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Glee : Vitamin D

It looks like Glee will be utilizing the quick version of "this is what happened last week" in their episodes from now on. I like the way it's presented personally as it's fast and gets people up to speed while somehow managing to make fun of itself.

The episode opened with a very unambitious Glee club rehearsing a number. Everyone seemed to be coasting and as Will tries to motivate them Mercedes reveals the groups apathy towards sectionals and is joined by the rest of the group as well. Kudos to Kevin McHale who if you look close enough maintains character even when it's not his shot by yawning and displaying disinterest over Will's shoulder.

This leads to Will venting to Emma about this kids in the break room. A slight food malfunction leads to a short moment between co-workers and Emma asks how this apathy with the kids began to break the moment. Will reveals that a few weeks ago the bracket draws for sectionals were given out and the Glee club pulled the school for the deaf and a halfway house for juvenile delinquents. As they think they have it in the bag, they seem to be dialing it in. Unfortunately, Emma is at a loss for ideas and begins to ramble when she is interrupted by Sue who begs her to quit talking. She suggests kicking a random kid out at a time. As asinine as this seems, Sue does make a point that sticks. "We're dealing with children, they need to be terrified. It's like mothers milk to them. Without it...their bones wont grow properly." (my nominee for quote of the show).

Will gets the basic truth swimming in Sue's overblown rhetoric and comes up with the idea of a competition; which ironically (not really) the entire episode is about. The layered subtext to the idea of competition will unfold very nicely this episode. I love the images of competition on the wall Will uses as an example. Glee seems to love making sure every subtle detail is packed with a meaning or comedic element to it. The team is split up with guys and girls although Kurt has trouble picking what side he's supposed to be on. Chris Colfer's comedic sense is becoming quite solid as evident in this scene. While Will is explaining the competition of mashups Finn is seen dozing off a ltitle. When asked he simply indicates he's just a little worn out. The girls seem a bit overconfident about the guys abilities and Artie delivers my close second for quote of the night "We're planning on smacking them down like the hand of God".

Sue's journal soliloquy is a insightful and hilarious moment that reveals a lot of Sue's dynamics. Quinn is also shown as being a bit worn out which causes Sue concern for her nationals aspirations. Her ire migrates back to Will Schuester and her new plan is to disrupt the heart of the Glee club by tainting Will's relationships. She suggests to Terri that she should take the nursing position that just opened a the school. Of course the nurse "accidental' took a spill down some stairs just in time. Terri distorts her qualifications to get the job.

Just when Will and Emma seem to be having another moment, Terri destroys the moment by revealing she works at the school now. Her excuse was the couple's finances and need for extra cash. The tension of course is felt by all int he room as they now feel like they have eyes on them at all times.

Finn has a hilarious internal monologue about his conflict with girls and growing up (you have to see this episode to fully appreciate Sue and Finn's VO monologues" . The monologue ends with Finn waking up during the boys rehearsals pretending like he was paying attention. Puck suggests going to the nurses office as it's a great place to nap. (note: This IS a great place to nap. I did it quite a bit in my youth and grabbed several hours of sleep a week instead of being in class. It also allowed me to get a perfect attendance record as well.)

The girls are clearly overconfident and Mercedes has now become the ring leader for their apathy. Rachel realizes not only the girls are overconfident but that the girls have now turned on Quinn and have made her somewhat of a pariah. Meanwhile Finn is visiting the new nurses office and Terri shows a small disdain for Finn's roving eye. Their dialog leads to Terri helping Finn's fatigue with some "Vitamin D". While on ephedrine's Finn is out of control and motivated and gives the rest of the boys team some as well.

Cut to a phenomenal mashup of "It's my life" and "Confessions". Much to the dismay of the onlooking girls. The scene is clearly stolen by Harry Shum Jr. who plays Mike Chang and Kevin McHale is given a chance to shine on vocals and chew up a little scenery himself. Besides the obvious amazing dancing by Harry Shum Jr. , you can notice he stays completely in speed enhanced character while doing background as well. The maturity of the actors just astounds me. ( you're reading this how the hell do you do that move. You know the move....what the hell that was awesome!). Rachel's jaw is clearly hanging to the ground as the jacked up boys team just brought it.

A great scene between the two alpha females of the club brings Quinn and Rachel somewhat closer. Rachel understands Quinn's suddenly being ostracized. However before Rachel becomes too lovable her obvious "I'm better than everyone" attitude gets in the way. The gesture, however, is not lost on Quinn as she realizes that had the roles been reversed she would've ridden Rachel endlessly.

Terri, begin the good nurse that she is just ordered 36 boxes of blue meanies for the kids from Howard to "help" the kids stay sharp. Ken walks in and has a talk with Terri. After Ken's proposal to have an affair with Terri to make them jealous, Terri suggests Coach Ken to propose to Emma. (Am I the only one that is scared that Terri is the brains of this?) Of course Terri tosses coach Ken some ephedrine to help boost his confidence. Before the commercial break Kurt turns traitor and reveals that they used speed.

Rachel is livid that Finn is using "Performance enhancers" even calling him a A-Rod type. Of course Rachel being the superior being in her own mind, doesn't need them. She has obsession err I mean motivation to be the best which entails her waking up at 6AM every day to Matthew Wilde's "Break My Stride" and doing cardio while focusing on her visual of her being a star. The gauntlet is thrown and Rachel resorts to bringing her team to the nurses office. Poor Howard is playing assistant in handing out pills.

Ken on his new "vitamin regimen" is seen in the break room shredding papers like an animal. Terri spots Emma and does a little kiss face to make Emma jealous. As with all of Sue's plans, it seems this one is turning sour as Will is turning more sour on Terri due to her constant presence. and leaves the room. Terri sees this as an opportunity and makes coach Ken propose to Emma. Coach Ken is so subtle, you may miss the brilliance of Patrick Gallagher.

The girls turn to do their mashup comes with Rachel doing her best impression of the love child of the Micro Machines Guy and The collective women of "The View". A beautifully saccharine mashup of "Halo" and "Walking on Sunshine" is presented to the judges. (How sexy is Naya Rivera?) Honestly, the boys killed the girls though especially with Harry Shum Jr. dancing like a maniac on speed.

Will and Emma have a talk about Ken's proposal and the longing between the two grows to an almost intolerable level, Terri is revealed to be looking on in the distance which leads to the face to face confrontation between Emma and Terri. Terri cuts to the chase and point blank fires a shot at Emma. Emma tries to hold her own but Terri is a wounded animal and will not be denied her aggression. Afterwards Quinn asks Terri for a little help financially with the doctors bills. Quinn's loves her life even the Glee club and realizes that she cannot raise the baby. Terri denies her any help and somehow manages to become more unlikeable.

After Terri's talk Emma decides to accept Ken;s proposal provided that they don't see each other after work, have a secret marriage, and she can keep her last name. Ironically this is a better deal than Ken had anticipated and he accepts.

"A-Rache" is confronted by Finn about getting jacked up for their performance (I'm guessing the writers are not Yankee fans). The whole ordeal has lead Rachel to understand that she needs to help the team achieve their goals and not just focus on her.

Terri finally gets what's coming to her from the principal and when her defense of "nothing bad happened" is presented it's revealed that poor Howard Bamboo was arrested for suspicion of running a meth lab. Will is beside himself and Terri's idiocy makes him question not only her ability to raise a child but also the way she stomps out anything good in his life. Unfortunately the collateral damage from Terri brings upon a Glee club co-chair....Sue Sylvester.

Will having perhaps the roughest day of his life is told by Emma that she accepted Ken's proposal and a painfully empty moment ensues. No music, no voiceover, nothing. The audience is left to simply watch as the two walk away from each other.

The episode ends with Rachel now motivated no with a visual of herself begin a star, but for the more realistic and immediate goal for her helping her team win sectionals.

Glee maintains it's ability to throw all the characters into the theme of the episodes. Conflict and competition helps people be who they truly are. It creates opportunities to learn and grow. Not only are the kids forced to learn this fact but on a larger level, Emma, Will, Terri, and Ken as well. The writers have not ceased to amaze me in making the characters all learn to evolve to the environment they are forced to be in. Nobody is just a talking puppet with a set of catchy lines they do over and over again. Instead, everyone must grow and adapt. They've created some real interest in the characters themselves instead of creating carbon copy episodes where everyone finds an excuse to sing. This episode sets up some very strong dynamics for the rest of the season.

What did everyone think of the episode? Feel free to comment below.

As always I'm @ZorbaTheGleek

See you next time.

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on October 8, 2009 9:56 AM
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