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Glee Fodder

Oprah Goes "Glee" April 7th

According to several cast members and E! Online Oprah is dedicating her April 7th show to all things Glee. To build momentum for the show, will have several fun Glee quizzes and facts on the website at the end of March.

The Oprah show will have interviews with the entire cast and will air the day following the Glee command performance for President Obama.

In other news: Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays are both confirmed to be signed on to the upcoming Smurfs movie. If you recall September of last year I had predicted NPH would be on Glee as it turns out it has come to fruition. This wouldn't be the first time a Glee mainstay has teamed up with a notable Glee guest star as Kristen Chenoweth and Lea Michele had been previously reported to be working together on the animated Wizard of OZ movie.

Several sources are stating that both Coldplay and Bryan Adams have declined to have their music on the show. I generally like to keep this column spoiler free so keep this as rumor: Expect Expect Lady Gaga, Aerosmith, Bette Midler, Billy Joel, All American Rejects and Justin Timberlake to be covered this season.

We all heard some of the major music on the teaser trailer that Fox put out so I wont go into dissecting it here.

Feel free on perusing the Midseason teaser here:

Several sources are stating that Julia Roberts is interested in making a cameo appearance on the show as well.

Jessalyn Gilsig revealed to MTV that she will indeed have her own musical number. she revealed that Teri has unfinished business but declined to spill the beans on what song she may be doing.

For those of you who are dying to know where Quinn will find a place to stay since Puck was revealed as the baby's dad (Minor Spoiler)


Contrary to recent rumors, Mark Salling denies being in a "committed relatonship" with Naya Rivera. (Source E! Online)

As always I am @ZorbaTheGleek - Later Gleeks!!

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on March 19, 2010 10:27 AM
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