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Glee Fodder

Glee : Wheels

Glee....oh Glee...where have you been?

We're back ladies and gents with an all new installment of Glee. No more baseball (congrats Yankee fans) and it's time for sweeps.

Ironically Glee opened with the "here's what you missed last week" spoof recap that not only neglected the fact there wasn't a last week but also the fact that most of the recap was from several episodes ago.

Meanwhile during my smirk over the how fun the recap was, the show started...

Let me wax for a moment...WOW. Where the heck do they get these performers? That jump rope routine was crazy cool.

*Ahem* Ok, I'm back. Watching the routine was Quinn who is joined by Finn who pleads for her to not torture herself watching the Cheerios. She needs a distraction from things, most notably a 600 dollar sonogram bill. This of course is simply the beginning of the expenses to come. Finn sheepishly asks what is she going to do. Quinn of course asks Finn to man up and help take care of things by getting a job. Fantastic work by both Dianna Agron and Cory Montieth.

Coach Sue is seen at the end of the routine giving Jacob an interview detailing her strict ideals on the squad and why she had to drop Quinn from the roster. She ends the interview in classic Sue style by saying it's all off the record and confiscating the recorder.

The school can't afford to get a special bus to ensure Artie can ride with the Glee club to sectionals. The school is handicapped by budget issues. Apparently coach Sue gets plenty of outside booster money for her team.

At the Glee practice Finn and Quinn (is there an anagram for these two yet like Brangelina? It's kind of weird to keep typing Finn and Quinn. Agron and Montieth aren't much better...) are seen continuing their argument. Quinn is getting increasing amounts of notices regarding the bills and she's losing the ability to hide it from her parents. She's clearly gimped by Finn's inability to get a job. Puck is looking on, helpless to do anything about the situation. She hands out the sheet music for their new number "Defying Gravity" which Rachel is handed the lead for. Of course this does not go unscathed as Mercedes submits her nomination for line of the night "Why do we have to go all vanilla with this song. What we need is some of my chocolate thunder."

Wha-wha-whaaat? They wont pay for Artie's special bus? Let's have a bake sale! (crickets) Apparently kids are different now. I mean, they have to deal with homework... football...teen pregnancy...lunch...

Unfortunately the kids don't want to sacrifice to stick together as a team. Artie asks to have the auditorium to practice. The auditorium seems to be the place for soliloquies (Take a Bow, Leaving on a Jet Plane etc) and we're treated this episode to "Dancing with Myself". Luckily the song is translated to a different meaning than the popular one for this show or the show would have to go onto FX. In this case Artie is dancing with his thoughts. No not that kind of thoughts. Well maybe a little, I mean he did stop to dream about T-T-Tina. But then again, With Shue looking on that would've been awkward. Anyway....

Kurt wants to submit himself for the lead vocals for Defying Gravity. Rachel and the club apparently didn't think Artie would take it personally that they didn't care about the special bus as his father drives him everywhere anyway. Artie's response to Rachel - "Well you're annoying, but don't take that personally". Not only is the team going to have the bake sale, they're going to do a number in wheelchairs and spend 3 hours a day in them to see what it's like. this is course leads to a comical yet enlightening mini montage of everyone suffering through riding the wheelchair ending in, what else, Rachel getting a face full of food.

In the home ec room, puck tries to do the right thing by giving Quinn some money. It's apparently some money he had left over, after he bought some dip...and nunchucks. The 18 dollars is still more than what Finn has brought in so far. The argument leads to food getting tossed around and a near warm moment between the two. Unfortunately Finn walked in before anything substantial happened.

In his dad's shop Kurt confesses to his dad that he's a bit distraught that he can't sing the lead in Defying Gravity. His dad wanting to do the right thing fights the school until Shue offers to have a sing off to see who gets the lead. Chris Colfer and Lea Michele are both brilliant in the wheelchairs, finding ways to integrate the physical comedy of their characters inside the chair.

Figgins, inspired by the wheelchair stunt and has requested coach Sue give an open tryout to fill the now vacant slot left by Quinn Fabray. Clearly being dorks has stunted the Glee kids from making sales. Ironically the kids shun Brittany's down syndrome friend as they try to buy a cupcake. Finn's portion of the sale ends as he's being pushed by Quinn to be a little more competent with things.

Let the freak sho...err auditions for the Cheerios begin! A series of funny auditions ensues highlighted by a freakishly tall guy walking like a crab and doing the splits. Last but not least is the girl with down syndrome. Shue begs Sue to be nice and Sue cuts her off halfway through and welcomes her to the team. This boggles Shue as he cannot figure out what her angle is.

Puck confronts Finn as they wheel down the hallway. Puck is clearly letting the fact he's restrained by knowing he's the father push him to push Finn. They fight and as Shue breaks it up and asks what's going on. It must be the stress about the bake sale.

[Commercial break - James Cameron's Avatar....umm yes please]

Chris Colfer's spinning in the wheelchair was hillarious. A moment between Tina and Artie ensues as he explains that his mother and him got into a really bad car accident when he was 8. She was fine but he's been in the chair ever since. Luckily in case Tina was wondering he made it clear..he still had full use of his penis. Artie seems to have a connection with Tina via her stutter.

Kurt's success at working at the high note is dampened by an anonymous phone call at his father's work calling Kurt a fag.Finn's sense of success fixing Rachel's wheelchair is also dampened by Quinn laying down an ultimatum to help her with the bills or he's done.

[Commercial break. Apparently they want to kill us with tears as they stacked commercials for the film Precious with the commercial for Blindside]

Cupcakes apparently sell better than they originally thought. The secret ingredient must be love....or goodies from the chronic lady. Go Puck. Sell them cupcakes...

What is going on with Sue and that down syndrome girl? Shue wants to know and spies on them practicing. Sue is riding the girl like any of her other cheerleaders. Ironically when Shue reveals himself from behind the bleachers and confronts her about the girl being different, Sue says that maybe she just wants to be treated like everyone else. Shue knows something is up and Sue is adamant that Shue doesn't know the first thing about her.

Who's Defying Gravity? Apparently Rachel. Kurt apparently couldn't hit the big note.

Daddy Puckbucks...or not. Looks like that's actually the cupcake money. Puck really wants to do the right thing badly but Quinn doesn't want it at the cost of a stealign from a friend in a wheelchair. Finn shows up to cart Quinn away after telling her he got a job.

( Vork!!! A guild member sighting as Jeff Lewis from The Guild with Felicia Day is now Finn's boss.)

How much are pot cupcakes worth? Apparently $1200 dollars. Artie, although appreciative would rather put the money for ramps for the school for all the handicap kids. Wait..Sue apparently already paid for ramps for everyone for an unknown reason so Artie gets the bus. What's her angle?

Speaking of Sue...she's seen signing in to some kind of medical facility. She's apparently visiting her older sister who apparently has down syndrome. An incredibly grounded moment as Sue reads a story for her older sister. Maybe Shue really doesn't know the first thing about her.

Kurt really can hit that high note. But felt like he should tank it for the greater good. His father isn't up to the task of always having to defend him.

Artie and Tina wheelchair race down the hallway and end in a warm moment. Artie feels connected to Tina due to her stutter. Unfortunately a kiss from her wasn't enough for him to see past the revelation that her stutter is actually fake. He feels as if he really is alone where no one can really relate to his ordeal.

The gang got a work out for their guns as they do a wheelchair version of Proud Mary to close the show.

Absolutely outstanding work by Kevin Mchale, Dianna Agron , Chris Colfer , Jenna Ushkowitz , Mark Salling , Cory Montieth and Amber Riley. Also Heather Elizabeth Morris is building some brilliant stuff as Birttany (is it me or did she seem a bit like Luann in King of the Hill) and Naya Rivera is really becoming interesting as Santana. Naya Rivera has always been dynamic during the musical numbers but we've not had too much opportunity to see her do other stuff until now. Of course Jane Lynch knocked it out of the park during the scene where Sue visited her sister as well.

The handicap theme seemed to recur throughout the episode. Shue was handicapped by his formed ideas about coach Sue. Figgins was handicapped by the budget. Kurt was handicapped by his need to protect his father. Kurt's father was handicapped by his need to protect his son. Quinn was handicapped by her inability to pay the bills and hide them from her parents. Finn was handicapped by his inability to get a job. Puck was handicapped by Quinn's insistence that Finn be known as the father. Artie was handicapped by - well besides his wheelchair- the thought that Tina couldn't relate to him. Tina was handicapped by the irony that she faked a stutter was to keep people away and revealing it to Artie still pushed him away. Mercedes is constantly handicapped by vanilla song selection. Brittany is handicapped by apparently a poor intellect.

The metaphor ran deep in this episode and Glee continues to push an idea through all it's characters in each episode. Artie, cannot escape his physical wheelchair but he refuses to stand up and walk away from his self imposed one. It's the same issue a lot of the characters are having. Why not just stand up and be free from the things they've brought upon themselves as a restriction. And yes, in case we didn't know. Sue does have a heart.

Welcome back Glee. We missed you.

(Did anyone catch the Simpsons reference for the Scavenger hunt? I missed it. Unless Glee wasn't part of it? Let me know below in the comments)

Till next time - Later Gleeks!

- @ZorbaTheGleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on November 12, 2009 1:29 AM
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