going to be her going after him, and they’re always going to sort of be watching each other from afar. No matter what’s going on in their lives they’ll always have one eye on the other one. So we’ll see a bunch of that, and then by the end, I think by episode 22 of the back 9, so episode 9 of the last 9, we’ll reach a really temporary conclusion to that." - B. Falchuck

On the pressures of a young cast with sudden attention -

"Speaking for everyone I mean we just got back from Chicago where we filmed Oprah and then went on to the White House; we just got back last night. I was shocked at how poised and professional everyone has been. And like Brad said earlier, this has been a journey of about a year for them. And so you can see how some of these kids, like Chris Colfer who is 19 years old, how poised and how awesome he is in interviews and on camera, and how much the kids like one another, and like us, at least for now. I think it’s an interesting time for them, but they all seem to be handling it really well, kind of the publicity and the fame and all of it. I could not have been more proud of them this weekend." - I. Brennan

On the business model of the modern TV show changing but not hindering creativity -

I think that television it’s a much harder marketplace now. If you look at the ratings of even the biggest show on TV, like American Idol, 20 years ago that show would have been cancelled because the ratings have been too low. And so it’s a sort of a different marketplace, and so I think that television is adapting, and it’s adapting really well actually, to finding new income streams to make shows profitable. For a while it was DVDs and syndication, and now you look at a show like ours where we sold, you know, we have two gold records, I think four or five platinum singles, we have— Yes, four and a half million singles just so far and we’ve only aired 13 times. And then we have the tour coming up; we’ll be in Chicago and New York and LA and Phoenix, and obviously t-shirts and all that stuff. All the little ancillary things I think that any business needs to expand or find new ways to generate revenue, and so I think it’s exciting the way it’s happening.
Because the fact is none of it is hurting the brand and none of it is changing the creative process. We’re still just telling the best stories we can tell and trying to put out the best episodes we can put out, and all that other stuff is just enhancing it; it’s not coming first. So I think that’s sort of interesting."

On upcoming guest stars and stories -

"Neal Patrick Harris will be, and he’s amazing. And who else? Anybody else coming in there? Michael O'Malley will be back, who is just playing Kurt’s dad, who is just honestly just the biggest gift we could get. He’s truly extraordinary and really humanizes both those characters, I think, with what he did with Kurt’s father. That’s been a real grounding relationship in the show is Kurt and his dad.
And Idina is incredible and the episode with Kristen in it, I think, is maybe our best one yet. It’s called Home; it’s the third one back, and it’s really so moving and hilarious. She is obviously Kristen, so you kind of can’t keep your eyes off her." - B. Falchuck

On Neil Patrick Harris -

"The guy’s a frigging genius; he’s awesome. Everybody loved him, everybody loved working with him, he was delightful, he was easy. I mean he was all the things you want him to be, and he just brought something. When we were writing the character we were like oh my God what if for some reason Neal gets too busy and can’t do it. No one else can play this character; we’ll have to rewrite the whole episode." - B. Falchuck

On the possibility of writing for too many guest stars -

"What’s actually exciting about the show is that we’ve … And then really in the first 13 realizing, as we kind of wrote those first 13 that have aired, of how deep a bench we have like inside the show. There are so many, I think that’s what’s been great is being able to find the ancillary characters, like Tina and Artie. And once we get into those characters we realize that wow those are actually some of our best episodes. So it’s not like we’re dying to get guest stars, because we have a pretty good cast as it is." I. Brennan

On overexposing the product -

"Well our marketing department at Fox is really actually quite amazing what they’re able to do. And also we are incredibly involved with all of that, what material goes out, and especially Ryan is intensely involved with what gets out, what doesn’t get out. And I happen to not think that, because I see all of those clips and what’s going to be put out and what story points are going to be revealed, that the experience of sitting down for that hour and watching, actually experience the show as we intend you to experience and the moments we want you to feel. You can see a clip and see a song that might be in the show; it’s not the same as when you’ve been on that ride of the episode and what’s the emotional moment, the emotional impact of that song at that minute thirty-one as opposed to just seeing a little bit of the clip of it.
And also nowadays everything is everywhere, and you sort of need to sort of feed that beast. So we don’t get too concerned about that." - B. Falchuck

In other news:

Highlights from the Oprah appearance included:

- A visibly humbled Lea Michele as Ryan Murphy talking about the rarity of her vocal abilities.

- Several behind the scenes clips with the cast

- An in studio performance of "Somebody to Love"

- The John Burroughs show choir performing a rendition of "Vogue" after which they received surprises of $100,000 and a new piano for their choir room.

Also in the news:

Glee received the prestigious Peabody award

Cory Monteith filled in his off season schedule as he joined the cast of Monte Carlo alongside Katie Cassidy and Selena Gomez - Based on the Jules Bass book Headhunters published in 2001, Monte Carlo finds Gomez playing a teen named Grace who's mistaken for a socialite while on a trip to Paris. Flying off to Monte Carlo for a charity ball and auction, Grace and her friends find themselves involved in the search for a million dollar necklace that goes missing. Nicole Kidman is attached as a producer. Fox 2000 will be the studio behind it

Members of the cast of Glee hosted a free public outdoor screening of the next episode at The Grove.

9:28/8:28c !!!

All the best !

- Zorba

- The cast detailing the extreme hours and schedule they work through

(Highlights can be found at )

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on April 11, 2010 8:14 PM
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