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Glee: The Rhodes Not Taken

Glee opened with a fast paced recap of what happened last week in almost a spoof of show recap openings.

The familiar anthem of Don't Stop Believing is being performed with Quinn filling into Rachel's spot. The rehearsal ended with the club lobbying for Rachel to return.

Will questions Terry why she never really shows signs of pregnancy which she deflects. The waiter turns out to be a performer for Vocal Adrenalin who reveals that he's a 6th year senior who is constantly failing to remain eligible as he's the only one that can perform a triple back flip.

Emma calls Finn into her office to discuss the future with him. Of course she knows about Quinn by now. She offers Finn a better way for him to go to arts scholarship. Finn would of course need to get Rachel back into the club in order to have a fighting shot at applying.

Rachel is seen giving an interview for the school paper....preening all the way until the reports gets slightly pervy. Finn shows up wanting to "help" Rachel with her lines while maintaining his motive to get the Glee club to win.

Will obtains information that the legendary April Rhodes never graduated and his plan is hatched to bring her back to the Glee club as a ringer. Emma is slightly jealous as she finds out Will had a crush on April in school but also sees that Will might be vulnerable to the idea that someone could steal him away. he goes to visit her to find out that she's a professional squatter and an alcoholic. Will offers to "help" April get back on her feet and finish school..while maintaining the motive to get the Glee club to win.

(This episode will pull a lot of parallels but we'll get back to that later...)

April is introduced to "The world's worst Bennetton ad" (it was big in the early 90's kids...really it was...) and is confronted with the kids saying "She's no Rachel". The Glee kids of course are about to get walloped upside the head as Emmy and Tony award winner Kristen Chenoweth err April Rhodes is about to kill some notes in the name of fabulousness. The gauntlet has been thrown and April calls the maestro up for some Cabaret. April of course kills it and the scene is cut with scenes of Rachel singing it ("Maybe This Time") as well. The obvious parallels of old and new plus the idea that both April and Rachel are really trying "Maybe This Time" - April with her second run at the spotlight and Rachel with her brass ring grab as the lead in Cabaret away from Glee.

Will suggests that April try and bond with the club...which she does in her own unorthodox way. (read: booze and crime).

The mirror image gang (Will/April and Finn/Rachel) collide in the rehearsal room with Rachel getting kicked out. Fun choice of a warm up by April singing " me me me me me " as we all know how selfish everyone in this scene is.

Poor Kurt is drunk and pukes over germaphobe Emma. Of course Emma already dislikes the idea of a woman Will used to crush on being around; now she's caused someone to puke on her. She questions Will's motives which from episode 1 have been more about recapturing his own magic and success with only fleeting glimpses of mentoring the kids.

A brief face off in the bathroom between April and Rachel ensues by the mirror's no less. Rachel - here's a hint...she's you. The mirror image merges briefly into one as April tosses off a comment about Finn.

The pairs are seen again in the bowling alley with Finn working over Rachel to rejoin the Glee club and Will working over April to clean up her act. Will reveals he's always wanted to sing with April and gets his chance as they sing Heart's hit "Alone" (Who would've thought it would take Kristen Chenoweth to be able to rock that song as well as Nancy Wilson). Will get's his wish to sing with her meanwhile - Rachel and Finn share a moment and Rachel agrees to rejoin the club.

Of course Rachel's return is short lived as Puck has been telling everyone that Quinn is pregnant and she finds out...last. She confronts Finn about it and Finn reveals that he needs Rachel to get a scholarship to be able to go to college and try to live a better life.

Rachel and April both get what they want. Rachel gets creative control of her play while April is the main attraction of the Glee club invitational. April shows up late and drunk and Will is concerned and frustrated. April ever the showstopper smashes a rendition of "Last Name" out of the park with the crowd going wild. At that precise moment, April, Rachel and Will all get a full picture of what it's like to get what you wish for. Rachel is now on the outside looking in. Will has the crowd going wild but an unmanageable star and April...

April finds that this isn't her time anymore. Will confronts April about kicking her out of Glee but she's already made up her mind and in the process teaches Will the lesson no one else could teach him. The club is not about him, just as the club isn't about a faded star. It's not their time to shine anymore. It's the kids. She's the result of what happens when nobody cares and her parallel Rachel could have a different path...if Will would teach her.

All this of course leaves the Glee club with a hole in the star position. Rachel having finally found redemption in being humbled offers to fill in. for the second half of the show. She finally realized that maybe "You Can't Always Get What You Want" (ooops did I type that as a song bad...whatever was I thinking) and we're given a treat as the first full song by full real Glee club. The much anticipated "Somebody To Love" (some of us were lucky enough to see this at the Fox media upfronts - but alas not me) with Amber Riley bringing the song home with all the soul and longing of the collective cast. Amber's no slouch kids....not at all. Just as Chenoweth treaded on Nancy Heart and pulled it off so Amber Riley treads on the hallowed voice of Freddie Mercury and pulls it off. No easy task. Hardly ever done well.

This episode gave the primary characters a chance to redemption. I had always wondered how they were going to be able to bring back Rachel Berry as she was digging a pretty deep hole of narcissism for herself. The clever play of the episode title is not lost. The road not taken (It's a poem by Robert Frost kids...wikipedia is your friend.) is well played out by having April show everyone what happens when the usual path is walked. In order for anyone to survive, they need to take the unknown road: Finn with a music and not a football scholarship, Rachel with humbleness and not a star mentality and Will with nurturing/mentoring and not a controlling approach. And yes... everyone in this show needs "Somebody to Love".

Nominee for the line of the night : "I was aroused...then furious" - Sue Sylvester
(We will from now on nominate 1 line as line of the night. Feel free to quote your favorites in the comments below.)

Glee News and Updates

In My previous column Glee : A compilation of fan wishlists i mentioned the venerable Lea Salonga and internet "webutante" Taryn Southern.

I have minor updates on both. I received a message that Funny Or Die had highlighted the first of a series of PSA's for Breast Cancer Awareness written and produced by Ms. Southern starring "Emily Deschanel" from Bones, Alyson Hannigan from "How I met Your Mother" , Minky Kelly from my dreams err I mean Friday Night Lights and Jamie King from "Imdb her she's in everything ". I @ZorbaTheGleek would like to commend Ms. Southern on this as I am a) a fan of breasts and b) not a fan of cancer
The link to the first vid of the series is here exclusive on Funny Or Die ( Link: )

Also Lea Michele and Chris Colfer : Find a frame for this. Lea Salonga shouted out both Chris Colfer and Lea Michele on twitter this week as she is a big fan of the show. The tweets can be viewed here.

That's a hell of a compliment coming from one of the best uber-threat performers of all time. My hats off to both of them for such a great shout out. As a side note Ms. Salonga is also promoting charity donations for the victims of the floods in the Philippines . If you have a chance please try and help.

As always feel free to leave comments below. If you like to tweet I am @ZorbaTheGleek

Posted by Zorba the Gleek on October 1, 2009 1:04 AM
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