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"Glee" Soundtrack #1 on iTunes, The National Anthem, Voicemails & More!

Within hours of the Glee soundtrack being released on itunes at midnight (and stores everywhere) the Glee Soundtrack launched up to #1. Needless to say the cast members were ecstatic. This bodes well for the possibility for singles albums from several cast members.

What an amazing year it's been for the Glee cast, who's lives were transformed seemingly overnight with a ton of scrapbook material for life. I cannot help but think that the late Johnny Grant would've loved this show and this cast and would've had them in the Hollywood Parade in a heart beat unlike the Macy's / NBC Thanksgiving Day travesty.

Attention Gleeks :

Please rise for the national anthem sung by the cast of the hit Fox TV :

Ok, so it didn't go exactly like that, but Glee fans got to let their Gleek flag fly in front of a national audience as Amber Riley and the Cast of Glee made sure that every Gleek didn't have a dry eye by singing the national anthem. After a rain delay, a little jitters and a slight audio problem the MLB fans as well as the Yankees, Phillies and Gleeks everywhere got treated to one of the coolest national anthems. What I love about it is the cast firmly supported Amber and none including Lea Michele demanded to be front and center with her. From all accounts, this cast has a ton of love for each other and there is absolutely no conflicting egos or jealousy or need to be the center of attention.

Video of @MsAmberRiley and the Gleeks doing it up below or follow this link :

Amber's first two tweets after the performance I think says it all

Also this past week Glee fans began to be able to hear and leave voice mail messages from their favorite Glee cast members. All you need to do is call 419-329-4868 and follow the voice prompts. Kids, standard toll/long distance charges apply so ask your parents if you don't have unlimited long distance. Then again most kids have better phones than me with unlimited everything nowadays.

Also as of Nov 3rd the Glee Season 1 Cast album is on sale

That's it for now! Glee is still on hiatus till Nov 11 so try and curb your withdrawals.

What's everyone doing for a fix till Glee comes back on? Let me know what you thought of the National Anthem and your favorite Glee moments thus far below in the comments section.

Later Gleeks ! - @ZorbaTheGleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on November 3, 2009 3:04 AM
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