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"Glee" Wins SAG Award, Plus NPH, J. Lo, Justin & More!

The Glee train took another stop at the SAG awards on Saturday night picking up another passenger to keep their Golden Globe company. The cast picked up the Actor for best ensemble in a comedy series. What made the win unique is the fact that the awards are voted by their peers - the membership of the Screen Actors Guild. Not an easy task to win considering the members of 30 Rock, Curb your Enthusiasm, Modern Family and The Office were also nominated. This is a very large feather in the cap of the little show that could. This show is very dependent of being the sum of all their parts as opposed to relying on the individual or individuals to carry the show. Jane Lynch was the designated speaker for the group.

A full list of winners can be found here:

Video of the win can be seen below:

In other Glee news: Glee star Matthew Morrison is set to record his debut album in the fall. He tells Billy Bush of Access Hollywood - “It’s going to be different. I would consider it a classier Justin Timberlake album,” he said at the time. “It’s going to be me and a big orchestra, but also with beats.”

Several sources are reporting Jennifer Lopez to be in talks to possibly be the lunch lady on the show.

Sources are also reporting that Dr. Horrible and How I Met Your Mother Star Neil Patrick Harris aka NPH is also in talks for the show. You may recall NPH was listed in this article a while back written by yours truly. (Link to article)

Also, on the red carpet for the SAG awards, Justin Timberlake stopped by E! for an interview where he subtly dropped the hint that he too would like to be on Glee. You got to love it when performers drop hints about other shows they'd like to work on during red carpet interviews. Video below:

Fox is set to debut "Glee" in Japan soon. The promos for the show are some of the best I've seen with former sumo star Akebono Taro singing an acapella verson of "Don't Stop Believing" the must see video can be seen below:

That's all for now guys!

- @ZorbaTheGleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on January 24, 2010 4:28 PM
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