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Glee: Throwdown

Sue and Will open the show to them arguing even to the point of cutting into each other's voice over. Flashback to the beginning where Figgins has asked that there be smooth sailing with the co-chairs of the Glee club. There is to be no attempts to curry favor from the kids and as they hug it out for Figgins they whisper their malcontent in each others ears.

Sue of course see's this as a opportunity to divide and conquer. She plays on the ethnic minorities of the group. Mercedes is growing tired of the show tunes and wants to do something more "black".

Will took some time out to drive Quinn and Finn to get an ultrasound. It's a girl and the weight of responsibility and the reality of their age start taxing both of their minds. Finn's heart to heart also leads Will to contemplate his own situation.

The school reporter geek asks Rachel for commentary on Quinn's pregnancy. Rachel tries to cover for Quinn but as the dork pushes things, she's forced to cut a deal to keep him silent.

Sue's plan is to split the Glee club into two teams and she of course requests all the minorities for her team under a guise of sensitivity. Of course she does this by calling them all by comically stereotypical names but hey...that's Sue for you. Leave ti to Sue to also find the actual rule in the rulebook that says that she can split up the 12 person team.

Will obviously is stressed out in the face of dealing with Sue and his conversations with Finn and decides he needs to go with Terri to the next doctors appointment which leaves Terri scrambling to figure out what to do.

Rachel helping to keep Quinn's pregnancy out of the blog has lead to a connection with Finn. It's also revealed that Rachel had bribed the reporter with a pair of panties. Unfortunately the panties are brand new with the tags still on. The bribe is reissued, this time he wants to make sure he gets some real "Rachel Berry" panties. (does anyone else think this reporter kid looks like Mort from Family Guy?)

Sue's team are chatting it up about Sue's corner on the nightly news that was, of course, tailor designed for their ears. Sue decides to shake things up and hands out their new music. "Hate on Me", a clear break from the normal Glee club numbers. Amber Riley's Mercedes does a phenomenal job on this song. When exactly are these songs going to start going into radio rotations. Good lord Amber Riley is a singing assassin! I know they're covers but so was the Pussycat Dolls's "Dotcha" and that did well...

Will was watching all of this from the window and this leads to the epic setup between Sue and Will. Will isn't scared of Sue and Sue is up to the challenge. No one is willing to budge. Terri offers Will a little wifely advice and suggests in order to fight Sue, he needs to get into the gutters with Sue.

A reporter joins Sue on her way to the Cheerios practice and just as Sue is tooting her own horn she finds that she has only 3 girls on her squad. Ironically its Quinn, Santana and Brittany - the Glee girls. Sue obviously shaken asks where everyone is. It's revealed that Shue flunked the Cheerios squad making them academically ineligible. Check from Shue. Sue tries to make her functionally illiterate cheerleaders get back on by re-threatening to release Principal Figgin's commercial on Youtube to which Figgins responds that he put it up himself...and it only got 2 hits. Sue is now backed into a corner and she knows it, tearing and destroying everything on her exit.

A comical moment turns sour as Finn suggests to Quinn that they should name the baby "Drizzle". It leads to real issues being brought up with the heavy weight on Quinn's shoulders which Finn has trouble recognizing. He does suggest however that he wishes she was more like Rachel.

Hey! Must be the Money!...The kids are finding ways to meet up and sing together for the sheer fun of it. Just like may of Sue's plans, it's brought them closer together than apart. We get the treat of letting everyone see Puck playing some guitar and Finn doing some drumming. It was a nice contrast to the usual musical number as it wasn't studio mastered and really exuded a raw, joy filled experience where the kids got to organically enjoy just spending time with each other and singing. The "minority" kids sneak off (Goodbye White people!!!) and Shue comes in to coach his squad. Finn and Rachel duet "No Air" leaving Quinn and company to be garnish. With a little behind the scenes manipulation by Sue, Quinn voices her discontent that they're being treated just as background props, allowing Sue to steal Puck and Brittany to her squad.

Will's feeling his groove back took the initiative to make a doctors appointment so he can see his baby boy for the first time. Meanwhile Quinn and Rachel square off. Quinn exposes Rachel's transparent kindheartedness as a way for her to get with Finn while Rachel fires back that she's the closest thing to a friend she's got when the news breaks of her pregnancy. A soliloquy laid over the song "Keep Me Hanging On" by Quinn was cleverly montaged out ending with her on the 50 yard line of the field symbolizing her clearly divided by everything happening in her life.

Sue rudely instigates a walkout of finn and Rachel's song and the fight that opened the show ensues between Will and Sue. This culminates into the entire club becoming disgusted by the amount of fighting between the two. this was best illustrated by Finn using a mommy and daddy fighting analogy: Those of us with 2 parents left would just stay home on payday. This leads to all the kids walking out of the 2 adults. Comically, Rachel scoffs at their walkouts as amateurish and offers to show them how a real storm out should be.

Dr. Woo, after being threatened by Terri and her sister to sue malpractice half heartedly fakes an ultrasound and of course has an oops my bad moment changing the sex of the baby to a girl to match Quinn's baby. Will sheds a tear as he watches the prerecorded ultrasound feeling a wonderful grounded sense of begin a father which leads him into talking to Sue about what to do with their differences. Sue surprisingly steps down as co-chair of Glee and seems somewhat human in the process. Will's revelation and reasoning that the group should be one unit is that they're all minorities. Each and every one of them has a unique voice and personality. They're the Bad News Bears of Gleedom. Even the perfect princess Quinn who Sue now knows is pregnant.

The show ends with the song "Keep Holding On" with an emotional and visual impact of the idea "I'm here for you/We'll make it through" to a teary eyed Quinn.

[Note: Just re watched the episode. Keep an eye on Mark Salling's ( @mark_salling ) Puck character in the end scene. It's way off frame but his character is clearly experiencing something as Quinn is showing signs of breakage. Don't's his baby. Brilliant, subtle and solid performance by Mark Salling.]

Line of the night: Everything out of Sue Sylvester's mouth

The show theme throwdown embodied much more than the conflict between Sue and Will, but really shone on the dynamics of all the characters and the internal conflict of one pregnant girl. Sure the obvious Will/Sue , Rachel/Quinn, Figgins/Sue etc throwdowns were there but so was the Quinn/Quinn one. I'll get back to more on that later but first...

@ZorbaTheGleek has been noticing the explosion of articles especially after this episode regarding Jane Lynch. If you may recall I wrote THIS article a while back. Now it seems good old @ZorbaTheGleek might have been onto something cause it sure as heck seems like the rest of the writing community is jumping on the Emmy bandwagon for Jane Lynch. I told youuuuuu
Did you really need this episode to come to that conclusion? Jane Lynch is anchoring the show with her Sue Sylvester character. I said it before and I'll say it again. This is Jane Lynch's party. It's time the spotlight shone brightly on this wonderful actress who's made so many others look so good in their own projects. It's her time.

But I've noticed something else. I've mentioned this before in several different articles but I want to make this perfectly clear. Dianna Agron is a star in the making. If this wasn't a breakout episode for her then I'm clearly insane. However, while the rest of the world wants to be 2 steps behind me in celebrating Jane Lynch's triumph as Sue Sylvester, I want to revisit Dianna Agron. This episode offers a clear turning point. This is the point in time where Agron's obvious potential and strengths turns into real star quality. I had declared her the best in class of the Glee kids as an actress but what she did tonight transcended any of the work she's previously done. To not be affected by Quinn in this episode is to not watch this episode at all. Somehow Dianna Agron maintained a wonderful grounded realism to her character and situation, weather it be straight acting, comedy or song...the undertones of the reality stayed. The scenes could've been easily done with half the work and the majority of the viewers would't have noticed a difference, but to stop and watch every little subtle layer to Agron's Quinn character is to truly be able to see: this is the moment where this girl Dianna Agron turned in her potential and became a bonafide star in the making. Regardless if she was shot in frame or simply roaming the background, Quinn carried that weight on her shoulders. This kid immersed herself into this role. She's living and breathing Quinn. Sure, Jane Lynch is radiating greatness but I've said that already. My challenge to my colleagues is - take a look at Dianna Agron and I'll be jumping on my bandwagon 2 steps behind yet again. Perhaps Ms. Agron will be a surprise Emmy nomination as well. Only time will tell. While Jane Lynch shined in this episode with her banter; Dianna Agron did it with no words at all in a single frame at the end of the episode.

Speaking of stars in the making: Amber Riley - try to ignore her if you can. The girl sings fierce. She kills songs like they wronged her family and her acting has gotten better with every passing episode. The girl has presence like you wouldn't believe. Trust me...this girl's special and she's only just begun to find her stride.

Amber Riley can be found on twitter @msamberriley and Dianna Agron can be found @alittlelamb

I of course an @ZorbaTheGleek

Later Gleeks!

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on October 15, 2009 1:53 AM
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