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Glee News: Open Call for 3 slots in Season 2!

Glee got an early pickup for season 2. The show which had just started shooting the back 9 episodes of season 1 would be able to get a comfortable jump start on the creative process of season 2.

"The early pickup will allow the show's producers to start planning Season Two now, and will also allow Fox to conduct a nationwide casting search to fill three new roles on the show." That search will be part of an interactive episodic special which will air late in the summer and will allow audiences to participate in the casting process. - Michael Schneider via Variety

People who are interested should go to

Also Jarett Wieselman over at PopWrap reports that Lea Michele and Kristen Chenoweth will reunite...this time on the big screen.

"In 2011's "Dorothy of Oz" Lea will reportedly bring the title character to life while Kristin is planning to lend her unmistakable voice to the role of China Doll Princess. For this animated adventure, the producers have looked to the "More Adventures of Oz" novels that L. Frank Baum's great-grandson, Roger S. Baum wrote.

This story focuses on what happened to Oz after Dorothy left and the action kicks off as she returns to Kansas, which has been decimated by the twister that transported her to the technicolor world. But before Dorothy can even think about helping her family rebuild, she's sent rocketing back to the equally destroyed and no longer quite so merry old land of Oz."

I'd like to also congratulate Ryan Murphy and Paris Barclay. Glee got two noms for DGA awards: Ryan Murphy for pilot and Paris Barclay for "Wheels." has confirmed that Olivia Newton-John has signed on to guest star on Glee. She apparently will duet famous "Let's Get Physical" with none other than Jane Lynch.

That's all for now.

- @ZorbaTheGleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on January 13, 2010 11:53 PM
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