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Glee : Mattress

The Glee club discover that they aren't going to be in the yearbook thanks to the kind hearted Sue Sylvester blocking them for their own good due to school tradition of defacing the Glee club pics in the yearbook.

Shue of course won't stand for this and takes his fight to Figgins. He's not alone of course as Rachel storms into the office as well guns blazing to protect her right to pimp herself out in as many of the yearbook photos.

The deal was cut between Figgins and Shue to buy an ad in the yearbook and allow 2 representatives to be in the picture. Of course the rest of the Glee club is mortified by the prospect of this and the votes for the top 2 representatives go unanimously to Rachel. Shue senses their apprehension and sicks the over enthusiastic team captain on the club to choose a co-captain.

After a comical sequence of various club members dodging Rachel's request the original arch stone of the club - Finn is asked once again to stand up and lead the others. He does so willingly until his teammates write on his face and bully him into second guessing himself. (Note to Finn. I know you grew up without a father but up already. They wrote on your face. Who let's people slide like that? You want to rearrange the hierarchy...beat a few of them down)

Rachel is abandoned and left to take the picture solo. Which she does and inadvertently
discovers the photographer is also a commercial director. She parlays the opportunity into a commercial for the entire club. Of course the dialog just wont do and we're treated to a brilliant rednition of Van Halen's "Jump".

Shue, while looking for his pocket square discovers Terri's baby bump pad and finally Terri's day of reckoning is here! Matthew Morrison turns in his Emmy clip submission with a unusually grounded performance played off of Jessalyn Gilsig. Leave it to the pro's to turn out an incredibly connected scene. Any buzz you may have had over "Jump" quickly faded as Shue declares that Terri has made her own bed. By her own paranoia of pushing him away her self fulfilling prophesy had come true.

Shue goes to the school to sleep it off for the night and discovers a stack of mattresses. He opens one and gets some sleep.

Sue discovers after her Sue's Corner segment the tv commercial the Glee club made. She of course is dismayed at firs but then smiles as she's finally got Shue. The performance invalidates their ability to compete.

In Figgins's office a heated fight breaks out between Shue and coach Sylvester. Technically the kids didn't get paid but since one of the mattresses was opened and used, the Glee club is cornered.

Quinn has a little fight left herself and takes the fight to Sue to try and get herself back into the Cheerios photo. Not only does she take it to Sue but she also blackmails Sue in exposing any profitable endeavors the cheerleaders may have engaged in when she was a part of it. Quinn of course relents as she'd rather be in a picture with people that matter.

Emma, who will be getting married the day of the sectionals has a heart to heart with Shue about Terri. Although she doesn't condone Terri's actions, she can understand why she would do something so crazy.

Shue comes up with a solution. He officially removed himself from the Glee club in order to protect their status. His yearbook picture simply reads "Spanish" next to his name. The babies need to leave the nest and learn to fly on their own and we're treated to a montage of the club with their own dignity proudly taking their group picture as the shadow of the teacher walks away - content, and proud.

The yearbook of course was defaced but that doesn't really matter as they truly have learned their final lesson from Shue before sectionals and learned to not care what other people think and learned to "Smile".

The montage was beautifully laid out over the Charlie Chaplin song "Smile" from his film "Modern Times" (Chaplin composed the music the lyrics were laid out by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons, recommended old school listening - the Nat King Cole version - sorry Michael Jackson)

Glee News Congratulations to Jane Lynch (best comedy actress) and Matthew Morrison (best comedy actor) nominations for the Satellite Awards. Glee garnered 5 total nominations.

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on December 3, 2009 1:02 AM
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