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Glee: Hairography Review -- and Other News

Hey guys and Happy Thanksgiving to those of us in the US.

Glee started off with Shue guessing that Coach Sue was leaking their set list to the other schools. In order for him to find out he asks the head of the juvenile delinquent school to come practice in his auditorium. Their rendition of "Bootylicious" concerned will as they incorporated what Rachel dubbed "Hairography" - a tactic to district from the real essence of the perfomance.

As with the other episodes, this also set the dynamic for the rest of the show.

Terri tries to distract Shue with a version of "The Blue Bomber" a make and model of car Shue used to have in high school. This goes swimmingly until someone mentions that Will can't put a baby seat into the car.

Terri's sister tries to distract Quinn by making her babysit with the hopes of scaring her into giving up the baby for adoption by having her unruly kids run rampant. This of course backfires as Puck and Quinn put on a music video to settle the kids down.

Puck tries to distract Quinn by telling her he's texting Mike Chang. This also blows up as it's later revealed that he was texting Santana.

Quinn tries to distract Finn with Rachel using Kurt as her tool in order to test drive Puck as a possible father. Everything seems fine until Kurt is revealed to be sabotaging Rachel for is own purposes which subsequently sabotaged Rachels own attempt to distract Finn.

As much as any of them would liek to admit it, the distractions were simply that, a distraction from the true colors of the situation.

Speaking of true colors - Sue is shown as actually trying to sell the Glee club out and the club actually sings "True Colors" to close out the show.

Obligatory heart warming moments of the show: Quinn briefly pausing and then giving Shue a hug as she resigns herself to the fact that she's going to have to depend on Shue to raise her child.

And The school for the deaf having a non comedic rendition of "Imagine" that is joined at first by Mercedes and then the rest of the glee club.

Not a remarkably innovative episode but mind you there was only 2 more episodes in the original 13 episodes before the pick up so every episode cannot push new and amazing heights of future development.

Glee News:

The Christmas single is out and available for purchase. Their rendition of "Last Christmas" will have proceeds benefit the Grammy foundation.

Glee will begin production again January 4 2010 with new episodes returning around April with a possible Tuesday time slot return.

The original 13 episodes will be available on DVD Dec 29

Thanks guys for tuning in!!!

Have a great Thanksgiving

- @ZorbaTheGleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on November 26, 2009 1:01 AM
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