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Glee : Sectionals

At long last the night of the sectionals is here. The 13th installment of the original episodes finally gets to air. Who would've thought after the pilot episode that the show would've turned into this much of a phenomenon.

The show gave us some answers to some lingering questions.

First off was the elephant in the choir room. Rachel who can never leave well enough alone was seen gathering up the Glee club to her suspicions that Puck was the father of the baby. Ironically the entire club playing stupid is revealed to have known this as fact except for Rachel who apparently needs to get into someones fave 5. Her tinkering in her usual need for Finn's attention of course is a cancer in the club's dynamic.

Emma filled the void left by Shuester by bending the truth that Ken was ok with her escorting the kids to sectionals.

We all had been wondering when would Mercedes or possibly Tina make a challenge for the throne oh so presumptively occupied by princess Rachel. Right off the bat we get our answer. Mercedes, finally finding a voice questions Rachel's right to assume her position as top soloist. Rachel smugly dares Mercedes to prove it and the song that we all knew was coming at one point or another comes out. It was so obvious what she was going to sing she didn't even have to tell the pianist. "And I am telling you" the song made famous by Jennifer Holiday in the show "Dreamgirls" and subsequently butchered by many an american idol hopeful was brilliantly delivered by Mercedes. Amber Riley successfully found a soul for the song without xerox copying her predecessors. Sure, we've heard the song before but there was a freshness to it that even hearing the Amber Riley version without seeing it performed would be an injustice. Rachel capitulates and her and Mercedes hug it out. Chills - check, goosebumps - check. Popcorn?....Heck ya cause they were just getting started.

Unless we had forgotten about Rachel's earlier tinkering, we're treated to some great camera work of Finn assaulting Puck over the revelation that he's the father. Other than a girlish kick on some furniture on the way out of the room (sorry Cory Monetieth, I call em as I see em), the scene was incredibly grounded. Incredible work by Dianna Agron as Quinn in this episode watching her world fall apart yet again.

The show didn't cheap out the stories either. They could've easily has Puck and Quinn embrace the reality that they need each other just as Rachel could've easily gotten together with Finn but instead they played the truth of the characters. Quinn ultimately does not need another distraction such as the capricious Puck and Finn is so angry that Rachel cannot make a move in on him.

The void left by Finn was filled by the resident geek horny guy Jacob who of course gets back to work on Rachel and finally we're all on the bus (except for Finn) to the sectionals! Smooth sailing from this point on....

Of course nothing is smooth sailing as they kids find out that the other schools are doing all their numbers. Some hilarious renditions of "And I am telling you" and "Don't stop believing" are done by the other two schools and a heartbreaking rip off of their "Proud Mary" wheelchair routine left the club in disarray.

Fantastic confrontation between Shue and Sue Sylvester as Shue finally has hit breaking point and shows no fear of Sue anymore.

Shuester is powerless to do anything as he's been relayed information via telephone. Instead of the usual mechanism of having the mentor come to the rescue damming all the rules, the show instead has Shue have a heart to heart with Finn. He reminds Finn that he is special and sometimes you can't always get what you want. Shue leaves his keys on the bench. As Finn runs after him to tell Shue that he forgot his keys, Shue simly replies as he walks off "No I didn't" and with that Finn is given yet one more lesson by his adopted father figure.

Emma, who had been getting stronger in her self confidence by the episode finally chimes up and attacks the other two coaches for being moral and competitive frauds.

The club, deflated finds a familiar hero in Finn showing up. Puck offers his hand in friendship and Finn refuses as well as giving Quinn a glance. The heroics only go so far and the Care Bear moment is denied. He's there for the team and not for the individual dynamics. He brought the music just as he did with the pilot episode.

It's their turn. And in the face of those who actually wanted to...Rachel sings "Don't Rain on My Parade". In doing so Lea Michele tackles one of the more revered and difficult songs for a female vocalist to perform as Rachel showcases exactly why her talent will not be denied. But she's not alone and the club reminds everyone at home "You Can't Always Get What You Want".

Matthew Morrison expresses both pride in his club as well as agony for not being able to be there along with a million other colors on his face while holding a phone during the performance.

The judges room was hilarious as ultra sterotypes of a faded beauty queen and cheesy midwestern celebrity news anchor talks circles of nonsense around a disgruntled public servant stuck judging the contest.

Another Care Bear moment is avoided as guest star Eve runs up with a conscious ready to inform the judges of their fraud. Unfortunately, the judges already made up their mind.

Speaking of care bear moments...Terri is denied hers as her eagerness to discuss all their problems as Shue is getting ready to leave for Emma and Ken's wedding causes a permanent rift between the separated couple. She arrives to an empty reception hall as Emma gives him the truth about Ken. She tries to expose their not so subtle feelings for each other but Emma logically acknowledges that Shue just left his wife and might not be thinking in the clearest of minds.

Sue Sylvester's day of reckoning has come and Figgins also grows a spine as he lays the law down on her. She smugly asks for her slap on the wrist but Figgins is not having it any more. Instead Sue is suspended and removed from coaching the Cherrios. Of course Sue wouldn't be Sue unless she tried to smack talk Shue in the hallway afterwards.

Shuester as reinstated director, visits the club who treat him to a view of the trophy, earned without the judges knowing of the impropriety that went on. They treat Shue (and us) to a rendition of "My Life Would Suck Without You" which showcased mini glimpses of all the dance choreography of the entire 13 episodes. If the shoe never got ordered this would've been one hell of a way to end it. The song was enough to stir Shuester into action, running and searching to find Emma who had resigned her post to avoid the pain of seeing Ken and the heartache of seeing Shuester every day at work. A brilliant ending as they finally see each other and kiss giving us a few seconds of audio of them breathing before the credits.

Yes Glee, our lives do suck without you already...April cannot come soon enough.

Glee News:

Idina Menzel is rumored by multiple sources to be in talks to lock down a deal to play none other than the coach of Vocal Adrenaline. The story broke as an exclusive from our friends over at

Amber Riley earlier today was on Fox 11's Good Day LA to promote the season finale. What she didn't know was that she was to meet Stevie Wonder and also get to get a chance to sing with the legend. Video below. Another snapshot in the scrapbook of a banner year of memories for Ms. Riley.

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on December 10, 2009 5:18 AM
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